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Avatar f tn The school is trying to stall on the testing. What should we do---don't want to waste anymore time. Are there private testing centers in the Western PA area?
459210 tn?1237385203 my question is this, how do you get tested for add? where do you get tested? and which doctor gives you add medicine if you need it? what is the test like ? do they just ask questions? i know i have it and it would be nice to read a book...
Avatar n tn I've never had children so I am at a loss as to what to do. Should he be tested for ADD or do you think the problem is bigger than that?
Avatar m tn Hi, i've always been very absent-minded and scatter brained, but i've never thought i could be ADD until my friends brought it up to me. I'm a 19 year old pre-med major at Baylor. I've noticed that I don't follow lectures at all. As hard as i try, a few sentences in and i've lost complete focus. I was sitting in the car with my friend, just having normal conversation, when she asked me if I had ever considered being tested for ADD.
Avatar n tn Sounds normal to me, to be honest. She's only 6------ it is difficult to block out all things and completely focus when in a noisy (which they all kind of are at that age) classroom. Is she doing fine with her work?? Is school coming to you with complaints? If not, then I would not make this into a big deal. If you think about it, we all have a subconsious as well that 'speaks' to us. Totally normal but a hard thing for a young child to verbalize.
Avatar f tn Should we go to a pscychiatrist, pcsychologist with comp testing or a Neurologist exp with ADD? I understand she needs testing and not just questioners to fill out for an accurate diegnosis as to what the proplem is.
Avatar f tn not sure how useful this is. I want to add in my own variables, like all the supplements I use. IS that possible?
Avatar m tn This is a risk assestment page and if a person has a risk we advise on testing. When someone does not have a risk we don't advise on testing.
647391 tn?1275020233 But cereal is very high carb and if you add fruit and milk (obviously you add milk!) you are making a pretty high carb package. You might want to check the sugar content on your cereal, even seemingly healthy types like corn flakes, sugar is often the second ingredient! Then the only other solution is to lower portion of both cereal and fruit. But yes, cereal, in my experience raises my numbers more than any other food I eat!
Avatar n tn Her teacher is also asking permission for the school district to go ahead with testing, but I am reluctant to have the school do the testing, as I would prefer to have the testing done privately, first. I don't want this kid to go through too much! I feel that if I test her privately, I will hold the ball in the court, not the school district. I have heard some sad stories regarding the education of special needs kids, and I don't think our little girl falls into that category.
Avatar f tn Also, just wanted to add this: I had a second possible exposure halfway thru my PEP, I completed my PEP and I assume the testing guidelines remain the same in this stuation...or could this have extened window period. THanks...
Avatar f tn this will yield information that will not be available in the psychological/educational testing. Then you can incorporate the audiologist's information with the testing information and see where it leads (in particular, if it answers the pertinent questions or invites additional evaluation).
Avatar f tn Have you had antibody testing, c-peptide and insulin levels testing? This would be interesting to know, as possibly you are type 1 not type 2. For insulin, bottom line is, you need to normalize blood sugars. When this cannot be done with oral meds and diet (seriously look into strict low carb eating if you are not already) and exercise (exercise decreases insulin resistance), and keeping weight on target, then it is time to add insulin.
Avatar f tn Because the 7th of this month will be 6 month's since I had my testing done. But you mentioned no further testing is needed. So i take it having another test will be a waste of time and money since my Reflex WB came back negative at 10.5 weeks.
Avatar f tn You would not get a positive pregnancy test until close to your next period due date, try testing a day following the first day of a missed period.
Avatar n tn The chance of 9 week turning positive at 12weeks is damn close to zero, it is unheard of by Dr. HHH. Add the fact that your partner was negative one week past incident. You are sitting about as pretty as it gets. Test at 12 weeks. Expect a big negative!
Avatar n tn Remember, it is the cold/flu season and you were never at any significant risk to begin with, plus you had a test that is 90-94,95% accurate. Add all of this together and your risk is astronomically small. You have more of a chance of getting hit with an asteroid (knock on wood) than catching HIV this way.
Avatar n tn No reason to spend a couple of hundred dollars on testing before you even fully understand the testing you had already. If you actually had hsv1 and hsv2 type specific igg testing done and you really are + then there's no reason to even retest again. If you only had the igm done and you want to see if you contracted herpes from this recent encounter you'll need to wait a few months more before any testing you have done is considered accurate.
Avatar n tn It's too bad there are so many conflicting indicators out there about the testing window! Just to add my two cents, since I did very extensive research on this last summer and the year following. --Dr Handfield's view of the testing window is one of the shortest, citing 6 weeks as a reliable window barring any aggravated risks. That view is shared by massachusetts, I believe. But it is not a common view; very few experts will endorse it.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone, I am am currently undergoing diagnostic testing and I am wondering if I should ask if the psychiatrist should also check for ADD, or ADHD even. I'll tell you a why in a bit. At the moment I have done some tests that suggest that I have Asperger's, but the clinical psychologist advised that I should consult a psychiatrist for further evaluation.
186166 tn?1385262982 after reading creeks post below i remembered what a psychiatrist once shared with me. he was very interested in ADD/ADHD and had made that his specialty. he felt that most addicts also had either ADD or ADHD and he set out to do a several years reasearch project on this. he went to jails and rehabs all of the united states interviewing and testing those with addictions. i can't remember what the percentage he quoted me was, but it was around 85%...
1453183 tn?1287852619 The study is evidence that more testing needs to be done on how these drugs impact the brain long term for both ADD / ADHD individuals and individuals without the disorder.
Avatar n tn First I had a confrence with her teachers and they suggested ADD. Then I took her to her pediatrician and he refered her to a Psychiatrist. I want her to be evaluated before I jump to medication or special classes. I was told that it could just be a learning disability. She has trouble remembering what she reads, but can remember when you read to her. Im also going to take her to a counselor. I thought that after getting an evaluation, that coaching and counseling might help.
Avatar f tn His teachers have told me he has a difficult time focusing in class and they have for years but they have never come right out and say you should get him tested. I have believed for a long time probably since he was 3 that he has add and or adhd. My son is quite hyper most of the time unless he is playing a video game or watching a program on tv. He is also having a hard time learning to read he can a little bit but he has a low reading level for a grade 2er.
Avatar m tn I just got out of a 7 year relationship and we have been working on staying friends or possibly reconciling. I went for a yearly checkup and my doctor asked about std testing and i told him that I would like for him to test "everything." I received a call and to my surprise i tested positive for HSV2 on an IgG test with a 2.8. This was shocking.