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973741 tn?1342342773 Good question! I get the feeling from reading the two links below that while all people with adhd have EFD. You can have EFD and not adhd since the EFD can be a learning disorder not due to adhd. I hope these help. Since knowing the difference does amount in treatment differences. First link might be the best. Second is more on ways to treat. https://www.additudemag.
999891 tn?1407276076 We have suggested here that people use the journal facility to record there storeys and we can use these for the newsletter and also to help us all understand the many symptoms and roads we have all taken in getting a Chiari DX and the benefits and pitfalls of surgery. Ray.
709222 tn?1229152836 I spent the day finishing the newsletter for Mason County Democrats. On the one hand I like doing this because I feel useful. On the other hand, there's a time deadline associated with it (which I often find stressful). Also I said when I took on this job that I didn't want to be involved in the mailing process, and it's been impossible to get out of the mailing process and still meet deadlines. It's not a big enough deal to quit over, but it is a stressor.
793266 tn?1275479663 Today I started adding fish oil and a B-complex vitamin for the adhd symptoms, and vitamin D for thyroid/mood. I am taking fish oil at dinner, B at all meals, and D at one meal. I am hoping these will increase energy, memory, and decrease AdHd symptoms and mood swings.
Avatar m tn A while back i was told i had adhd. i was going over in my head of all the symptoms i have. i was wonerding about these posssible symptoms ,are these adhd or not? 1. when i read i seem to read but it just go through my head and usally i got to reread a few times to remeber it. adhd or not? 2.when i go out and play pool i usally just take my shot right away not aiming for a long time if i try to aim my shoots get worse i try to see the shot but cant.adhd or not?
999891 tn?1407276076 the newsletter will be on one page and archived with the publication of the new newsletter but we will have a link to the previous newsletter...we will have separate pages for things like related illnesses, Chiari Doctors and other such things...
521840 tn?1348840771 These same childhood symptoms take on different forms in adults with ADHD. For example, most adults with ADHD are not floridly hyperactive. Instead, an adult is more likely to report ‘inner restlessness’ or problems with impulsivity. Symptoms of ADHD impact important adult tasks such as remembering to pay the mortgage, paying attention while driving, or managing your children’s schedules.
1388785 tn?1279770764 If you want - just click on the ADHD in blue at the top of this page and get a list of symptoms for ADHD and that might be helpful to you. Best wishes.
973741 tn?1342342773 Medication is amazing for treating add and adhd. But what about therapy? Do you think it helps? Lots of kids with add and adhd have social skills issues, organizational skills issues, self esteem issues. What could therapy do to help them? It's often an additional expense for parents or to the patient if they are an adult. Is it worth it?
5856747 tn?1403348682 ADHD is diagnosed on the bases of the child’s behaviour alone. This may be done using the International Classification of Diseases or ICD-10. There are no other tests to confirm the diagnosis and this again may cause difficulty in accepting ADHD as a disorder. Features of ADHD behaviour will include: • Inattention to instructions. • Inability to learn or retain. • Inability to stay with a specific task or to complete it. • Inability to hold attention to what is being said to them.
707563 tn?1587576687 We are going to be doing a newsletter soon, and want to include something about measles in it. Can you all post to this thread? Just make something up if you need to. Thanks!
1382889 tn?1505071193 I read recently that consuming canola oil long term (10 + yrs) may cause damage to the myelin sheath in your body and result in MS type symptoms. Almost all processed and packaged foods have it in them b/c it's so cheap to make. I read it in a a Howard Garrett newsletter (he is know as the Organic Gardener). Any body have any opinion on this or heard of it's negative effects?
Avatar m tn Children who are or have been on ADHD drugs have an increased risk of committing suicide.Even the American Psychiatric Association admits that suicide is the major adverse reaction of withdrawal from these drugs. Clarke reports that “symptoms usually peak within two to four days after withdrawal of the drugs although depression and irritability may persist for months. Suicide risk can persist for years.
707563 tn?1587576687 Since I never log out, I logged out and back in again, just for kicks and giggles. I got the screen to sign up for the newsletter, which I did but then it made me sign in again before it let me in. Odd, isn't it or is that what it always does? Anyway, I assume I'm signed up for the newsletter, but I also checked my account and the box by "Send me the MH newsletter" is checked also, so I should be good to go. Will look forward to getting the first newsletter. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I have a 9 year old in my home that exhibits symptoms of sociopathic tendencies. I am very concerned and have had him seeing a MHMR for his problems for about 4 years now and is now getting worse all of a sudden. His psychiatrist said since he refused to take his medication anymore she will not prescribe him any.
463897 tn?1468013750 Here's the link to our recent Newsletter: Upcoming Health Chats Eye Care: LASIK Surgery Omar E Awad, M.D.
463897 tn?1468013750 Who - or whom is actually writing the CL Newsletter? Are certain CLs being asked be write it - or portions of the Newsletter, as it sounds from some of the comments? Thanks for the responses I know I'll obtain.
Avatar n tn Current Disease Management Explains the causes and symptoms of hepatitis C, along with information about diagnosis and treatment ... The hepatitis C virus (HCV) is one of the most ... Chronic hepatitis C can cause cirrhosis, liver failure, and ... Hepatitis C is the cause of about half of cases of ... Diabetes In Control Dot Com. The FREE weekly newsletter for Medical Professionals in Diabetes care.
Avatar n tn Your son may well display ADHD, but it is important to arrange a thorough evaluation and not rush too quickly to the diagnosis. The on-line surveys can be useful tools to see if a person might display symptoms typical of ADHD, but a thorough assessment will consider a child's medical history, family history, current functioning at home and in school, possible alternative explanations for the symptoms identified on the surveys, etc.
649848 tn?1534633700 On my profile page, I have checked the box to receive the MH newsletter, but I don't get it. I understand that there was a good video about thyroid in a recent newsletter and would like to find it. Can anyone tell me why I might not get the newsletter, even though I have that box checked? I know of, at least, one other person not getting it, as well. I'm getting other notifications, like I should.
Avatar n tn I'm recording with ADHD meds but it's actually vyvanse