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365714 tn?1292199108 Just wondering for anyone who has downloaded a .tar file, how do get the program installed? I'm trying to download gnu aspell for opera, but what I get after extracting the the "zip" is a whole bunch of useless files that I can't open. I can't find anything off google that tells me how to get it working without technical jargon or peppered with programming instructions.
Avatar f tn m pregnant but the test has put doubt in my mind. Oh cycle is not due to start until thurs or fri. Was is too early to test? Advice please!
Avatar f tn Can someone please help me get rid of a toolbar that won't go away? I've already gone to Add & Remove programs and removed the program but the toolbar I never wanted remains! It does not have a hide feature or delete. This is a very devious website and I would love to report them but who to? It's called BearShare and I was going to download some music for my MP3 but when I got there it was all kareoke stuff instead of the real artists. Please help!
Avatar f tn So she has a sore throat, that does not consitute a reson for thinking about HIV? I think you need more Help as HIV is populating your thoughts to much.
3060903 tn?1398565123 so yeah 44.90 women's ? leather Moccasin Mittens with finger lined insert have both separate and on string ... remove mocassin mitt still using lined floves *remove orig insert - add separate gloves - have both attachable or removable *need measurement for string * wrist * length of fingers * width of hand *materials for gloves ?
564169 tn?1216326177 Today, I woke up to find out that my dear husband may be getting fired. I am trying to stay calm, but I am afraid, and I feel like crying. How will we survive? When I run out of medications, what will happen to me?
Avatar f tn Talk with your doctor about what weight is best for you and before undertaking any new diet or exercise programs. You can learn more about BMI and see what it is for your current weight by checking out our Body Mass calculator. These are recommended weights. Talk with your doctor about what weight is best for you and before undertaking any new diet or exercise programs. You can learn more about BMI and see what it is for your current weight by checking out our Body Mass calculator.
Avatar m tn It is up to the individuals involved, but tattoos may or may not add to the sexual attractiveness of one or both partners involved in a relationship.
Avatar f tn hi i think you will have to have a removal ,i was unaware of any cyst untill it ruptured and it is not a nice experince i lost ovary and tube and have no family so i would be pushing you are after waiting long enough and its still growing my cyst was dermoid the only treatment for that type is removal let us know how you get on keep posted x
4278219 tn?1352105710 I met with the surgeon who told me that I could leave it or have the laparotomy. If left he could not gaurantee it was not cancerous or turn canerous down the road. I was 38. I went a head and had the surgery, but it turned out that at the same time I had an ovarian complex cyst so I actually had my gyno go in and do her surgery, then the second surgeon came in and did his part to remove the tumor. It came back as weird tumor, but NO CANER.... I guess it is really something to think about.
Avatar n tn Try also to ask the local hospitals or training hospitals in your area if they have free surgery programs that you can avail of. Other countries usually have such programs sponsored by the government. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn They didn't remove everything. Not sure if it's good or bad at this point. Dr. Maldini said that they did not remove my parathryoids and the problems that I was encountering was transient.
Avatar n tn Did your doctor do any thyroid tests to indicate whether it's working correctly or not? That could be why you're not feeling well. Are these nodules on your thryroid? I know that a lot of people live quite well without a thyroid but in my opinion it should only be taken out if necessary. I lived with a multi-nodule goiter that kept changing in size for most of my life and only recently had to have my thyroid removed because it started causing issues.
1927124 tn?1323003238 i believe it is the other people who have a disease seeing how they constantly want you to be like them and you have to do everything they want or you are not normal, people need to realize that everyone is different and you cant make an army of robot' s that act the same and do the same thing' s just because they act and think differently.
Avatar f tn my 10 year old has had type 1 for over 4 years ,our insurance wont cover much of the cost,my husband was hurt at work and workers comp has not been paying the right amount he should be getting so we were wondering if there are any programs that have a lower cost for or a free supply program pump supplies test strips ect dont know where to go.
Avatar m tn I have hep c and am un insured and am interested in getting into treatment with one of the new drugs coming this year. Any suggestions on where I should be looking for programs for the folks that cant afford treatment?
Avatar f tn still havent gotten any ovulation tracker stats it says add data.