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Avatar f tn • Patients with POTS scored significantly higher on inattention and ADHD subscales than control subjects. These symptoms were not present during childhood. Conclusions: Patients with POTS do not have an increased lifetime prevalence of psychiatric disorders. Although they may seem anxious, they do not have excess cognitive anxiety. They do experience significant inattention, which may be an important source of disability. Source: Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry.
Avatar n tn inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Symptoms of impulsivity tend to rerspond less favorably to stimulant medication than do symptoms of inattention or hyperactivity. It is not at all unusual for children with ADHD to display some 'co-morbid' condition - i.e., some condition alongside the ADHD. This could well be the case with your daughter, though thre's no particular indication of this in the information you provided.
Avatar m tn The type and severity of symptoms vary greatly among people with ADHD. The severity of symptoms depends on the degree of abnormality in the brain, the presence of related conditions, and the individual's environment and response to that environment.The diagnostic criteria for ADHD are outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health, 5th ed. (DSM-V 2013) by the American Psychiatric Association.
1255530 tn?1269867619 stimulants and nonstimulants. Stimulants Amphetamine and methylphenidate are stimulants. Although it is not known exactly how these stimulant medications work, it is thought that they work to increase the amounts of the chemicals dopamine (DA) and norepinephrine (NE) in the brain's prefrontal cortex (PFC). The PFC is the part of the brain that sends information to control behavior, planning, and reacting. DA and NE are chemicals that help in sending that information.
Avatar n tn It may be that that the Neurontin enabled him to enjoy a more active life style and thus the ADHD became more noticeable(??). Is he getting a good nights sleep, because the lack of sleep will cause ADHD like symptoms. And what kind of a doctor diagnosed it? Some docs do make mistakes about ADHD. Anyway, what is more important I think is to make sure that now your son is getting the help he needs with the ADHD. If you need any information about ADHD, please post again.
Avatar n tn In my opinion it won't be such a good test as we (people with ADHD) also have what some call hyperfocus and moving things on a screen usually triggers it ... I was able to play GTA:San Andreas for 36 hours with no breaks (and no meds)... so a moving star will probably (not necessarily ) trigger hyperfocus so everything depends on the surroundings and the state of mind...
Avatar n tn So yes, it is possible that your son developed ADHD like symptoms. But only a psychiatrist who has examined him can diagnose whether he has ADHD or not. If neurontin is responsible for the change in your son’s behavior then stopping the drug for some time may reduce the side effects caused by it and your son may regain his original personality in a few months. He may need repeated psychiatric evaluation to assess whether ADHD symptoms are waning off or not.
Avatar f tn But when inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior are the norm for a child, it may be a sign of ADHD. ADHD can lead to problems at home and at school, with family, teachers, and peers, so it’s important to identify the symptoms and get help.
Avatar m tn Six or more symptoms of inattention that last for at least six months, is not adaptive, and not consistent with the sufferer's developmental levelSix or more symptoms of hyperactivity/impulsivity for at least six months, is not adaptive, inconsistent with the sufferer's developmental level, and not solely symptoms of oppositional disorder, defiance, irritability, or trouble understanding the task or associated instructionsSome of the above symptoms that caused problems occurred before 7
Avatar n tn Hi, I wanted to know how appropiate it is to medicate a child with attention deficit disorder (non hyper) with Ritalin. I believe that Ritalin is recommended to ADHD children because it helps to control de hyperactivity but I don't know what benefits does it have with ADD children. Dear Yanira Figueroa: Yes, ritalin is used for both disorders. Ritalin helps a child focus. The lack of being able to focus on a topic or situation is common to both ADD and ADHD.
Avatar n tn His year 1 teacher started mentioning wheter his inattention and lack of focus could be ADHD or ADD. i am ant medication as i can easily control him and at home and with his tutor out of school he is good. He also plays team sport 2 times a week and has had no problems there. I keep on getting this ADD/ADHD thing from school only... ANY IDEAS????
471377 tn?1210946391 Hi. Let me give you a brief synopsis. My TSH level was checked 2/06 with a level of dr increased to .88mcg. In 2/07, I was diagnosed with ADHD & anxiety and treated w/Adderal XR and Effexor XR. In 10/07, I was admitted to psych hospital. My TSH level was 16.4 and was diagnosed as being bipolar. I work for fed govt and they are trying to fire me based on the fact they say I basically can't do my job anymore.
