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5856747 tn?1403352282 ADHD is diagnosed on the bases of the child’s behaviour alone. This may be done using the International Classification of Diseases or ICD-10. There are no other tests to confirm the diagnosis and this again may cause difficulty in accepting ADHD as a disorder. Features of ADHD behaviour will include: • Inattention to instructions. • Inability to learn or retain. • Inability to stay with a specific task or to complete it. • Inability to hold attention to what is being said to them.
Avatar n tn some family practice or internal med doctors will diagnose and/or treat adults but some may tend to stay away because of the subjective nature of the diagnosis and the kinds of meds used to manage symptoms. they don't want to mess around with drug seekers.
Avatar n tn wen i was a small child, i was diagnosed with add/adhd/odd but with doctors attentoin im a completely normal person and im about to start uni. im now 18, have managed a resturant ect.
Avatar f tn Depression and Anxiety are very common co-disorders of ADHD. And sometimes the bipolar diagnosis is not true due to the other symptoms. So its always worth taking a look at the difference between the two. Here are a couple of links for that.
Avatar f tn But when inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior are the norm for a child, it may be a sign of ADHD. ADHD can lead to problems at home and at school, with family, teachers, and peers, so it’s important to identify the symptoms and get help.
Avatar f tn For now, medications should control the symptoms and psychosocial support can tame the manifestations of adhd as well. Regards and God bless...
383943 tn?1217726321 I think that you need a child developmental doctor and not a pediatrician to help you with the diagnosis and medication first. They need to prioritize whether to treat the ADHD or the anxiety first. By correcting one, the other symptoms might improve.
Avatar f tn My husbands father does suffer from mental illness and jokes that my 8 y/o gets it from him. He has many ADHD symptoms. Pedicatrician mentioned Aspergers. The Dr. doesn't even know about his sisters diagnosis. He tried him on Ritalin LA. He had a big improvement in the first month. Second month not as much of an improvement. Dr. questioned it being a a 'bad batch' of pills, but it is too expensive toget a bad batch so then we tried genericritalin and his heart beat out of his chest.
Avatar n tn As an aside, it's not unusual for children who display ADHD to also have the ability to be attentive and focused in particular circumstances. Under conditions of high motivation, such attentiveness is often observed in children who may be distractible and inattentive in other situations or contexts.
Avatar n tn his teacher has said that he is the brightest boy in the class but finds it hard to pay attention and fidgets all the time, he shouts out alot and when he is at home he never listens to a word i say when i ask him to behave. he runs and jumps about and never walks and talks constantly i have to ask him repeatedly every time i want him to do something. do you think this is adhd?
Avatar m tn I feel like his doctors are forcing his pathology into a diagnosis that they understand and can treat according to some predetermined format. It's not working. I am looking for some kind of residential facility that could observe him over a period of time and offer recommendations that would actually serve my boy rather than some protocol that serves some majority. I have resources, and I'm just not getting any guidance that's worthwhile.
Avatar f tn The psychiatrist that I've been seeing for other meds simply opened his DSM manual, listened to my symptoms and asked if I wanted treatment. I didn't like this attitude either. So I'm going to go with my family doctor on this one. I also see a very good therapist who will support me, but has mixed feelings about the ADD diagnosis. Thanks again.
Avatar m tn I feel like his doctors are forcing his pathology into a diagnosis that they understand and can treat according to some predetermined format. It's not working. I am looking for some kind of residential facility that could observe him over a period of time and offer recommendations that would actually serve my boy rather than some protocol that serves some majority. I have resources, and I'm just not getting any guidance that's worthwhile.
521840 tn?1348844371 The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association contains three subtypes of ADHD, including Hyperactive, Inattentive, and Combined. ADHD is a constellation of symptoms and behaviors that cannot be explained by any other cause (such as anxiety, learning disability, or a thyroid disorder). Contrary to what many people assume, ADHD is not just having a short attention span.
Avatar n tn The psychatrist told me I have OCD. Here are some of the symptoms that I am aware of. I was put on celexa and I was told that the laughing went away, even though I didn't do anything consciencely to change my behavior. Here are some other symptoms. I am wondering if OCD is the correct diagnosis. * Unconcious, uncontrolable humming between my sentences. * Constantly shaking my legs, when not paying attention.
