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Avatar n tn It absolutley has its origins in the central nervous system though, depending on the severity of the condition, may not require medical (i.e., pharmacological) treatment. Many mild-moderate cases of ADHD can be quite successfully treated via behavioral techniques and environmental modification. There is no test, so to speak, for ADHD, including blood tests.
Avatar n tn I am actually an internation graduate student in US....I have always had problems and symptoms similar to that of adhd/ I decided to get tested.... however I have been feeling that when I get tested and if it comes out to be might prevent me for getting employed.... as I said I am new to US..and dont know about the various companies generally search through medical history during employee recruitment...
Avatar f tn I have a 9 yr old son who was diagnosed w/ ADHD at the age of 5. For the last 4 years I have been looking for a med that works and that I feel comfortable giving him. I have tried almost all the stimulants and all the non, the only one that seems to work is Adderall. I am not comfortable w/ the fact that it is a salt away from methamphetamine which makes me feel as though I am feeding my child a street drug. I am curious to natural meds.
Avatar m tn I feel your frustration. Kind of makes me wonder about the training of the doctors you have worked with. For example, weight loss is a very common side effect with lots of known ways to deal with it - and it sounds like no one has discussed this with you? Which also makes me wonder about what kind of doctors you have been working with? I also wonder about your overall knowledge of the subject - not your fault, I blame that on the doctors.
Avatar n tn I should also add that in my state, ADHD is NOT a diagnosis that would permit the prescription for pot as a treatment. Here in my state (WA) any form of mental diagnosis (and ADHD is considered a psychological disorder) is not allowed to use weed to treat as they fear it may cause patients to become worse. Further more pain management can be accepted only if traditional medications have no effect or if the patient has a terminal illness.
Avatar f tn It was a high school teacher that suggested ADHD meds. His growth had stopped and the doctor agreed with treatment. Wish we hadn't gone this route.
Avatar n tn Please let people know that the Feingold diet has been used for 25 years as a treatment for ADHD and other behavioral disorders, as well as helping many of the physical symptoms that frequently accompany ADHD such as asthma, bed wetting, chronic ear infections, migraines, etc. There remains a pervasive myth that the diet has been "debunked" and that it does not work, or that it is "unproven" or has "no scientific support." I repeat -- this is a MYTH.
557978 tn?1219288363 Our 15 yr old son was recently diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed 36 mg Concerta. He is 5'10" and 146 pounds. Although his disorganization hasn't improved, there are definitely signs of increased focus in his school work. Additionally, he isn't as quick to respond without thinking. However, a few things have occurred which are of concern. A week after being placed on the medication he went off to camp and had an anxiety attack.
Avatar m tn I poured through the internet and my school library on books, posts, and medical journals about adhd. I'm no med student (never even took biology in high school) so much of it was another language to me, but there seemed to be as much information in favour of the existence of adhd, its treatment and medication, as there was against it. I was very surprised to that adhd medication is an amphetamine; isn’t that like methamphetamines, a highly addictive and destructive drug?
1274559 tn?1284135818 It depends, in some cases taking medications as a treatment for ADHD is quite effective some research shows that it's fast acting and well tolerated. Non-stimulants can also be effective as a treatment for adult ADHD.
Avatar n tn e., non-ADHD) problems will be addressed through some form(s) of therapy (e.g., social problem-solving group, occupational therapy).
9913729 tn?1406648453 I do think that it is time to get him evaluated by a mental health professional. If he does have ADHD there are many non-medical things that can be done by both you and the school. School wise a 504 plan will become very important. I can get you more information on that if it is needed. On the ADHD forum - http://www.medhelp.
329950 tn?1194801117 Ritalin is now a street drug BTW in AU as well as the UK and other countries. It works on non ADHD and ADHD people as well.
551343 tn?1506834118 // I have many more helpful sites if you want more info. Bless you for taking the time to post - it shows your concern. Best wishes and happy holidays.
Avatar m tn I've tried straterra and zoloft and reacted to them horribly, due to this hypersensitivity anxiety trigger I have. Basically, I think the solution may have to be something that is non psychoactive but treats anxiety. I have done research on CBD (Cannibidiol) and have found that not only is it non-psychoactive, but it can help enormously with anxiety, depression, and a ton of other issues. My question is, in my situation, what type of solution do you think would be best?
