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Avatar n tn No one gets infected with AIDS. AIDS is a progression of HIV. Your situation is not an HIV concern see your doctor for your symptoms. You're negative.
Avatar f tn You don't get tested for AIDS. AIDS is a progression of HIV. It's still HIV.
Avatar m tn 5 months after exposure. I am worried this test was wrong due to rapid aids progression? I asked my GP and they weren't much help at all.
Avatar f tn a person contracts hiv not aids. aids is the progression of hiv. hiv is not transmitted through envionmental surfaces.
Avatar m tn AIDS is a progression of HIV. You don't test for AIDS, you test for HIV. Only people who are HIV + can get a diagnosis of AIDS, which is diagnosed with very specific criteria. 3 months is conclusive, so you tested WAY beyond the window period. You don't have HIV.
Avatar f tn AIDS is the progression of HIV so to answer your question you will have had to contract HIV.
Avatar f tn Mac infection is more common in patients with immuno compromised status like AIDS. The clinical course of pulmonary MAC infection in patients without HIV infection is usually indolent. In one study, approximately 50% of patients in one study were alive 5 years after diagnosis. Untreated patients with significant lung disease may develop respiratory insufficiency or weight loss. So, for relief from symptoms she can use expectorants and steam inhalations to help clear the secretions.
Avatar f tn Random hookup? hmm...You certainly run a very high risk of having contracted HIV. Unprotected sex with an uknown partner could be the riskiest activity when it comes to catching infections. You gotta get tested @ 3 months. Fever and soar throat certainly rank high amongst the listed ARS symptoms. You don't have AIDS as it takes years of progression of HIV disease to develope into that.
Avatar m tn You can't transmit AIDS, AIDS is a progression of HIV.
Avatar n tn You didn't have a risk and you don't contract AIDS. AIDS is a progression of HIV which you did not have a risk of contracting.
Avatar m tn Dear, I am very very concern to show this website! BUZZLE.COM HIV Symptoms in Men After 6 Months As per various medical science reports, HIV symptoms in men after 6 months of HIV infection may advance in what is called as later or acute stages of HIV infection. Nevertheless, this result can vary for different cases. Generalized information on HIV symptoms in men after 6 months forms the subject matter of this article.
Avatar m tn your posts seem to be about testing times? my questions are...what was your exposure? have you tested? when?
Avatar n tn ) At one time I thought my dog had cushings (ended up, not), but my vet did say that sometimes the treatment is worse than the symptoms. He said unless the symptoms become severe, do not treat it...but that is just one opinion. I hope your baby is doing well.
Avatar f tn A newly infected person would not have a diagnosis of AIDS. AIDS occurs after the progression of being HIV+ causes the immune system to crash. It is diagnosed by very low CD4 counts. Some + people progress to AIDS quickly, some take years, some may never get there at all. It doesn't matter what stage a person is at when they infect someone has to do with each person's immune system as to how they will progress.
Avatar n tn I know there are sites that give you symptoms of chirrosis but can someone who has it tell what they have experienced.
Avatar f tn I could barely lift my legs high enough for the last 2-3 steps of a standard flight and had to rest at the top (and sometimes sooner than that) before moving on. Other symptoms were a little worse too, including the distance I could walk before resting. At other times in my life, stair climbing has been fatiguing or caused those symptoms of increased heart rate and heavy breathing. It happened when I had bronchitis, was anemic or had periods of irregular heartbeat.
Avatar m tn HIV is tested for, AIDS is a progression of HIV. So you get diagnosed with AIDS. A person will always test positive for HIV. 2nd question is has nothing to do with HIV. Post in another forum, dentist or maybe ear, nose and throat. Standard antibody tests are rather inexpensive and quick. A WB takes more resources, money and time. So it is not used because of those factors. Most people test negative, it's not like the flu where many people get it.
Avatar m tn Hi, I would like some clarification. I got some in the community forum but I would like to get a doctors input and I thank you for your great help and knowledge. My exposure happened in April 2012 and I got tested for HIV 1/2 about a month later and it was negative. I was aware about the window period so I waited and got tested at 3 months and 6 months and it was negative.