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Avatar n tn My 6 year old Nephew is failing Kindergarten. His teacher said if he does not improve 75 precent by the end of the year he will be held back. He knows his phone number, but not the days of the week. He can count to 30, but if you use flash cards and mix them up, he gets confused. He particates in class, but cuts the other children off. He asct like they are not even talking. He knowes is colors, but has trouble with shapes.
1628088 tn?1299535690 My 13 year old nephew seems to have ADD according to his school. I have always noticed that something was going on with him because of his attitude and way of being. He gets distracted easily and if you tell him something it's like he's not even paying attention and he is doing really bad at school. I know that he will need to go with a health professional as soon as possible.
Avatar m tn My son will be 6 in a couple of months and has been in kindergarten now for 8 weeks. His teacher has said to me that he is very intelligent however he will not work independantly and will just scribble if he is left by himself. He makes noises and gets quite excited when he sees the other children on the clasroom and will be quite silly. The class is quite big there are 25 kids of which 18 are boys, He has made some friends boys and girls, some of them are quiet silly and get into mischief.
Avatar n tn My son turned 5 the day before starting Kindergarten, thus making him one of the younger children in his class. After two weeks his teacher expressed concern that he is not mature enough for Kindergarten. He is bright, and can keep up both academically and socially - but his behavior is difficult to manage at times.
Avatar f tn My 5 year old son is in kindergarten. He attended preschool/daycare for 3 years. He is very bright however his teacher complains that he doesn't follow directions and sends him to the principal's office. By the time he gets to the office he forgets why he was sent there. What can I do? I feel that the teacher should be more proactive and immediate in discipline in the class room. He tells me often that "Mrs. Blank was mad at me".
Avatar m tn I am a kindergarten teacher and have taught in some extremely difficult urban schools. I have seen pretty much everything. My first guess is the teacher is fairly new to teaching 5 and 6 year olds. I say that because, parents are not usually the source of the resolution to the problem. Any good K level teacher knows the answer lies within. Firstly these kids are 5 and 6, and early Kindergartners to boot. Impulsivity and chattyness is par for the course.
Avatar f tn My husband and made a appointment with his doctor to see what going on with him. To see do he have ADD something going on. I know he was born a Pemmie when he was born, maybe thathave something to do with. He still act like a babby sometime. He do the babby talk sometime. Than sometimes he talk like a big boy. We have whip him, took things from him. Anyway one out know what this sound like is it ADD or some other problem.
Avatar f tn My youngest son is now 9 years old but, when he was you grandsons age i started to notice some of the same things and heard the same complaints. Turned out he had ADD?ADHD combined! I had no idea this was possible. We kept an eye on it till he was almost 6 yrs old. It really started effecting his school time, homework, making friends and staying out of trouble! I felt so bad but, really they don't want to put them on med's to early. Try talking to his doctor about counseling first.
Avatar n tn I have a 5 year old son (just turned five in June) who has been in daycare since he was 10 months old and attended two preschools with no trouble who just started kindergarten in August is having tons of social trouble. Since August he has been in the principal's office 1)sassing teacher/not behaving 2)kicking a child who kicked him first 3)getting his shirt torn by a 2nd grader who said my son called him "pee pants" 4)kicking a child during rest time.
Avatar n tn I have a 5 year old daughter who seems immature compared to the other kids in her kindergarten class. She gets upset quickly and cries easily (when she does not get what she wants or have things her way) . She does not try to be part of the group, but seems pretty okay just being herself and doing her own thing. Out of school she is as sweet as can be. The only problem we have with her, is that we have to tell her more than once, twice or sometime three times to do something.
Avatar n tn We have a big meeting coming up soon to evaluate him for special ed. The teacher is stating she feels my son will fail Kindergarten because he is not academically up to standards. However, I work with my son twice a day on homework and he is academically "average" in reading/writing and advanced in mathematics and language/communication. He can relate to and understand adult concepts. His memory is outstanding...he remembers things from when he was two that even I forgot.
Avatar f tn I have a five year old almost six in October and he started kindergarten last week, the first day of school went well and so were the next two days. Then this past Monday he was telling his teacher no and biting other students so off to the principle he went, Tuesday I get a phone call right when school is suppose to start that he had hit another student while on the playground before school, so I was asked to come talk with my son and the principle.
Avatar m tn My son started kindergarten this last fall and was age 4 when he started and turned 5 in November. We live in Canada and signed him up for French Immersion kindergarten. When the school asked if I felt there were any issues he had I mentioned I felt he might have a speech impediment and his pediatrician mentioned he feels my son could be hyperactive. I also noticed my son's eye was wondering to the side and he now wears glasses.
Avatar f tn old son was displaying many concerning behaviors in kindergarten last year, and he has since out grown all of them. Sometimes, all it takes to help a child "move along," is time and the right environment. With my son, he just really didn't "gel" with his kindergarten teacher, and therefore developed many coping behaviors to get through his school day. It got to a point where he would cry and throw a fit before going to school.