Avatar f tn My general practitioner was who I went to see, and he is comfortable treating adult adhd patients. He and I met....talked about my symptoms, severity, which aspects of life are most affected by them.....and a few questionairre type forms...then we went over that information and decided that it would be a wise decision to start using medications again. I'm now taking Adderall 20mg three times a day....and doing great with it.
1460021 tn?1445739558 both the specialist i saw and my doctor highly recommend this treatment for ADHD and find it quite successful. I'm a little concerned they have gluten in them...every internet search i'm doing says they contain wheat starch, but very minimal amounts of gluten. (I'm gluten intolerant). But i guess i'll just have to start my dose tomorrow and see how i go! I welcome any comments, criticisms, concerns....
1211960 tn?1272978102 He has set up his own criteria for those types of ADHD and I don't know if they are all accepted as actual diagnosis yet. Some people really believe in him, but others think less of him. It is better to find a doctor in your area that you agree with that can work with you directly, or if you like his style of treatment, see if he has a clinic or clinic following his practices in your area. Good luck!
Avatar n tn If this is so, he might indeed benefit from medication, and a medication like Wellbutrin could both improve his mood/temper and ameliorate the ADHD-type symptoms you observe at home. You should definitely continue your evaluation/treatment process, and a next reasonable step would be an appointment with a child psychiatrist. The doctor can make his/own observations and also make use of the evaluations that have been completed already.
Avatar f tn In many cases, parents have to result to private reports to get a clear picture of what their childs needs are and how they should be supported and by whom, and to what level. So having a dual diagnosis, and also evidence of any other difficulties will mean that your child should receive more support. But you may need evidence of that. And depending on how the education system works in your country, you need to make sure that he gets the right educational place that suits him.
6726276 tn?1421130268 It helps channel the ADHD and avoid BPD and/or psychosis. For me, it is all bipolar, treatment is the same for me, no matter what I call each mood.
Avatar f tn Psychiatrist are most knowlegable with these types of medications and what will work best for you. Who diagnosed you with ADD/ADHD and how long ago? Anxiety alone can cause concentration problems so I'm just trying to figure out what is going on. But regardless, you should call your doctor and discuss this with him. He needs to know if the medication isn't working for you. If you could tell us what medications you're on, along with any other symptoms it would help...okay? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Then, I would give some thought to myself and read up on ADHD, and also explore other factors in myself and in my life sotuation could also explain those ADHD symptoms and characteristics he/she is talking about. I don't take everything my doctors say as gospel. A good clinician usually goes through a process of "ruling out possible consitions" and fine tuning down to the differential that support the final diagnosis or diagnoses.
Avatar n tn I hae heard that there is a correlation between sleep apnea diagnosis and ADHD diagnosis. I was told that the symptoms look similar and unless you rule out sleep apnea i dont thiki its fair to the child to diagnos as ADHD. you should consult a specialist not just pediatrician.
Avatar f tn The incidence of other learning problems with children who have ADHD is quite high and that is why a full psychoeducational assessment is required. At our practice, we never base a diagnosis of ADD on a self report measure, because it can be so subjective.
Avatar f tn (1) If you have already thought your child might have ADD, you will undoubtedly find a doctor who will diagnose him with that ailment. It is a very popular and faddish diagnosis, which is not to say that a proportion of those being treated do not have problems. (2) If he is under seven or eight years of age, don't even consider it.
Avatar f tn I'd like to remind you that ADHD is the most common intitial diagnosis for any recalcitrant behavior. That doesn't mean that is wrong, just that it may not explain all of a child's symptoms. My boys were diagnosed ADHD and then, a few years later, OCD was tacked on to one and ODD to the other. Do the "silent seizures" have any effects on your grandson's brain? What medications has he already tried?
Avatar f tn And yes, there are several things that can cause ADHD symptoms that are not ADHD - and they should be checked out! But your symptoms are also classic ADHD as well as your self medication reactions. To get a feeling for what adult ADHD is like check out the link and the advice posted here. You ask about resources for people like you. My first question would be - what kind of a doctor is your doctor?
Avatar n tn My 12 year old son has been diagnosed with ADHD, and my 15 year old son is possibly too. He has classic traits of ADHD but has never been told he has it.If you need any more information let me know. Thnaks in advance.