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Avatar n tn You have been repeatedly reassured about HIV, hair loss, and HIV testing on both this and the HIV community forum. Mouth sores can sometimes occur in advanced AIDS but not as a symptom of early HIV ifnection. Feel free to get tested as often as you like. But the primary health need reflected in this and your other posts seems to be emotional.
695580 tn?1228216707 also doctor i have hair loss to the skin due to the skin issue i was telling you about early in the messages,i have hair loss to the hair and arm and legs(bald spots).
Avatar m tn - Unintentional weight loss, muscle wasting - Inconsistent bowel movements (changes from color to mass [solid, loss]) - Facial outbreaks (pimples mostly on the jawline and the corner of the mouth) It would be great if anyone in this forum can help list down diseases that could cause this.
220090 tn?1379167187 I would not rely on this to correct presbycusis (hearing loss associated with aging) or permanent hair cell damage.
Avatar m tn Tingling all over my body, muscle and joints pain, stuffed nose, pelghem, nausea, eye hurts, palms peeling, sole feet sweating, drenched night sweats, fever, dry mouth, oral thrush, eyebrow hair loss, mostache hair loss, like dandruff coming from scalp, fatigue, dry eyes with floaters and sometimes turn yellow, broken nails with color change, brown dots on my thigh, gums swelling, weight loss Etc What can cause all these symptoms if not HIV? What should I do next?
Avatar m tn I have two questions if a person has aids does they pass on aids or hiv cause these seem like aids symptoms also can I trust my 8 week negative result wont turn positive at 12 weeks im currently on week 10 waiting im stressing all these symptoms that I have have HiV/ aids written all over it when I search them please help!
Avatar n tn In the past year I have gained 60lbs and have been extremely exhausted. Once ( Neck Pain, Dry Skin, Hair Loss, Depression )more symptons began is when I contacted dr to have checkup. Now here I am 60lbs heavier healthy eating but cannot lose weight. Can anyone please provide me wiht some information as to how to lose the weight and what I can expect realistically. Are any diet aids- pills safe to take without risking my heatlh. I excerise 3-4 days a week not sur ehow else to fix this disease.
971443 tn?1282560078 cat aids is called FeLv....I would more so be suspicious of a food or allergy to something in his environment. Have your Vet do a small skin scraping of one of these brown spots........could be a condition called eosinophilic plaque or EGC (eosinophilic granuloma complex) let us know the outcome please. good luck.
429700 tn?1308007823 my friends uses them, and is always annoyed by the amount of batteries they take. Be sure to ask when you get them how often you will need to expect to replace the batteries, and ask if you are getting personalized ones if you have a choice of different brands as I think some are better quality than others. Also, if you have longer hair that you wear loose you may experience, as she had, the annoying "ringing" from the hair interferring with the hearing aids.
695580 tn?1228216707 i eat alots and i feel soooo healthy,i went to soooooooooooooooooooooo many doctors and specailist.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me figure out what to do so i can live my life again. i have this hair loss on my arms and legs that leaves bald spots and my skin looks sooooo dirty and dark,i eat normal and i feel ok but i am so worried about this weight loss. god bless and thanks very very much!!!!!!! send me many messages,kiss!
Avatar f tn Sept 8th and will bring this new symptom to her with a bag full of hair, just to show her how much Im losing a day. Does this hair loss have anything to do with Crohn's disease??
Avatar m tn Dear guys, I have written my story I had uprotected vaginal back in november, then I had a whole bunch of symptoms typical of HIV, such as lymphodenopathy, low-grade fever, weight loss, hair loss, sweats, rash, the list can be continued forever I tested like seven times with last-generation elisa up to 8 months, and it always came back negative, i almosy died from depression, while everyone else thought i was insane cuz i didnt believe my test I had negative PCR DNa at 6 months But even this
Avatar m tn I am also aware that HIV is not diagnosed on the basis of symptoms, but I was wondering whether face fat loss and redistribution of fat is caused by early HIV infection, anti-retro viral medications or long-term HIV infection that has progressed to AIDS?
Avatar f tn I'm not just looking for weight loss. I'm willing to continue to work out as much as possible, it's just frustrating at this point because it's doing absolutely nothing..
Avatar f tn My thyroid levels are normal taking armour and still having hair loss. Could it be the medications? I was on all the different thyroid meds. and still had hair loss. Would anyone be able to help?
Avatar m tn Initially it was just in my scalp hair. It has progressed since to my eyebrows, my facial hair, body hair and everywhere. Now my scalp is almost 1/3 gone and if my hair gets blown in the wind you will see my bare scalp. :( I tried having blood work for TSH and it came out 0.47 (normal range 0.5-5something?). I haven't tested my T3, T4, FT3, FT4 yet though. I've been taking Acetyl-L-Carnitine for the past four months, along with copper, but nothing has changed yet.
Avatar f tn For some reason the immune system attacks the hair follicles and destroys them which is what leads to the hair loss. My best friend has it and she has no hair anywhere! Not really sure if it is thyroid realated but I don't think so. With the thyroid you do lose hair but not leading to baldness.
Avatar f tn I don’t have any kind of Hiv risks but I have all the symptoms of aids,my tongue is white always ,I have white lines in my cheeks it started about 5 years ago and still is.