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Avatar n tn Is it at all possible to exhibit signs of OHL only 3 months or less after infection with HIV? If yes, then is it possible to exhibit signs of OHL and test negative for HIV and the same time, but still be HIV+? My negative results give me confidence I am ok, but the fact that the ridges haven't went away leave me thinking I may still have HIV.
Avatar m tn My throat is sensitive to sweets and lately ive been chocolates and ice cream and upon reading this comments and signs, ive been anxious. And i have anxiety attack. The pain of my girlfrien was only that night and the following day. No more pain.
Avatar m tn I have read many conflicting things on the internet about the asymptomatic time period of hiv, I have read the average amount of years before you develop AIDS without treatment is 10 years. What is the average amount of time before most people know they have hiv (develop symptoms that alert them) and does this differ by age at time of infection. Do people in their 20's differ from those in their 40's 50's and even 60's?
Avatar f tn I never tested because I got reassurance from ppl and was afraid due to anxiety over this illness anyway. Now, in November 2014 I am having signs of AIDS. I have had an incredibly serious yeast infection (not diagnosed) (urgent care could not diagnose me at all or tell me what was wrong). However my symptoms are nausea, not eating three days, white tongue, and also vaginal yeast. It is clear it is this. I also took a candida medication and my symptoms are being relieved somewhat.
12742885 tn?1427016324 I went to my doctor the next day, and rang them up at the morning and told them i needed and HIV test. I forgot all the symptoms why i was about to present to them, which my Fiance knew i was going to present to them, and there she might new that i was about to get the message that i was HIV positive anyways so she told me the day before i was about to go to the doctor ( this was mindset). The doctor told me i was HIV negative i was happy and told her i was lucky.
Avatar n tn I have seen a doctor who informed me that it could be guilt and stress combined and recommended that I need not to have a blood test however they are organizing one to play down my fears. I have checked myself for any other signs and symptoms like swollen lymph nodes on my neck, armpits and groin and any blemishes but these are normal and there is nothing else that seems out of the ordinary. I am now eaten normally except for the fact I am drinking over 1.
Avatar n tn ll list a set of ARS symptoms and then symptoms of further HIV which also include similar things like weight loss, diarhea, headaches, muscle aches. But this time, these symptoms aren't because of ARS because they've already been infected for some time --but how long? Someone who went through ARS, could they start getting the further HIV symptoms like 6 months later (is tht too early) a year, 2?
Avatar f tn How long can can the virus be in your body before you start to show signs and symptoms of HIV or AIDS?
Avatar n tn And the thing that freaks me out the most is that i have a lot of symptoms that could be related to hiv/aids. I have low wbc count. I also a high level of protein in my blood too. I feel like i am at a lost. Every doctor ive been to tells me not to worry, but how am i not suppose to when i have all these signs in my blood work pointing to hiv?
Avatar n tn I keep testing Negative, Stress/anxiety is a horrible thing, in most cases worse then any STD out there cause stress kills and affects more people then hiv/aids does each year in the U.S, the way i look at it, if i have HIV bring it on....This day and age a cure is very possible in the next 5-10 years, and i know i would survive long enough to see a cure.
Avatar m tn I figure that it could be an infection. HIV cannot cause it, AIDS can. all hiv does is to destroy the immune system. It appears that there's a worldwide pandemic of Lyme disease and who knows what else. I guess that to find out what it is they need to do spinal tap on you to search for bacteria in your cerebro-spinal fluid. you need to see a Neurologist or someone who understands the problem.
Avatar m tn That's impossible, and in any case your symptoms don't suggest AIDS. Don't worry about it.
Avatar n tn HIV can be "dormant" in the body for many years, which only means it is not producing any clinical signs or symptoms of illness. However, even if it is clinically "dormant" it is NOT dormant in terms of activity. Even without symptoms, HIV can be reproducing itself by millions of new copies every day. The virus can be clinically silent, but it is still detectable by an HIV antibody test. As malbat has wisely advised you, get tested now.
Avatar n tn In AIDS, how will the person exist shingles? More hard?More bigger areas of body? And must have the other AIDS symptoms while existing shingles? Or can shingles be the first sign of AIDS?Because of decline of immune system. I will be happy if you answer my questiones.
Avatar m tn I have read in this forum people with swollen lymph nodes and high fever and gastro problems rashes and then they test –ve my question is why do they get these symptoms is it just anxiety or what?
Avatar m tn are the hiv early ars same like the aids ars? or aids ars are milder? and does aids ars include nasal and nose congestion?
Avatar m tn For the simple reason that you guys are not even having an open mind to consider that I am having all the classic opportunistic infections (mind you I am using the word Infections, and not symptoms) of intial stage of AIDS. And then have a look at my cd4 counts. They co-relate. I have stated that I had UN-PROTECTED frottage with this wasted prostitute.
Avatar m tn ve been in a panic over this since it started back up, but in Googling HIV and MS, I found several articles stating that MS-like symptoms have been shown in recent studies to appear in people who initially test HIV-negative, but then end up testing positive within 20-40 months afterward (!!!). So now I'm really petrified waiting for my results. I realize this isn't helpful, but I can really empathize with your concerns.
Avatar f tn Although this line of research is rather new and much more needs to be done, it is becoming clearer that the XMRV virus can be found in non-symptomatic subjects as well as symptomatic patients, similar to HIV-1 retrovirus and AIDS. Thus the XMRV virus may be important but not necessarily sufficient to cause morbidity. In the case of other retroviruses additional co-infections are required to produce morbidity, and this may also be the case with XMRV.
Avatar n tn you have been advised of your risk. if you lost the condom during was a brief unprotected exposure. if it came off during withdrawal (which you would have known since it more than likely would have been hanging out of her vagina)...then you were protected during intercourse. continuing to dwell on what you perceive to be "signs and symptoms" of hiv...does NotHING but add fuel to the fire of your anxiety. the ONLY way to know if you have hiv is by testing.
Avatar m tn 5 F), muscle soar, and profound fatigue). Could the test be wrong and I have AIDS and transmitted it to my wife? What are the symptoms of the Acute HIV phase? I don't know if I should run another test but I'm desperate, what do you think? Please help.
Avatar m tn But you still can be sure you were not infected, because of the condom and because it is unlikely your partner had HIV, and your symptoms do not sound like those of an HIV infefection. But if you want even greater certainty, you could have another HIV test now. HIV/AIDS cure: At present, HIV treatment is so effective that most infected persons who have access to excellent health care can expect to live normal life spans.