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1460021 tn?1445739558 Before i started my ADHD medication i was very aggressive doing the whole punching walls, so i guess it was "normal" for me. The ADHD medication got rid of my aggression i was more calm and able to focus. But yeah since being on Epilim (about a month) all the bad ADHD and behavioural issues have reappeared. I haven't been diagnosed with Bipolar but people with ADHD are often put on Epilim or lithium to stabilize their moods.
Avatar f tn Kids of that age don't deal with long term threats (and a week is long term), you need to start at one day and slowly expand. Taking something out of his room seems kind of silly when he probably has other things to play with. Discipline needs to be immediate. consistent, and short term (that way it can slowly be increased). His timeouts probably would be more effective if they were at the kitchen table or a chair in the corner of the living room - someplace other than his room.
Avatar n tn Feeling faint Restless nights It can also increase depression, anxiety, paranoia, and sometimes aggression. If you already have these symptoms due to psychology problems, it’s probably not a good idea to go on concerta. Something I picked up on that I have not seen mentioned often is heart rate. People I know that have also taken concerta sometimes experience a symptom where their heart’s BPM increases rapidly.
Avatar m tn Children who are or have been on ADHD drugs have an increased risk of committing suicide.Even the American Psychiatric Association admits that suicide is the major adverse reaction of withdrawal from these drugs. Clarke reports that “symptoms usually peak within two to four days after withdrawal of the drugs although depression and irritability may persist for months. Suicide risk can persist for years.
Avatar f tn It might be worth seeing if you can find out about this system as I have heard only good things about it from parents of children with autism/ADHD/and NT children. A number of schools are now using this approach as well.
1460021 tn?1445739558 but thank god i haven't lost my hair!!!) I have spoken to most of my teachers about finding out i have ADHD and medications etc and I'm very lucky to have such understanding teachers...and they've told me that they notice that i DO participate in class and bring up interesting discussions/points that even make them stop and think! :) i KNOW i have it in me to do it all, it's just getting it all out on paper and in order. I have my moments of extreeeeeme "I can do this easy!!
Avatar m tn He has been on resperidone for 11/2 week showing only ADHD and ODD symptoms. He is driving us crazy but not showing any signs of anger or aggression. We then introduced ADHD medication, guanfacine, evening only. Second day he started exhibiting more aggressive, angry behavior. I plan to call the Doctor on Monday, but wanted to know if anyone else had similar situation?
Avatar f tn Psychiatric problems — Stimulants for ADD / ADHD can trigger or exacerbate symptoms of hostility, aggression, anxiety, depression, and paranoia. People with a personal or family history of suicide, depression, or bipolar disorder are at a particularly high risk, and should be carefully monitored when taking stimulants. Potential for abuse — Stimulant abuse is a growing problem, particularly among teens and young adults.
Avatar m tn A Secret Source of Aggression One of the nation’s most powerful industries, in terms of political power and lobbying influence, is the soy industry. Soybeans are grown in unbelievable quantities all over the world. And based on early reports of the potential for one of soy’s chemical components, genistein, to inhibit cancer growth (especially breast cancer), the number of soy products has exploded.
Avatar m tn patients must be monitored for symptoms of aggression or hostility. Regarding the antipsychotic medication, risperidone, this drug has a side effect of causing a reduced attention span in less than 4% of patients. I do not have enough information available to determine the most appropriate course of treatment for your son, but I would recommend you review his current medication regimen with a psychiatrist if you feel his symptoms are not currently being well-controlled.
Avatar f tn my boyfriend of a year and a half has had adhd since he was younger. he is 24 now. i've always known he's had it, but i guess i never really looked up the symptoms and what exactly it did to a person. we've had a lot of relationship problems for the past year. the first 6 months of the relationship were amazing. he was so into the relationship, he was always doing little things for me and bringing me little gifts and making me things and being the best boyfriend in the world.
Avatar m tn Although they both deal with adult ADD, there is a lot of cross over. And they do a great job of discussing all of the symptoms and effects of ADD. They are: Hope this helps answer some of your questions.
Avatar n tn Second, you don't indicate his medication(s), but the symptoms you describe/imply indicate that he displays condition(s) other than ADHD, and very likely involve some type of mood disorder (depressive disorder, bipolar disoprder, e.g.).
Avatar n tn The side-effects of these drugs include increased aggression, loss of remorse, depersonalization and mania. The police knew that these kids had web pages up stating that they wanted to kill people. Our school system is not set up to protect our children. If you go to the school and tell them your child is being picked on what’s the answer you get? Can’t help that but if your child gets post traumatic stress syndrome from it we can set you up with a Dr. who can give you some good drugs.
