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Avatar f tn How frustrating for you to have to find that out after the fact. In support of ADHD, however, these medications for children with ADHD without seizure disorders are a Godsend if diet changes and behavior modifications do not help. The right medication has to be found for each individual child just like other disorders. ADHD is neural disorder just as seizure disorders. Both affect the brain but in different ways.
Avatar f tn thank you for your advice. That is one of the problems I have been experiencing for 6 months. We have seen 2 psychologist who just met with for an hour which led to an "inconclusive" diagnosis. None of them do the type of testing that you have mentioned. We finally found a psychiatrist who would see an adolescent and has only offered the self report surveys.
Avatar m tn The higher dosage has worked wonders for previous problems I never knew were related to my ADHD (sensitivity to noise and irritability).
Avatar m tn While I fully understand, and agree with, SM's contention and concern, that children who actually have ADHD definitely need to get the proper treatment for it, I've also known/read about children put on the medication for ADHD when they didn't need it. Same goes for adults. We've had people come to the thyroid forum and say they'd been diagnosed with ADHD and/or depression, when what they really needed was proper thyroid testing and adequate hormones.
Avatar m tn Holy Cow.....Sandman2, I just wanted to touch base and say that I just had a chance to look over the checklist for sensory processing disorder and for every "sensory seeking" symptom I kept saying, "oh my gosh....that's J-man!" The need to touch everything...the constant chewing on the shirtsleeve....the jumping and crashing into everything! I had no idea!
Avatar m tn He is doing great. Medication does not work for add/adhd. If he does have add/adhd, medication is only one piece of the puzzle. You are going to have to work harder with him and understand all you can about add/adhd. Scroll down to Sandman's posts as he has some books he highly recommends. They involve parenting a child with add/adhd and school issues with a kid with add. Read as much as you can.
Avatar n tn There are 18 diagnostic criteria for ADHD, and these 18 criteria represent various symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity (children do not have to manifest all of the symptoms to qualify for the diagnosis). It's best not to try to assess this yourself, although the criteria are widely avaialble in books and on the internet.
Avatar n tn , ADHD Rating Scale-IV, Basic Assessment System for Children, Child Behavior Checklist, Conners Behavior Checklist) which are completed by both parents and teachers, and scrutinizing the child's performance on any intelligence testing (e.g., WISC) that might be available.
494594 tn?1212971528 We often get requests for "ADHD testing." I understand that there is a lot of media attention (excuse the pun) on ADD, ADHD, impulsivity, inattention. However, symptoms of inattention or restlessness are common in many learning and emotional problems such as learning disabilities, anxiety, moodiness, and motivational issues.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the response. We are taking steps on getting him evaluated. Why do you think he may have ADHD? I remember going thro' the checklist online once and I thought he may not have because his attention/concentration is good as long he enjoys the task. I guess I am confused.
Avatar n tn It might be useful for you and her teacher to complete one of the several standardized checklists that are employed to help determine the presence of symptoms typical of ADHD (and other conditions as well). Examples of such inventories are the Conners Behavior Checklist and the Basic Assessment System for Children. You could check with the school guidance counselor or social worker about this. Overall it does not sound like your daughter is displaying a serious condition.
Avatar m tn I would just suggest you keep an eye on this for changes. Children who can do this sometimes frustrate some teachers who don't quite understand what is going on. My theory is if they are getting the instruction, let them prowl in their desk or play w/an object. What is the objective; to have them sit still or have them learn? As far a ADHD, that is easy to check for. All you do is fill out a checklist and the teacher fills one out. Then the dr. decides. Be careful, though.
Avatar f tn It is also in the interests of drug companies to keep this paranoia going as they rake in billions of dollars for drugs that to treat the ADHD epidemic. No one really knows the full implications of these powerful drugs of a child's developing brain, let alone adults that are getting diagnosed. I dont doubt that there are sometimes children who are severely affected and warrant treatment.
154765 tn?1237251544 Itsa a BIG adjustment for him hes in middle school. He has ADHD AND HES ON A IEP plan. Hes not bringing all his homework home and not finishing his work. The teacher thinks I shouldnt punish him for this. I need advise what you ladies think I should do. I dont want to be hard on him but I want him to learn he needs to bring his homework home and finish all his work... Ita a BIG responsiblitlie he needs to do. I told the teacher he can do all his make up work over the weekend.
Avatar n tn Look up symptoms of Aspergers on the internet mabey and do a checklist for now. Of course the internet CAN have some bad info. so take it with a grain of salt.
