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Avatar f tn short, red hair, hypothyroid, adhd. And there may be other symptoms but all of us have above average IQ so there is no mental retardation involved, and no early onset obesity, it is not albrights.
Avatar f tn s side one great uncle has mental retardation, and all of my male cousins have add. my fiance and both of his brother have severe adhd, one of the brother has many signs of autism as well, and one cousin has mental retardation. We are getting married soon and would like to start a family, but we are apprehensive due to our family histories. What are the chances of us having an autistic child? Would the chances be higher if we had a male child?
Avatar n tn I have an 8 year old daughter who was diagnosed last year with ADHD. I have lately been questioning this diagnosis and wonder if she doesn't have some type of mild mental retardation. She currently attends a special education classroom for about an hour a day, but the school has merely labeled her "learning disabled".
Avatar f tn I hav a 1 year old who will not stop crying he is always crying he cries when he plays he will play for about 10 minutes and begins to cry again he is always crying i have tried everything and i dont know what to do with him i am alittle worried because the father of my son has adhd and some mild mental retardation and i was beggining if this has anything to do with him crying so much PLEASE HELP.
Avatar n tn they had relatively healthy 6 kids (including my father). my aunt however had a son with some type of mental retardation. he was the only one, as the other 5 uncles and aunts all had healthy children. now of my generation of cousins i am the first to have a kid. should i have any concern with our baby having any defects? is there anything i should ask my wife's doctor to look for?
Avatar n tn Even assuming your daughter has mild cerebral palsy, she is likely to not have mental retardation. Very mild brain damage will probably produce a learning disability but not mental retardation or might even spare cognition entirely. Let me tell you a little about my case to give you a perspective. I am a 24 year old female. I have mild to moderate spastic diplegia CP(both legs are tight and stiff and there is slight spasticity in the arms as well).
Avatar f tn Does anyone have a teenager that has mild mental retardation, adhd, mood disorders, developemently delays, odd, bipolar? I need of parents with children who have some of these special needs kids.
Avatar m tn The conners questionnaire filled out by myself and the teacher indicates ADHD in addition to learning disabilities. I would like to know if ADHD can lower IQ tet scores due to the fact that he could not concentrate on the actual test. I am aware my son has learning and behavioral disorder but I am not being able to accept the "intellectual deficiency" indicative of mental retardation.
Avatar n tn My daughter was dg in the first grade with mild retardation, I never had any behavior problems until she turn thirteen years old, and then she started to be very emotional, and manipulative, would result to bezarr behaviors to get her way, she would display psycotic symtoms only when she wanted something and could not get it.
Avatar f tn How soon can you tell if a child will have mental retardation by appearance alone?
Avatar n tn He now has symtoms of ADD, ADHD, Anger control, Outburst of viloent rages, and learning disability, plus speach impairment, and signs of mental retardation. We have taking him to numerous doctors and physicologist but still cannot seem to get a dignose for him. We are trying to find more information on this subject but do not know excatly where to look without a name for it.
1313843 tn?1275021437 After SX treatment, I've left with the below symptoms. Fighting my self not to get addicted to any pain meds, so i am not taking anything for the symptoms that are below. 1. Both my calf muscle feel like they are being squeezed all the time 2 Feet is burning 90% time, don't feel it when i am sleeping. 3. Mouth is hyper sensitive. 4. Thigh or better yet between hip and knee, numbness is always present with thigh burning. 5. Fatigue 7.
Avatar f tn The most common inherited cause of mental retardation called Fragile X syndrome occurs more frequently in males. A genetic counselor can take a detailed personal and family history in order to provide specific risk assessment for mental retardation, colon disease, stroke, scoliosis and MTHFR in the family. Specific MTHFR variations are relatively common in Caucasians of European ancestry. A family history of multiple generations of males with mental retardation is not common.
342425 tn?1241379464 For an adult to be diagnosed, they should at least take that 700someodd question psych test. I spent 2 weeks in hospitals just to find out I had adhd, but I paid 10k out-of-pocket just to find out because I knew I had some kind of "anxiety" problem. I put that in quotes because they call my high sense of urgency, energy, constant checking things out, interupting, and constant asking off the wall questions "anxiety".
Avatar n tn The inability to tolerate a change in routine is common in children, and adults, with mental retardation. She should be given notice of upcoming changes well in advance and then at intervals, so she has a chance to process the change and better deal with it. Does she show any autistic tendancies? rocking, repetitive movements that she does when stressed (called "stimming").
327385 tn?1378360731 Your best bet is to try and find a peds doctor that specializes in ADD/ADHD. If she is found to have ADHD, so of the things she does might not go away, like the stealing. For me the last straw was when my daughter vandalized the neighbors boat, he wouldn't call the cops, so I did....she has stolen or vandalized a thing since. The only way I can describe my child with ADHD is like Pinocchio without the Jimmy Cricket (the little cricket telling him not to do bad things).
Avatar m tn In schizophrenia, problem and withdrawal behavior, hallucinations, social withdrawal and delusions are the common complaints and unlikely to be associated with mental retardation. However, most of the times cause of mental retardation remains unexplained, though common causes could be neurological infections, hereditary or genetic diseases, developmental delay, malnutrition, severe head injury and psychological reasons.
Avatar n tn s a completely normal finding that we see in totalyl normal patients all the time. However, in a patient with mental retardation and microcephaly, the radiologist needs to look at those areas showing up on the MRI very carefully and make sure they are indeed virchow robin spaces and not something else. Your friend can always bring the films to a neurologist for a second opinion. Hope that helps.
521840 tn?1348840771 David Goodman*, researchers emphasized that the same symptoms we recognize in childhood ADHD also occur in adults. These same childhood symptoms take on different forms in adults with ADHD. For example, most adults with ADHD are not floridly hyperactive. Instead, an adult is more likely to report ‘inner restlessness’ or problems with impulsivity.
Avatar n tn Posted By Sarah on April 02, 1998 at 18:52:32: I just took my son in for a eeg, he is three months old. He has problems breathing and is on an apnea monitor. I took him to the doctor this morning and she told me to get an eeg done to see if maybe he wasn't having invisible convusions that were causing the apnea. After coming home I was told that they did the test to see if he mentally retarded. He was six weeks premature.
Avatar m tn my patients disease related to nph and mental retardation with slight shuffling gait, tremors and general lethargy. age 58 yrs.
Avatar n tn They are putting me back on ampicillin for ten days...can e coli affect or harm my unborn baby..I keep reading about mental retardation with e coli in urine...please help!!