535822 tn?1443980380 Since dietary induced inflammation and neurotoxicity is considered by many to be the primary cause of ADHD symptoms, eliminating these toxic triggers from the diet and replacing them with healthy alternatives rich in vitamins,minerals, phytonutrients and amino acids is a great way for many people to help cure and reverse ADHD sources for this article
Avatar f tn I really am curious about my question about how he was diagnosed for the ADHD. He certainly has many of the symptoms. I actually had kids diagnosed in 5th grade. They were intelligent, with sharp verbal parents, sailed through 3 grades, began to have problems with math in 4 grade, hit 5 grade and were pulling C's in several subjects and just falling apart. I knew they were intelligent from personal discussions with them and put in for testing.
Avatar n tn While situational stress could be the explanation, your son is displaying some symptoms consistent with ADHD as well. I often hear parents describe problems such as difficulty with impulse control, aggression, violating other people's personal space and trouble with unstructured time. I would visit the pediatrician to rule-out any medical issues that could be impacting your son's behavior. Ask for a referral to a psychologist who specializes in young children.
Avatar f tn trying to figure out her symptoms, but kind of get mixed up between her and the 3 year old. But I do get the feeling that the doctor did not even bother to do the typical questionnaire with her teachers? Essentially, The ADHD or ADD is going to have to be noticeable at home and at school. It may be too late in the school year for you to get something going there, but I would definitely request testing - O shoot, you live in England.
Avatar f tn A child who is gifted and a child who has ADHD have many of the same symptoms...they just need to be physically tired out with sports and stimulation. Also food dyes have been linked to hyperactivity and some kids cannot tolerate food dyes so well. It sounds like his Mom is just not coping well being on her own and needs someone to step in to help.....The hearing voices part might be due to being over medicated and somebody please needs to step in for the sake of that poor child!.
184674 tn?1360864093 I found this list on quite a few websites about the symptoms of ADHD. I've put asterisks by the symptoms he has regularly.
899943 tn?1241924720 At the onset of illness of this type it's usually hard until the brain start to be stable. Finally ADHD, panic disorder and OCD often either morph into BP (i read this once by a medical school although some people object here) or are gateways to it or diagnosed wrong until you are better dx BP. Illnesses like this is look like bus stops but the good news is BP is the terminus I think.
Avatar f tn Hello, it does indeed sound like an awful day, and I would be just as worried about keeping your own head 'above water'' in light of how stressful this situation is. ADHD symptoms sometimes manifest prior to age 3, usually the hyperactive/impulsive symptoms such as the ones you describe. Though your son's behavior is more challenging than is typical for children his age, that does not necessarily mean he has ADHD.
Avatar m tn We have a twelve-year-old son who has been diagnosed with ADHD at age six and Aspergers at age ten. His primary problems have been hyperactivity, severe impatience (can't even wait in a simple line for a few minutes without a lot of flak), and severe social skill deficits. He is a self-described loner who will tell you: "I hate people." He enjoys little to no interaction with his peers, prefers solitary play often involving entertaining "inanimate" friends - e.g.
Avatar m tn All of the above can be dealt with by a immediate, consistent reinforcement of proper behavior. What throws all of this off though is the possibility of ADHD or an ADHD/SIDS combination. It just makes things a lot tougher to deal with. But, if you know what you are dealing with - it makes it much easier to deal with it! I do worry a bit about him holding on to his emotions. It sounds like anxiety. Which would be understandable at his age since his family has changed.
Avatar n tn His speech issues do cause a lot of frustration for him, but his aggression is there whether or not he has tried and failed to communicate. His two older siblings are typical kids. The 8 yr old has had out of control behavior since he could walk with aggression by at least 3. The school assigned us a school home counselor and that has been helpful. She's recommended elements from books like the ones listed below.
Avatar n tn Yes, I think you show symptoms of ADHD and sensory early on too. I don't think laundry detergent causes it. Though using organic stuff probably is better for us all..
Avatar f tn As he gets older he is getting worse and Psychiatrists can't seem to get the right combination of medicine to help the symptoms of aggression and impulsiveness. He is a high functioning autistic. But the behaviors have given him a label from special school of emotionally disturbed and intectually disabled. He is on kindergarden level. Its sad. He has tons of therapies in-home, special school setting with an IEP. The whole works.
Avatar n tn I have also read a book on ADHD and they both have 15-16 out of 20 of the symptoms along with the sensory problems too.They have no respect for theyre own things as well as others. Heres a few things that I marked in the book.
Avatar n tn 1. In children, many symptoms overlap and are common among a great number of diagnoses (including Bipolar, SID, ADHD, normal development, non-verbal learning disability, and so on). 2. Is it possible that they are recommending these diagnoses as part of their "differential diagnosis" (aka - trying to figure out just what is going on)? As a therapist, and parent first, I would be quite cautious about how to take this news.