521840 tn?1348844371 g. Atomoxetine is a non-stimulant medication used to manage symptoms of ADHD) are considered among the safest of psychotropic medications. Side effects are common, yet a skilled prescriber can adjust the dose, choice of medication or how the medication is released to maximize patient comfort. In addition to medication, psychotherapy is invaluable in helping people overcome the problems that ADHD has caused in their lives.
Avatar f tn You could ask your psychiatrist for strategies for dealing with what you feel are add/adhd symptoms that are non medical.
193137 tn?1367883663 More than 4 million children in the United States have been diagnosed with ADHD. Compared to their non-ADHD peers, children with ADHD suffer lower grades and achievement scores, and higher dropout rates, the study points out. To help with attention and focus, just over half of them use medications such as methylphenidate and dextroamphetamine, which go by such trade names as Ritalin, Concerta and Adderall.
Avatar f tn S. children has ADHD, a sizable increase from a few years earlier that researchers think might be explained by growing awareness and better screening. ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, makes it hard for kids to pay attention and control impulsive behavior. It's often treated with drugs, behavioral therapy, or both. The new study found that about two-thirds of the children who have ADHD are on medication.
Avatar f tn I have a son with ADHD. My problems with him started a few years ago. He was sexually abused by his step grandfather. Who by the way is free and clear. He used to be a sweet loving child and all of the sudden he turned into this little hellion. I dont even know how to describe him. Everybody loved him. He was ok at school and awful at home. A year or so went by and he started being bad at school too. He got suspended from school in the 1st grade. He even got paddlings in the 2nd grade.
Avatar n tn Long-chain polyunsaturated fattyXanthoma acids in childrenwith attentionAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) -deficit hyperactivityAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) Hyperactivity disorderAdjustment disorder Anorexia nervosa Asperger syndrome Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) Autism Autoimmune disorders Bipolar disorder Bipolar disorder Bleeding disorders Borderline personality disorder Bulimia . Burgess JR, Stevens L, Zhang W, Peck L.
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Monster Behavioral therapy and non medical therapy may help too. For a more in depth review of the types of medications that can be used you could go to and check out this resource. Good luck!
Avatar n tn He seems to me very intelligent but socially immature which will affect him in his future social life. Is he suffering from ADHD? what is the treatment ,medical stimulants or behavioral therapy? My husband and I don't prefer the medical treatment .Thanks.
Avatar f tn Hello Sara, I've always heard that physicians have to have OCD and ADHD to survive your training! As a non-prescriber, I can provide some education about medications but not specific treatment advice. Given that you are more complex than is probably a good fit for your PCP, I would recommend you consult a psychiatrist. I know a lot of individuals who take multiple medications, and of course, the trick is to find a prescriber who has a lot of experience with drug interactions.
Avatar f tn Hyperactivity of the sort that is typical of children who display ADHD is a neurological condition and requires a biological treatment (depending on severity) in addition to non-pharmacological interventions. A helpful book to read is Russell Barkley's Taking Charge of ADHD. It is written for parents of children who display ADHD.
Avatar f tn I was browsing around looking for non pill ways of curing ADHD and I came across a book called How to Cure ADHD. Has any one heard about it? On some other discussion forums some one had mentioned that they had used it and it really improved their child’s behavior. The website looked really promising. Has anyone else used it? I would like to finally have a non medical way of dealing with ADHD and this seems like the best option.
Avatar f tn He got clean and stayed sober for 4 years then sought psychiatric treatment. He was diagonosed with adult adhd and prescribed Adderall. He takes 1 extended release tab in the morning and a regular in the afternoon. He doesn't abuse his medicine. His doctors (team of 3) all say that people with this disorder do drugs to try to make themselves feel "normal". He is now a homeowner with a great job and in a good, stable relationship for the first time in his life (at age 34).
1393879 tn?1288729049 In some studies, brain scans reveal that the right side of the brain is smaller in ADHD children than in non-ADHD children (ordinarily the right and left sides of the brain are the same size). The right side contains three important areas: the prefrontal cortex; the caudate nucleus; and globus pallidus. The prefrontal cortex, which is located in the front of the brain, is thought to be the brain's command center and regulates the ability to inhibit responses.
Avatar m tn This leaflet does not take the place of talking with your doctor about your medical condition or your treatment. What is INTUNIV™? INTUNIV™ is a prescription medicine used to treat the symptoms of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). INTUNIV™ is not a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant. INTUNIV™ should be used as a part of a total treatment program for ADHD that may include counselling or other therapies.