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549637 tn?1316709428 Hi there- check or google it if that website is not right. I have been diagnosed with adult add, and had it as child but was overlooked. I have been on medication for 8 months, and it is working, however, i too want alternative help, and discovered the drake institute and have a consultaion with them next week. I'm very excited in hopes that their way will help me long term. Try not to medicate your son, if at all possible. Check out this site first! Good luck!
Avatar m tn Some of the psyc's I have read question treating the depression without also treating the ADHD (since it could be causing the depression). Tend to agree with you on the Zoloft. And if you are bipolar, its really nasty -
Avatar f tn // I hope this helps you deal with a serious and complicated question. Keep in touch. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn I have even had trouble with drugs/alcohol ever since I turned 18, I did go to a psychiatrist about 4 months back and told him I suspect this and he told me that there is every possiblity that I might have it, but the trouble is that I was at that point addicted to Pain Narcotic medication viz Codeine so we tried treating that first and then this psychiatrist went to Europe for lectures and other stuff for 3 weeks, he gave me 'Olanzapine' which I had taken 4 years back when I had truoble with p
1453183 tn?1287852619 We don't because no long term studies have been done on children (with or without ADD / ADHD). All of the individuals who I know who were diagnosed with ADD / ADHD as children and did not take stimulants are all fine now. Everyone I know who was diagnosed and put on stimulants has mental health problems. Yes, they could be comorbid disorders that would have showed up anyway.
Avatar m tn There is no such thing *** ADHD "medication" the term is "poison". If you find drugs prescribed for ADHD provide you with relief then im glad but maybe also try ; cough medicine,alcohol,aromatherapy or standing on your head.All of these other options have as much scientific basis for trying but they arent known to cause brain shrinkage like ritalin is.
Avatar f tn Whatever the medication was treating will come back in full force. It may take months or even years but it most likely will come back.
Avatar f tn My son has ADHD. We have been successfully treating it with medication for 6 yrs now. A therapist recently said that ADHD has been proven to actually be an allergy to chlorine. I have tried researching this online but have not found anything that supports this. I have read where drinking filtered water that has removed the chlorine is helpful but this is the closest I have found online that ADHD might actually be an allergy to chlorine.
Avatar n tn Worrying about school could be related to ADHD. I always felt that frustration was a great sign of ADHD. The child knew she should be doing better in school (intelligence was there), but couldn't. Do let your new doctor know about your worries, especially the sleep issues.
Avatar n tn The child with ADHD may engage in behavior that can lead to harmful consequences without being aware of the danger, whereas the child with bipolar disorder is risk seeking. 9. Bipolar children tend to have a strong early sexual interest and behavior. 10.
Avatar n tn I had a friend who was very into natural things and both her boys had ADHD. She didn't want to put them on medication so she gave them Flax Seed Oil every day and swears she saw a difference in them when they were consitantly on it. It does take awile to kick in though, I think, probably at least 6 weeks of taking it every day. Maybe longer. You don't have to take it straight. You can mix it in a smoothie or other foods.
1460021 tn?1445739558 ) I don't know if i can last til July when my doctor gets back...Epilim is definately effecting my ADHD medication...the feelings of impulsivity are returning big time, not to mention getting annoyed VERYYYY easily...aggressiveness as i mentioned... As we know it takes a little while for medications to work but, i think a month is enough time and my studies are suffering enough having ADHD (even with meds). So frustrating...
Avatar f tn But your symptoms are also classic ADHD as well as your self medication reactions. To get a feeling for what adult ADHD is like check out the link and the advice posted here. You ask about resources for people like you. My first question would be - what kind of a doctor is your doctor? I have seen too many stories in my 3 or so years on this forum where the doctor didn't have a clue.
Avatar m tn Mikesimon--, lots of posts from you on the pitfalls of diagnosing and treating ADHD/ADD with medication. I do believe it is like any other disorder--- that the benefits have to be compared to the risks and a decision must be made from there. No medication is without side effects of some sort and it is up to a parent to educate themselves and make the best choice for their child (or themselves if they are older and of age to decide for themselves).
