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Avatar m tn Thank you for your patience explanation, I am from China, there is a saying, if a person be pierced by the used needle of AIDS people, the infection of HIV/AIDS probability is 0.
Avatar n tn 1000, that would make my probability 2:1000 or .2%. Of course in the 50% or more estimate you have factored in the MC and other symptoms so I guess the stats are irrelevant but I'm grasping at straws, and I'm sure you understand why. As for your advice to get tested, I will. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn Just unprotected oral or vaginal aswell?
Avatar n tn Just one short question on probability of hiv/aids exposure. Currently residing in Korea, I've had a couple of unprotected contacts with locals. Especially last week I made a huge mistake of having sex with a man I just met without protection. Not really worried about pregnancy (my period started during the intercourse), I'm more concerned about STD, HIV/AIDS.
Avatar m tn Thanks a lot for your response Teak. I was very much concerned about probability of HIV transmission (which many forums on internet said is still possible with improper use). However my use was way proper as it was put on me by a professional sex worker. Can you please give more insight on how Latex condoms are effective in protecting the HIV transmission? This thing is just on my mind, every day, every minute, every moment. It make me feel so depressed and low each day.
Avatar n tn that finger wound insert a prostitute vagina, and exposure to infection in prostitutes, vaginal fluid, no sexual intercourse, infected with the probability of how much we need to do the HIV antibody detection.
750651 tn?1233896227 Hello, I want to ask, if the man with the oral sex. I was in the mouth, he has no ejaculation, oral 3 minutes, I don't know he is the infection. I want to know what is the probability of HIV infection.
Avatar m tn I always wear a condom when having and anal and vaginal sex, what is the probability of get HIV, with someone who says they are negative, but I don't know since I didn't see any papers. The condom did not break. I came inside the condom, no was leaking out and when I took it off, I wiped it off and filled it with water, none came out.
Avatar n tn Note that having an oral HSV1 infection gives you not just some immunity from a further oral infection, but nearly complete! Research is variable as to whether an oral HSV1 infection provides you with some genital protection from HSV2 as well. Even if the outbreak was herpes related, it most likely would have been HSV1, potentially triggered by the stress of the circumstance. When do you get the results? Take them as conclusive for your HSV2 status.
Avatar m tn In 6 weeks time to the hospital for detecting overcast useful?
Avatar m tn There is only one known case of HIV transmission in a dental office, back in the early days of AIDS (before 1990, as I recall). The dentist died of AIDS before the mystery was formally solved. However, the clear probability -- and the consensus of experts at CDC and elsewhere who knew the details of the case -- is that the dentist intentionally injected his own blood serum into the young women who develop HIV and died of AIDS.
Avatar n tn Zero.
Avatar f tn So, I am a female and a virgin. I have had several boyfriends before but never been sexually active with ANYONE until my current one. We have not had actual INTERCOURSE, but a few months ago he preformed cunnilingus on me for the first time ever, he also came up to kiss me directly afterwards too. (I'll also note that he has never had any sexual interaction with anyone before me.
Avatar m tn Swollen lymph nodes across multiple areas or generalized lymphadenopathy can be due to viral infections such as mono or EBV or cytomegalovirus or due to bacterial infections like TB. HIV or AIDS (not in your case), leukemia, lymphomas and other cancers can also be a cause. This could also be due to inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. It is difficult to determine the cause on net. This is not something you should ignore. In all probability it is infectious mononucleosis.
Avatar m tn I came up with some way to reduce the risk of getting AIDS. I want to know is it right? Firstly, maximum risk of Gay sex is anal sex without condom,oral sex and Mutual masturbation is very very low risk nearly impossible,right?Secondly, If i have oral sex with condom with my boyfriend is nearly impossible to get HIV,right the probability of getting HIV is very very low?Thirdly, Mutual masturbation is quite safe even without condom and it can very hardly to transmit HIV ,right?
Avatar m tn oral sex is a no risk activity. vaginal sex risk is about 1 in means that if you have sex with an infected partner the probability for you to become hiv positive as well is 1 in is low.but as u know a risk is still a risk if you had sex with a partner of unknown status you should take a test to be sure that you didn't get HIV.only a test at 3 months post exposure is conclusive.