Avatar n tn There seems to be an imbalance between various neurotransmitters in the brain causing symptoms of inattention , impulsivity , hyperactivity . Rudness is not a feature of ADHD . There are many other causes for personality changes in a 9 year old child other than ADHD . It is important for the mother to get in contact with his teachers and see if he is showing the same symptoms at school . Look for recent stress factors in his life that maybe contributing to his personality changes .
Avatar n tn What exactly is your question? What you report sounds like the most typical problem of girls with ADHD - "a deer in the headlights" I read once as a description. Is she diagnosed? I have ADHD and as a child I was "spacey" especially when it was something I was not interested in. However, despite my inattention, I learned to read early and devored books at a fast pace. ADHD kids are very often smart and gifted so there's nothing strange about that.
Avatar m tn 1 for the predominantly hyperactive type versus 2:1 for the predominantly inattentive type). While previously believed to be "outgrown" by adulthood, current opinion indicates that many children will continue throughout life with symptoms that may affect both occupational and social functioning. Some medical researchers note that approximately 40%-50% of ADHD-hyperactive children will have (typically non-hyperactive) symptoms that persist into adulthood.
Avatar f tn However, in the last three marking periods of school he is continuing to have comments made about his lack of focus and inattention. What exactly is gathered for information when making a diagnosis of ADHD? I am wondering if I should have my son evaluated by my physician but do not want to do so until I am clear on what goes into making a proper diagnosis.
Avatar n tn at the age of 12 that should be something that at this point would be a everyday routine, including making friends and being able to focus on school work and meds could possibly give your child relief from the nasty symptoms and effects of ADHD.
Avatar f tn My son has ADHD. We have been successfully treating it with medication for 6 yrs now. A therapist recently said that ADHD has been proven to actually be an allergy to chlorine. I have tried researching this online but have not found anything that supports this. I have read where drinking filtered water that has removed the chlorine is helpful but this is the closest I have found online that ADHD might actually be an allergy to chlorine.
Avatar f tn First, I don't know how old your child is that makes a difference. Yes, he could have normal results since this is a test designed to be "used for assessing the core symptoms of ADHD: hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity." Furthermore, the makers of the test say that, "The QbTest results should always be complemented by a clinical interview." Did these doctors interview your child or give any questionnaires to you or his teachers?
Avatar n tn I have a child with ADHD and has other problems that I think may be neurological in nature. He stutters. He also says words out loud and then silently mouths them . He tries to stop this but can not. He has also had episodes of asking the same question several times in a row - one right after the other or making a statement - "I like pie, I like pie, I like pie.... " Once a month or so he does this head jerking movement and makes a funny sound with it.
869635 tn?1239648836 The behavior you are describing should be of concern, and it is likely fueled by the impulsivity that is a component of her ADHD. There are three aspects of ADHD (though not all children who display this diagnosis display all three aspects): inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Of the three, treatment (with medication) has the least impact on impulsivity. Continue to set the firm limits you are setting, and implement a standard consequence for any violation of the limit.
Avatar m tn Neurologist wants to administer ADD meds to help with the inattention to prevent furtherance of failing grades as a result. Tesla 3 MRI reveals normal and right mastoid air cells are partially opacified. I am totally confused please help.
Avatar f tn The fact that her struggle has occurred over a number of years lends some support to the probability that the attention problem is indeed due to ADHD. If it is, it can be treated. If she is diagnosed with ADHD she might benefit from an in-home computer-based program called Cogmed Working Memory Training (most children who display ADHD also display problems with working memory - addressing the working memory deficiency enhances their attention). See the company's web site Cogmed.
Avatar n tn Posted by Marjorie Kravitz on May 30, 1999 at 10:18:30 My 5-year-old grandson was having problems with impulsive behavior and anger that made him very difficult to deal with. After a try at behavior management [1-2-3 magic], the pediatrician suggested putting him on Ritalin. The changes have been dramatic. He is now a bright, personable child who enjoys success in everyday interactions.
Avatar n tn inattention, psychomotor overactivity, and impulsivity). Temper dyscontrol of a serious, volatile sort is not a manifestation of ADHD, though problems with anger management are often associated with ADHD. By the way, very useful children's books re: management of anger are: Hot Stuff to Help Kids Chill Out (by Jerry Wilde, published by LGR Publishing in Richmond, Indiana) and How I Learned To Control My Temper (by Debbie Pincus).