Avatar f tn My stepson was recently put on medication for ADHD. My husband and I had no idea his mother was going to do this. We noticed a huge difference. He went from being a fun-loving, active child to a depressed, withdrawn, lethargic child and has difficulty completing his sentences. We do not believe he has ADHD. When he is with his father and me, he acts like a normal 8 year old boy. He is a little hyper but nothing unusual. He and his sister have confided in us about what goes on at their mother's.
Avatar f tn I had the school fill out a scoring test for ADD/ADHD, my son scored in the suggestive range for the school version and in the normal range for the home version. The doctor said above the suggestive range is the diagnostic range. He said he could go on medications. I have an appt with a psychiatrist and then he suggested just waiting to hear what the psychiatrist suggested as far as does he think he has ADD/ADHD, need meds, etc.
Avatar f tn Some bipolar children are described as “the bully on the playground.” 8. The child with ADHD may engage in behavior that can lead to harmful consequences without being aware of the danger, whereas the child with bipolar disorder is risk seeking. 9. Bipolar children tend to have a strong early sexual interest and behavior. 10.
Avatar m tn Does anyone have any information that might indicate a safe dose and success at treating ADHD or bi-polar? Are there long term effects of DMX used in low doses (as opposed to the doses used to get high)?
Avatar n tn It's doctors like that who discourage addicts from getting the real help they deserve. As far as treating ADHD, while clearly "overdiagnosed", for those children who truly suffer from it medical attention can make a huge difference in the quality of their lives. To suggest they just need to "toughen up" is like telling a heroin addict to just "deal with it".
20003388 tn?1515169640 While I respect your opinion I have to disagree with you. There are studies that show, without a doubt, which receptors are activated by any specific medication. It's true that serotonin being the cause of depression and/or anxiety is just a theory. Another theory is a deficiency of norepinephrine and dopamine. Some people respond to SSRI's, some to SNRI's and some to NDRI's. Some people, like me, typically only respond to a combo of an SSRI and an SNRI.
Avatar f tn My achievements in school have been great, but every day I wish that my mother would not have chosen an alternative to treating my ADHD because I hate how dependent my body, mild, consciousness, and success are on the medications.
Avatar m tn For preschool-aged children, evidence-based behavioral therapy alone is recommended as the first step toward treating ADHD symptoms and associated impairment. Behavioral treatments may include behavioral parent training, classroom management, and/or peer interventions.
Avatar n tn So we took him for regularly for a few months and had him evaluated and we also to took him to a second doc for a second opnion and they both agreed he had ADHD and OCD. We hestitated on putting him on medication, but over the summer while he was being evaluated his behavior turned dangerous.
Avatar n tn I have seen too many kids diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed medication without any formal testing which is cause for concern. Not to mention, the testing for ADHD can be rather subjective on its own. What I have seen in my practice is many kids conditioned to not take responsibility for their behavior because they were diagnosed with ADHD and on meds for it.
Avatar n tn This is odd because I am a freelance computer programmer on my spare time. I taught myself four languages plus some website design skills. I don't think i'm ADHD (i'm a security guard by day, I sit around for hours on end reading books like FLOW and Atlas Shrugged). I feel like i'm living my life with no order and I lose the interest to change it before any significant progress can be made. I do not hear voices.
Avatar f tn The child with ADHD may engage in behavior that can lead to harmful consequences without being aware of the danger, whereas the child with bipolar disorder is risk seeking. 9. Bipolar children tend to have a strong early sexual interest and behavior. 10.
Avatar n tn You posted a great summary and it was very helpful. Have you been diagnosed as bipolar, BPD, and/or ADHD? Some of your medications indicate these diagnosis. If so, then treatment is different then it is for unipolar depression. Your post doesn't seem to indicate typical bipolar symptoms but perhaps BPD. What triggered your first symptoms as a young teen? Did you have a normal childhood?