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973741 tn?1342342773 All studies included a comparison group - either a normative comparison sample or youth with ADHD who were not treated - or a comparison measure, e.g., a pre-treatment baseline measure of academic achievement to which subsequent achievement could be compared. Academic outcomes were categorized as achievement outcomes or performance outcomes. Achievement outcomes refer to results of standardized achievement tests and reflect knowledge that children have acquired.
Avatar f tn m afraid to even tell my own psychiatrist. I have been diagnosed with OCD, ADHD, anxiety, and manic depression. I have been on all sorts of medication but my doctor limited me to Zoloft. It's really hard to stop picking on my blankets and I don't know what to do...
Avatar f tn t ever had acne I am only 20 years old and now I have these stupid things that have been on my face for about 3 months. I was wondering if anyone else has or is taken ADHD/ADD medication because I started my ADHD medication about 3 months ago and this is of course the time these things appeared on my face. I have tried everything and may consider not taking my ADHD medication and seeing if that helps.
Avatar f tn I am 42 years old and I have suffrered with adhd all my life. No one ever wanted to diagnose me with adhd we wsent threw the whole bippolar thing I finally found a doctor who would treat me I have been on 10 mg dextroamp for 5 days now i have found that I am alittle more calm however I am going to bed early and getting up early I get real irritated when I cant figur something out I wake up a couple times threw the night.
Avatar n tn Oh no no no! You don't want to play doctor with this for a bunch of reasons. For one, you're talking about two totally different meds. Paxil is an antidepressant, and Xanax is a benzodiazepine. They cannot "replace" one another, they do totally different things. Do you not have a refill of the Paxil? If not, you need to contact your doc ASAP and obtain at least enough of the Paxil to get to into see your doc for a refill. Stopping Paxil abruptly can be a nightmare.
Avatar f tn The cost of the medication is outrageous. Our doctor has written us new prescription for him for Adderall during the day and Ritilan for homework time if it is needed. My questions is, is there any significant side effects or dangers between the Concerta and Adderall? My husband is very reluctant to switch is medication and we are just trying to get some help with the questions we have.
Avatar f tn Effect on the developing brain — The long-term impact of ADD / ADHD medication on the youthful, developing brain is not yet known. Some researchers are concerned that the use of drugs such as Ritalin in children and teens might interfere with normal brain development. Heart-related problems — ADD / ADHD stimulant medications have been found to cause sudden death in children and adults with heart conditions.
Avatar m tn I have schizophrenia and i stongly think I have adhd. I am taking Abilify (30mg) once a day and i been doing real good for the past 3 years but i also been trying to get my associate degree and bachelor degree but i left school cause of my bad grades and i am flunking all my classes at the college i am going now. My question is can i ask my doctor for adderall and/or can i take Adderall and Abilify?
Avatar f tn // . However, ignore the prozac stuff. It is very bad to mix with stim meds. Finally, there are things that you can do at home to make it better for him and you. These two links should be helpful Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if I go to a different psychiatrist could I get the medication prescribed to me again because it was helping me and I was diagnosed with adhd by a psychiatrist. Does anyone know if a psychiatrist stops prescribing you a medication because of possible abuse does he/she make a note somewhere so I would be unable to ever pick up a prescription to that medication again. If anyone can help me with this problem I would appreciate it.
Avatar f tn His doctors is very familiar with the ADHD because is own son is ADHD s he knws what we are going through. My son has his ggod days and his bad days. He is more out going an active with the Vyvanse than he was with the Daytrana, I am cncerned that it may not be strong enough. I am already antisipating that he will probably be held back this year in school and maybe that would be a good thing. He would then realize that there are consequences for his actions.
Avatar f tn My son has ADHD and mood disorder. We need a medication that can hlep both. He gets frustrated and irrated easily and we really want to change that. He is currently taking focalin and zohloft.
Avatar f tn I need to find out if my daughter has adhd or bipolar she is 7she always is moving around saying mom mom hey mom if I don't say what she gets mad and she has a bigger bother the right all the time say bad thing using bad words to eachother if he dose something she starts yelling telling me what he did if I don't smack him she will throw a fit and when shes bad and dose unblable things like beings nasty or hitting I will get on her she allways has to bring her brother in to it even if he
Avatar f tn concerta is not any better than adderall. they both have side effects like all the drugs do. look up the side effects .
Avatar n tn What you wrote doesn't make sense. Please try to explain what you want again. I believe you mean ADHD meds. Other than that, I don't get what you wrote.
1255483 tn?1269348351 Can you take aderall or any medication for add while pregnant? I am a college mom planning on getting pregnant again and need my medication for study and also to get things done at home! I am concerned if I get pregnant I will have to discontiue use and therefore my grade will drop! Does anyone know?
Avatar n tn It is possible that your son has both ADHD and anxiety issues. However, it is common today for medical personnel to misdiagnose a child because the behaviours for some anxiety disorders and ADD/ADHD are very similar. Since the medication for ADHD is not working, I wonder if this could be the problem in your son's situation - he suffers from anxiety but not ADD/ADHD. Usually, the medication for anxiety is one of the SSRI's - non-habit-forming medications.
Avatar n tn My son has alternating esotropia and unfortunately had strabismus surgery already, at the age of 4. He also used to take medication for ADHD, but someone told me that this could make if more difficult for him to "cope" with the esotropia. He is really battling to cope with the workload at school and I'm concidering putting him back on ADHD medication. What would you suggest?
4437866 tn?1388119624 Just got home from the dr with my oldest. They put him on a new medication for his adhd. Straterra. Hope it works. Along with counceling once a week to.get into his handsome lil head. Dr also want him to see a psyc. ( cant spell it sorry ) because he is showing signs of being autistic! How was this not picked up.sooner? Such a big deal! I hope not but if he is, i need to find resourses to help him.. poor baby..
937868 tn?1570328281 Hello, i have a 11 year old son who was diagnosted with ADD/ADHD inattenntive type. I would like to know if is any ther way to help my son to get over this without more medication. I would like to find a more natural way to deal with this and stop giving Him more meds, im scare and worry about the effects that those meds will have in his brain in a long term. Please if you have any advise or coment please feel free to answer my post.thanks.
758493 tn?1271611163 t believe that in a whole forum full of ADHD sufferers of carers of ADHD suffferers no-one else can be bothered to reply or share their experiences!! How to make a new member to the forum feel welcome eh!?
Avatar f tn He is very high functioning but of course with this he has OCD type behaviors, anxiety etc. At age 5 he was diagnosed with pretty sever ADHD. We started on Strattera and after two weeks he violently attacked me...We then went to Concerta then to Focalin then back to Concerta....not ever obtaining great control of ADHD. He additionally was put on Prozac about a year ago for anxiety as he was chewing the skin off his fingers until they would bleed and chew huge blisters on his lips.