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Avatar m tn I had 3 years ago a sex with sex workerin,after 8 weeks happened to me syptoms like-nausea,white tongue,Drying cough,night sweats,Swollen lymph glands in neck(under ears),weight loss,....after 2 months eveything disapear,then I did test for hiv antibodie-negativ results.I was happy,felt again healthy.
Avatar f tn I have had an incredibly serious yeast infection (not diagnosed) (urgent care could not diagnose me at all or tell me what was wrong). However my symptoms are nausea, not eating three days, white tongue, and also vaginal yeast. It is clear it is this. I also took a candida medication and my symptoms are being relieved somewhat. Additionally I have a leukoplakia match on the side of my tongue. Both of these things it says online indicate AIDS. Can ppl give me their thoughts please?
Avatar f tn I don’t have any kind of Hiv risks but I have all the symptoms of aids,my tongue is white always ,I have white lines in my cheeks it started about 5 years ago and still is.
Avatar f tn s the third week. Today, there are symptoms of low fever, joint pain, rash and sore throat. I tested negative for AIDS antibodies in three weeks. Is there any possibility of being infected with AIDS.
Avatar m tn I read/heard that if you can brush the white stuff on your tongue off with a toothbrush, that it is not HIV related, and that if you cannot it is more likely a symptom of HIV. Can anyone shed light on this?
Avatar n tn From what I have read these symptoms can result from tongue thrusting and sucking my tongue sides and cheeks... since these ridges are always at their worst when i wake up and seem to get better throughout the day I may be doing this while I sleep or am not thinking about it...I have an appointment w/ my dentist on January 20... Hopefully he can resolve these issues then... Honestly,though I am still wondering about my questions as I have not been able to find any answers on the Internet...
Avatar n tn This situation might be what is called a furrowed tongue. This is a beign anatomic tongue. If in fact this is the correct diagnosis then what you should be aware of is to keep the furrows as clean as possible. That means brushing your tongue frequently. See an oral surgeon to confirm the diagnosis.
Avatar n tn ve been asked this before, but is it possible that in a person with Aids or a person with an advanced stage of Aids would stop making hiv antibodies? Do people with hiv show hiv antibodies for the rest of there life, even in the terminal stage of aids? And is it possible that someone could catch the hiv virus and in 3 years develop aids in an advanced stage if that person where unaware that they where hiv possitive and where not receiving treatment for hiv?
Avatar m tn Hello, I am a 25 year old male who has been constantly and extremely stressed/anxious out for about a month now about possibly having hiv/AIDS. My only possible exposure would have been almost exactly 2 years ago and it was one-time heterosexual vaginal intercourse with a perrson of unknown status. I have been having trouble sleeping, as well as sweating sometimes when I sleep.
573013 tn?1217841263 now, i tested first time after 11 weeks after the complete exposure [which wat am worried of], i got negative, my symptoms started after the this test, before i had no symptoms. i have read that, aids virus symptoms show up after 2-4 weeks of the exposure. is that possible to have symptoms so late ?
Avatar n tn Hi in Jan 09 I got C Diff after taking antibiotics (didnt do a swab test) for my throat, my symptoms included abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, and vomited once. This lasted about 3 days until I went to the hospital and told me I got C Diff and was given another antibiotic, the pains and bloody diarrhea stopped. Since then I havent been feeling the same...
Avatar m tn I have never had sex, but I do present some odd symptoms that may lead to hiv/aids. I have a white tongue, and pretty often when I wake up I have a sore throat. Nothing interesting came up other than the fact that I have a lower than usual count of white blood cells (the doctor said it was nothing to be worried about). When I was a kid I had bronchitis pretty often. Now it seems that I don't have it anymore. Or maybe that's the cause of my white tongue / sore throat.
Avatar m tn As of this date (August 20), the last month of my health has been strange to say the least. And this all may be coincidental. I have experienced classic symptoms of acquired angioedema which include: 1. acute swelling flares in random sites, thus far, my feet soles, heels, both hands, my tongue, my lips and right cheek, my throat, both sides.. 2. small random bumps (not a rash per se) that are itchy on the front of my neck. 3. major abdominal pain and cramping 4.
Avatar n tn My fears, stress and anxiety soon went out of control (breathing heavily) after I developed a white coating on my tongue. It was very similar to hairy tongue, looking like a small fur ball like carpet on my tongue. It was very minute but noticeable, likes small hairs on my tongue. This was not present on either the side of my tongue or any other lining in my mouth as these were normal. From this it has been 7 weeks since I had the one nightstand.
Avatar f tn So now my symptoms are the usual panic anxiety depression and fear but what is really troubling me is that I am having dry mouth now not producing saliva and also now have fungus on my tongue which i verified with a dentist. I am convinced I am HIV positive based on this and am worried sick. Is it true oral thrush doesn't come about until end stage HIV aids?
Avatar n tn ve read that a lot of the conditions such as furry tongue, geographic tongue, and coated tongue are fairly common and usually harmless?
Avatar m tn Also, your symptoms could possibly be caused by borrelia valaisiana, which is known to cause the symptoms you describe.