Avatar n tn The problem is that he's always had a trouble with authority and socialization with his peers. For no apparent reason to any of us (parents, teachers, administrators, coaches, etc.) he'll go through periods of time where he'll be totally disrespectful. He'll talk in class, he'll criticize others for being "stupid" when they don't know an answer, he'll tell everyone else that he's "better" than they are and be extremely demeaning to peers and adults alike.
Avatar m tn It is because of this, some other teachers think he has ADHD, but to my knowledge, children with ADHD can't control themselves from being distracted. To my observation, he doesn't get distracted easily, he just doesn't want to do his work in fear of failure. Sometimes, he would make random noises and open/close his mouth as if doing jaw exercises.
Avatar f tn But how long has he been going to the school (do the teachers really have a feel for him yet). For your eldest, the hyper mobility could explain his struggles with motor skills. I suggest you google hyper mobility because it is something that should not be ignored in children. Dyslexia is really a very general term. When was it diagnosed and has it gotten any better? Many times something like ADHD or ADD is the reason for the problem.
Avatar m tn the childs paternal grandparents had custody and were drug users, fought a lot and had younger children. Biological mum had to fight in court to get custody and she has lived with my son and gf now for 19 months. They are a very stable couple and my son has helped his gf to turn her life around. She is a wonderful mother to both her children, beleive me, I was devastated when I first found out my son had fallen for the person given her previous lifetstyle. I was so wrong...
Avatar n tn office interview, observation, discussion with parents and teachers, collection of standardized data (e.g., behavior checklist), review of family history, perhaps some lab work. It is very unlikely that your son's behavior is a reaction to being bored, on the one hand, or overly challenged on the other hand. Relative to vitamin or mineral deficiencies, be sure to discuss this with the pediatrician.
584252 tn?1218227286 When we went back to see the other doctor I had sone some research and I brought in a checklist for Sensory Processing Disorders bcause it said so much about my DS. Well, the docotr was very nice and glad that I brought the information, said that nothing about my child "screamed" autism, but that he could have some type of PDD based on the information that I provided.
Avatar n tn ), and it seems like basically not being as easy to handle as she would like. She has taught for 30 years and has a reputation for preparing the children well academically, but with parents she is extremely shy and avoids eye contact. I hate to say it, but it seems as though she has a personality disorder of her own, in my opinion, which only makes this more stressful. The school counselor has a background of working with exceptional children and a degree in psychology.
222282 tn?1210168539 hi , my son is 5 and i have just come across sensory perception and i think he may have it ! we are in uk and i dont think its a commonly accepted thing here adhd is only just accepted . however he is a very bright loving child and i think he has a lot of traits , he cant hear prpoerly , he randomly screams , over reacts to grooming nails ,stuffs things in his mouth , super sensitive nose and is always naked to name a few ! are you usa ?
Avatar n tn He is being tested for IQ and other learning problems. We are concerned for him and for our safety too. He has a history of starting fires in the house, shoving a knife in the wall outlet and shorting out the lights, running to get a knife to stab his older brother (he was not successful I stopped him) and other instances of aggression.
Avatar n tn We decided to have him tested once again but this time for ADHD. In the end he didn't officially have that either! Turns out he has a little of this and a little of that. Meaning..Austim..Aspbergers..ADD / ADHD. He was officially diagnosed with Pervasive Developemental Disorder NOS. Which to me, is a catch-all. They can't really diagnose him with anything specific. It was suggested that we COULD do medication if we wanted. We waited an entire yr before we tried ADHD meds.
Avatar f tn My son is SO much happier now----- this was for him not anyone else---- not me, not teachers JUST FOR HIM. Now your child is only 3 and this is probably the first preschool experience. He/she may be just adjusting and you can watch and see for sure and they may grow out of it. But what the school is telling you is that out of all the kids that same age and maturity level that they see---- your child is standing out.
Avatar n tn my friend need much help to tale care of the 7 year boy who speech less autism and adhd live in Chicago is there community can help my friend for advice She have to put this child in place where he can be properly taken care because my friend is getting old and going into her own health problem.
689528 tn?1364139441 It's a little upsetting. They are pushing for a certain diagnosis in order for him to get a teachers assistant to help him more one on one and without a diagnosis, he can't have that. I originally had a follow up appt with his ped for Dec but moved it up to the end of this month. Hoping to dig into this deeper. I just don't get it. I've taken him to playgroups and I run a home daycare so he's been socialized. He speaks to and plays with kids at home but not at school.
Avatar f tn ,could you please explain this to me.Also his school also done the conners for teachers which also came back high. We have an appointment next wednesday to see what the outcome will be,this is a second opinion.