Avatar f tn It's been helping a little but I think she needs more of a boost. I had ADD problems aswell as 2 other of my siblings, the sister I look out for is only a half sister, but she could have picked it up from my dad anyway. I talked to my dad about getting her ADD medication and he fears it will make her worse. 15 years ago my brother took ADD medication that had some weird side effects and my dad doesn't want my sister to go through the same thing.
Avatar n tn and has trouble sitting through a tv show etcc Is it possible he has add or hyperactive? I'm worried that he will be labeled fast..and also because he is the only little brown boy in his class..and all of kindergarten that his behavior will stand out more..and that teachers could give him a very hard time later. Please help a concerned mother.
Avatar m tn That he should do junior kindergarten and then kindergarten. The reason being is his fine motor skills are not where they need to be and he does not know his letters well enough. I have no issue holding him back but he is a feb. birthday and he will be so much older than the rest of his class. I am having him evaluated to see if he qualifies for services but do not know what to do about placement.
Avatar f tn Our kindergarten teacher decided to put in his personal "no touch" policy in his class, that means nobody touches no one, not during the lesson, nor during the playtime.i.e. kids can not touch each other all the time, they are in school. I disagree with him and he knows that. I think, that touching is part of child development, especially in age 4-5 .
Avatar n tn Hi. Well, could he be burned out by all of the learning pressure? There is a quote on th wall of our school as you walk into the kindergarten hall and it says "A child who comes to kindergarten knowing everything they need to know hasn't spent enough time in the sandbox." He's 5 and where someone goes to college won't be determined for years and years. Relax a little and I do think things will get better.
Avatar n tn My daughter is 5yo and has started Kindergarten. We are in week 2 now. Day 1 she loved it. Day 2 she cried some. Day 3 she screamed when I dropped her off. She has been screaming every day since then. The counselor has to be called down to the room each day. She has been in preschool 3 years before Kindergarten, and loved PreK. She is a very bright child. One problem here at home is she refuses to talk about it.
Avatar n tn His therapist recommends he move on to kindergaten beacuause she seems to think once he starts taking his meds and starts seeing her for therapy he will be just fine in kindergarten and she also said that by law the school has to provide him any kind of special help he needs such as speech,occupational therapy and so on in a regular classroom setting.
Avatar n tn We live at a ski resort and on the chair lift w/ his instructor he would throw fits and lean forward and say he was going to jump off once or twice. Some days he'd be great, sometimes not. I wonder if it is ADD or depression. My grandmother (who I never met) was institutionalized for depression and received shock treatments. I was on prozac when I was 14. I've felt normal but suffer a little anxiety. One thing he said that worries me is "somethings telling me not to go in there".
Avatar n tn My son is 5.5 years old and his is exhibiting behavior issues in his kindergarten class. It is a new school and he didn’t have any friends from his daycare attend. He is getting poor behavior marks almost every day. Any suggestions/comments will be much apprecaited. His behavior issues include the following: 1. Not listening / following directions. He is told not to ‘talk when the teacher is talking’ 4-5 times a day.
Avatar n tn My 5yr old daughter just started Kindergarten about 3 weeks ago. She was going to her daycare/nursery school since she was 3mths old prior to this. She is very smart and knows a lot that other 5 yr old children do not know yet. She can read from a sight word book write every every upper case and lower case, spell certain words, read certain words, easy addition and subtraction. She is having a behavioral problem in class.
Avatar f tn My son just started Kindergarten and is constantly in trouble. He has a major problem pushing, shoving, and slapping in the face. It is ALWAYS the other kids fault. He lies too well for a 5 yo. On the bus, he won't stay in his seat. He even went as far as to climb over the seats, lay in the aisle.. and skip up to the bus driver. This was very dangerous. I grounded him from TV and his DS on a 3 day weekend. In PE, he is always in trouble for shoving someone.. and then lying about it.
Avatar n tn My 5 year old son has been getting "sad faces" every day in kindergarten. There are always multiple comments from his teacher, mostly with regard to not working when others are working, talking in the bathroom, crawling around on the floor, and not walking "nicely" in line. He can be very obstinant at home. It seems as everything is met with defiance ("I don't want to...."). He tends to grunt or stomp when asked to do something.
Avatar f tn My 5 year old daughter started Kindergarten about 3 weeks ago. Her entire life she's been described as "busy" and she had trouble in preschool with staying in her seat and during rug time. I have a few concerns now that she has started school. She continues to have trouble staying in her seat during class and during lunchtime. The teacher says she gets up and wonders. She also got into trouble and I've already received a call from the principal.
Avatar m tn Is it acceptable for kindergarten students to receive I.S.S.? I have a five year old daughter who is very intelligent. She is constantly getting in trouble at school for not following directions, talking, clapping her hands with soap in them, not sitting on the carpet correctly etc..... At times she has a hard time minding and controlling her anger and sadness. I talk to her and she says she understands but keeps on with the same behavior.