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459210 tn?1237381603 my question is this, how do you get tested for add? where do you get tested? and which doctor gives you add medicine if you need it? what is the test like ? do they just ask questions? i know i have it and it would be nice to read a book...
Avatar n tn Certainly you exhibit some of the symptoms of ADD. You are also of an age that did not focus on girls in public schools who had ADD. All the attention tended to go to those hyper little boys. So its entirely possible that you were overlooked, specially if you had the intelligence to "get by". A site that you might be interested in checking out is - Its for adults with ADHD, but a lot of it applies. Take a while to go through it.
490665 tn?1210334012 was wondering if adult add goes un detected for quite a while, its just i suffer with anxiety and have been told its a side effect of add or adhd, i have always been quite hyperactive as a person and as a young person was very unruly and troublesom and did not quite understand why i was like that and why i was doin things wrong, i always have compulsions to get in trouble and still do, i also suffer with a bad temper but i dont mean to have these outbursts they just happen!!
Avatar n tn Hi Dove170, There are thousands of sites to choose is I joined some site a few years ago that promised to send me newsletters once a month etc...but it was all junk. Not sure what the site was called, but it filled my inbox with tons of spam...and not one helpful thing. I've been suffering my entire life with this thing...took me years to figure out why all the girls used to beat me up for no reason...
Avatar m tn Hi I'm male and had unprotected vaginal sex with a female exalty 13 days ago; I have nothing at all on my penis or around it; however I have 3 small pimples on the back of my thigs.. I was very prone to acne for a very long time; it's much less now; still get odd one out I'm 31 years old. I wodner if this could be some std symptom or just some acne pimples developing due to the stress of me thinking about the std.. Many thanks for your feedback guys.
Avatar m tn I spoke to a mentor about this issue and he doesnt take it seriously, he tells me that these are not unusual symptoms. I have made severall ADD tests online, the result was that there is a high possibility that I have ADD. Now my question to you is , are this symptoms of me having ADD, and if yes what should I do ? Should I take this serious ??
Avatar n tn Two other ideas. One is that with her intelligence she gets bored fairly quickly and the words in her head is simply the way she is dealing with the boredom. And she may get so involved in daydreaming or finds the work so boring that she just isn't finishing it. If she is reading on the 5th grade level, there is no way that, "words bother her and call her stupid." But she may be missing out on the instructions? The other is, of course, the possibility of ADD.
Avatar n tn I am 43 never been seen for ADD but pretty sure I have it. my 10 yr old does.. so anyways... as for that I was wondering if that could be the reason I can't sleep at night.. It's like I try but can't then in the day like around noon I get very tired , enough to fall asleep at the wheel it seems sometimes. It's like I feel like I've been drug-ed to fall asleep. why is that? It is happening more often now the drowsy feeling during the daytimes.
Avatar n tn I usually cook up a batch of low fat mince , lamb, chicken etc with added brown rice and juiced veges I also add multi vitamins to the food (buy from petstores or vets)but dont add this at cooking stage only add at time of feeding. weekends they get treated to raw diced meat as dogs get certain enzymes from raw meat that helps with there digestive system. Make sure it is fresh I buy and feed same day!
Avatar f tn Is there any way to add MS symptoms that aren't on your list? For example, one of my worst ones is itching, so I'd like to add it. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I have suffered from ADD symptoms as a result of my drug and alcohol use a decade ago. I have been on many ADD and anti depressant meds but all to no avail except with Wellbutrin XR and somewhat with Concerta. The Wellbutrin worked amazingly well a long time ago but stopped shortly after I took a small sip of hard liquor. My doctors are perplexed by this but that is the only explanation I can come up with.
628735 tn?1273875777 for those of us TTC there there are more symptoms than those listed on the tracker. unfortunately there are those of us, like myself, that have complications with TTC that I would like to track along with the normal AF and Ovulation symptoms. because I have problems with cysts I would like to track when in my cycle I get lower abdominal pain, but Ovulation pain or cramps etc are not the same as the pain that I get. is there any way lower abdominal pain could be added to the symptoms list?
448723 tn?1301454958 We are still disagreeing wildly about girls names, but I'd still like to hear which you like best out of my favourites.. Not sure what I want after Tessa, but I think a name that ends with a 'y' would sound nice.
Avatar f tn Hey there I am super curious about that as well. I have had people tell me they just know its gonna be a girl, and I say how !? Can't wait to hear some of the replies to this question.
Avatar n tn For an article on ADD/ADHD in girls go to It gives an easy-to-read characterization of the three types of the condition as they express themselves in girls.
Avatar n tn I have a 7 yr old son who has been officialy diagnosed as having ADHD along with Sensory Processing Disorder since the August; before he had had early intervention for speech delay and had been labled with "Developmental Delay" by the school systems special services team. I agree that young boys often are behind girls in their ability to sit and attend in a classroom because they mature later.
5274485 tn?1385860167 The symptoms are clinical the same for both boys and girls. My own experience in meeting girls with autism spectrum disorders confirm the clinical view; I have yet to find a girl with autism spectrum disorder who differ from my self and other boys with autism spectrum disorder I know in talk of symptoms.
Avatar f tn Has any one else noticed the boy or girl quiz add with the two babies? The way it is set up the little boy looks like he is holding the girls shirt and raring back to punch her.
Avatar f tn My 7 yr grandson has been diagnosed with ADD. He is taking Stratera. He has been for about 1yr. His dose is 25 mg a day. It helps with some things. His main problem is his mouth(back talking), irritates to point she cries his sister, just plain defies you some days, and cries at the drop of a hat(sometimes for no reason and others when not getting his way). His mom is almost to her breaking point with his behavior. They live with us. His mom and dad are divorced.
Avatar f tn You would be around 6 weeks I believe. It is very possible this early to have no symptoms. I went to the doc for my pregnancy test and the only reason I thought I could be was about a 30 second bout of nausea. Most of the rest of the syptoms didn't start for about 2 weeks after, when I was closer to 6-7 weeks pregnant. I also wanted to get tested as I was about a week late and since it was right before my wedding didn't want to be drinking.