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973741 tn?1342342773 While lower, the corresponding figure for untreated ADHD was only 21% What is the impact of different types of treatment? - For each type of treatment, i.e., pharmacological, non-pharmacological, or combined, improvement was more likely for achievement outcomes than for performance outcomes. Comparing outcomes between treatment types was difficult as few studies provided any direct comparison of treatments.
Avatar n tn The risk is that the treatment for the ADHD will worsen the involuntary muscle movements (tics). However, a non-stimulant treatment for ADHD, such as Strattera (atomoxetine), may benefit your son. So there are options and you can discuss these with your prescribing doctor.
Monster Behavioral therapy and non medical therapy may help too. For a more in depth review of the types of medications that can be used you could go to and check out this resource. Good luck!
Avatar m tn I'm a 27 year old university student trying to finish my undergrad in finance. I've had issues my entire life getting through school and would be embarrassed to post my university grades anonymously let alone show them to an employer. My school was threatening to kick me out and I explained my situation to them. A counsellor suggested I speak to a psychologist and I was recently diagnosed with ADHD. I’ve been prescribed 40mg of vyvance one day and 50mg the next.
Avatar f tn If it looks like either (a) her medication may cause the chewing, or (b) the medication is exacerbating her anxiety, it would be sensible to switch to a non-stimulant treatment (such as Strattera) for the ADHD. Talk to her providers about all this. Also, ask them if she thinks she might display a PDD-spectrum disorder. Compulsive chewing is not typical of such disorders except in the more severe categories.
Avatar n tn I have worked in the medical field for the past 30 yrs. If your employer needs your medical record (which is very rare) you can release general medical information. On the Medical Release of information form there are sections where you can mark off to exclude Behavorial health, and Sexually transmitted diseases, labs etc... This is under the Health Information Act.
Avatar f tn Hyperactivity of the sort that is typical of children who display ADHD is a neurological condition and requires a biological treatment (depending on severity) in addition to non-pharmacological interventions. A helpful book to read is Russell Barkley's Taking Charge of ADHD. It is written for parents of children who display ADHD.
Avatar n tn When my son was diagnosed with severe OCD at 11 yrs, the Psychiatrist said they were not ruling out ADHD but needed to get his OCD under control before they could look further into ADHD, unfortunately my son has not improved with his OCD and therefore no tests has been done as to whether he has ADHD. This discussion is related to <a href=''>ADHD diagnosis but lacking some symptons</a>.
Avatar f tn I was browsing around looking for non pill ways of curing ADHD and I came across a book called How to Cure ADHD. Has any one heard about it? On some other discussion forums some one had mentioned that they had used it and it really improved their child’s behavior. The website looked really promising. Has anyone else used it? I would like to finally have a non medical way of dealing with ADHD and this seems like the best option.
Avatar f tn ve always heard that physicians have to have OCD and ADHD to survive your training! As a non-prescriber, I can provide some education about medications but not specific treatment advice. Given that you are more complex than is probably a good fit for your PCP, I would recommend you consult a psychiatrist. I know a lot of individuals who take multiple medications, and of course, the trick is to find a prescriber who has a lot of experience with drug interactions.
1393879 tn?1288725449 The link is given below - Advanced imaging techniques have detected differences in the brains of ADHD children compared to those of non-ADHD children. In some studies, brain scans reveal that the right side of the brain is smaller in ADHD children than in non-ADHD children (ordinarily the right and left sides of the brain are the same size). The right side contains three important areas: the prefrontal cortex; the caudate nucleus; and globus pallidus.
1541754 tn?1294331420 ADHD researchers have known for a long time that lots of adults with ADHD are heavy (often VERY heavy, actually) smokers. The drug in cigarette smoke, Nicotine,is a stimulant drug kind of like Dexedrine. So smoking is a way for people with ADHD to self-medicate their symptoms. Like Dexedrine, the nicotine you inhale in tobacco smoke makes you feel better; for example more alert and focussed and "calm" - less anxious, restless and impulsive and so on.
Avatar f tn If they are truly ADHD, adderral would have a calming effect, opposite of someone who is not ADHD. I would suggest they see an addiction therapist and see if they qualify for public medical assistance. Partnership care is what I believe "Obamacare" is actually called. It is great you are trying to help, but this person needs to seek and find help for theirself. Did they ask for help from you?
Avatar n tn It is possible that your son has both ADHD and anxiety issues. However, it is common today for medical personnel to misdiagnose a child because the behaviours for some anxiety disorders and ADD/ADHD are very similar. Since the medication for ADHD is not working, I wonder if this could be the problem in your son's situation - he suffers from anxiety but not ADD/ADHD. Usually, the medication for anxiety is one of the SSRI's - non-habit-forming medications.
Avatar f tn I have a 9 yr old son who was diagnosed w/ ADHD at the age of 5. For the last 4 years I have been looking for a med that works and that I feel comfortable giving him. I have tried almost all the stimulants and all the non, the only one that seems to work is Adderall. I am not comfortable w/ the fact that it is a salt away from methamphetamine which makes me feel as though I am feeding my child a street drug. I am curious to natural meds.
987532 tn?1248982919 m prescribed to adderall for my ADHD, and cannot get medication at the time. I know that although i have medical records stating that I previously recieved medication for a couple years, i need to have a doctor's visit in order to get another prescription. I do not know what way to go about doing this- ie places to go, how much i will have to pay in general, can i keep my prescription and not have to pay to go back to the doctor, etc.
Avatar m tn Ritalin for Adults With ADHD. Ritalin for ADHD treatment in adults has not been adequately studied, meaning that no large studies have been conducted on the benefits and risks of using it to treat adult ADHD. However, healthcare providers may prescribe Ritalin for adult ADHD in certain situations. This is considered an "off-label" of the drug.
Avatar f tn Don't forget psychotherapy and other non-drug treatments. CBT and DBT instead of drugs help children who are unable to concentrate, have mood swings, etc. Neurofeedback is proven to help with insomnia, anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD and more. Many times children who have been abused act out and the abuse isn't discovered until years later. Seeing a good child psychologist would get him/her help sooner and avoid many more years of pain.
Avatar f tn Well, since "Approximately 30%-40% of people with ADHD have an anxiety disorder such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)/excessive worry, agoraphobia, panic disorder or other anxiety issues." (From the first link below) - you may be correct in your thinking. Let me first give you a few very good links on adults, ADHD, and anxiety. This is a great piece on ADHD and Anxiety.