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Avatar f tn To shed some light on viral illness problems.... I used to think of viruses as... "just a virus", like a cold. There are a couple viruses that caught my attention to some degree. AIDS and Hepatitis are "just a virus". Later, I came to be terribly aware how bad a virus can be simply because there are no antibioics that can solve the problem.
Avatar n tn if infected, the amount of HIV in blood and body secretions, which in turn is influenced by how recent the infection is, whether the person is sick with AIDS, and whether on anti-HIV therapy. Presence of other STDs, especially herpes, in either partner is an important issue, as is circumcision status of the insertive partner in vaginal or anal sex (higher risk if uncircumcised). And of course condom use.
Avatar n tn The 25 US states with the highest potato consumption rates have an AIDS rate 117% lower than the other 25 states. The odds of that happening by chance are about 7752 to 1 against. Those states also have a leukemia rate 7.5% higher with odds of about 762 to 1, and a lymphoma rate 8% higher with odds of about 708 to 1. These numbers argue (but don't prove) that potatoes increase white blood cell counts. Has anyone ever noticed this association before?
Avatar n tn The rate of HIV is far higher in African Americans than in whites or persons of other race/ethnicities in the US. The low rate of AIDS in your geographic area should indeed be reassuring -- but the statistics you quote deserve some caution. It sounds like you are quoting reported cases of overt AIDS, and I'm sure there are many more persons with HIV that has not progressed to AIDS. In any case, there are other factors strongly in your favor.
Avatar f tn But why is TB mentioned as an aids defining illness?? If someone has TB does it mean they have AIDS? I read on your forum dr Hunter had said in the 1990s they would diagnose people with AIDS even without a positive HIV test! I am panicking so much right now.
Avatar n tn Congress and the White House are preparing to ramp up spending on programs to combat AIDS and related diseases around the world while removing some of the ideological blinders that have long undermined the effort to slow the spread of the AIDS virus.
Avatar n tn In your opinion, do you think that with such high infection rate of the particular subtype in thailand, this subtype would have spread wildly to other countries considering the high number of sex tourists in the country? You have mention in previous reply that the HIV infection rate among CSW in thailand is rare and is about 5%, is this higher than that in US or other industrialised countries?
Avatar n tn s first couple hundred cases -- indeed almost all cases during the first 1-2 years of recognized HIV/AIDS in the US -- were in gay men. Even now, men having sex with men account for >90% of new HIV infections in the western US.
Avatar m tn According to the South African HIV/AIDS hotline , they say that if the condom has no failure ie broken then you are protected , South Africa has the highest infection rate in the world and the main preventetive measure that our government is trying to enforce is condom use , unfortunately in the black community condom use is not practises because of tribal belief systems still in place ...
Avatar n tn When I went to the doctor, she asked have I ever been tested for Herpes. I said yes, I just had an annual exam. She said no you weren't tested because you didn't specifically ask for that test. Then I said what about when you are pregnant and they test you for AIDS and STD's wouldn't they have given an Herpes test to me too, since that's considered an STD? She said no. Then I told her I was never taught about Herpes and really didn't know what it was.
Avatar f tn my mother was diagnosised with hiv back in 99' it has since become full blown aids. just recently shes been put in the hospital and they are telling us that she only has 24 of 1000 cells im not sure what all this means but they are saying it isnt looking good...has anyone ever heard of anyone in here ever heard of or experienced recovery with such a number.
Avatar m tn The average time for the deterioration to occur to the state where people begin to get the sorts of infections which define AIDS is about 10 years. Like all average figures, the rate of decline varies from person to person as does individual susceptibility to various infections but this is a general overview of what happens. Whether immunity deteriorates somewhat (but not necessarily dramatically)faster in older persons is unclear but there is some evidence that this may be the case.
Avatar n tn is there any chance of an infection if u rub ur penis on someones hand,thighs,back??? u get std or aids by doing this?? i washed my penis after doing this....please help.....
Avatar n tn AIDS experts Hello, wound my fingers, fingers wound into the vagina of a prostitute, and contact with a lot of prostitutes, vaginal discharge, no sex, no oral sex, no anal, no kissing, I was not infected with HIV.
Avatar m tn Because HIV is the causative agent of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), ICL can be referred to as Non-HIV AIDS. As in AIDS patients, Non-HIV AIDS patients exhibit reduced numbers of CD4+ T-lymphocytes, and many Non-HIV AIDS patients have developed the opportunistic infections or otherwise rare cancers associated with AIDS. Non-HIV AIDS patients may comprise perhaps one percent of all AIDS patients.
Avatar n tn What is the infection rate for unprotected anal intercourse with a female infected with HIV? I understand that vaginal intercourse is around 1 in a 1000 and that receptive anal is a much higher risk behavior. Where does penetrative anal intercourse (that is female to male transmission) fall on the odds scale? Again I am assuming the female is positive and a one time sexual act.
Avatar m tn i had unprocted sex 12 year ago but i never being sick these years but currently i am not feeling well so i there any chance of hiv/aids after 12 year . This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/HIV---Prevention/Will-I-have-AIDS-after-12-years/show/1361575">Will I have AIDS after 12 years?</a>.
15848200 tn?1456634289 try getting sunlight on a daily basis go for a walk or a hike.exercise is helpful .do you have any symptoms or some type of infection or autoimmune disease?bacterial infections or fungal infections can cause this condition. like yeast among others.hope this helps.