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2006603 tn?1331329327 Ok so I am no knitter but I love food so for my baby shower I am thinking about making a baby stroller out of fruit. I think I can do it, lol.
Avatar f tn My mother in law is a big knitter and for our first we gave her some knitting needles soft yarn and a baby blanket pattern book. Took her a minute but she got it!
Avatar f tn But let me fill you in on how it got that way, or so I thought it got that way. My Mom was an avid knitter while I was growing up. One day, she asked my brother to bring her knitting to her and as he rounded the corner, so did it and the knitting needle punctured my shirt and caused my nipple to bleed where it got stuck. Not funny, although it really sounds like it when I tell the story after all these years... I really have had the weirdest accidents in my life...
Avatar f tn U r sooooooooo right it is cold...I am about a hour north of Philly....and I must say Brrrrrrrrr I also get more pain when it is cold...... I just wanted to mention that many with chiari can go yrs without symptoms until a MVA triggers it...others deal with the pain all their lives.... Chiari is deff no fun and diff to understand.
Avatar f tn I was quite interested having been just diagnosed with DeQuervains. I thought maybe the origionator of that link may have a look and add it as its not that common. I haven't gone back for blood work yet, may go once a month, I'm feeling fine now and TG the sore throat went.
459210 tn?1237381603 my question is this, how do you get tested for add? where do you get tested? and which doctor gives you add medicine if you need it? what is the test like ? do they just ask questions? i know i have it and it would be nice to read a book...
Avatar f tn My 7 yr grandson has been diagnosed with ADD. He is taking Stratera. He has been for about 1yr. His dose is 25 mg a day. It helps with some things. His main problem is his mouth(back talking), irritates to point she cries his sister, just plain defies you some days, and cries at the drop of a hat(sometimes for no reason and others when not getting his way). His mom is almost to her breaking point with his behavior. They live with us. His mom and dad are divorced.
Avatar m tn I have been diagnoised with ADD for the past three years. My office accomidations are very distracting. So much in fact, I have been approved for a WC claim due to ergonomics. However, that was over 8 months ago with no changes made to my office. And I'm still recieving treatment for my neck. I work for the federal government. They inform me that we are in a shortage of office space and there is nothing they can do. Is there anyway I can seek some relief for this matter.
429700 tn?1308007823 I was wondering--have any of you been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD)? I was quite surprised when my neuro diagnosed me with this last week. I think it's related to my MS, but not sure (dummy me didn't think to ask). He told me that Provigil actually helps with this problem and raised my dosage a bit. The cognitive stuff has improved greatly since taking Provigil, but if it would go away completely, I don't think I'd mind one bit!
691983 tn?1266804832 my daughter boyfriend has add. he a really good kid. him and my daughter are best friends too.but this summer we found out he has a problem with stealing.he was called apound it. don't think he will do it again but is this something people do with add.i also noiced he has ocd . what do you all think??
Avatar n tn As an adult living with ADD I have been taking Ritalin for the past couple of years as I finish a college degree. While the Ritalin has helped with my studying the side effects are often overwhelming such as nausea, insomnia, loss of appetite and sweaty palms. To achieve the desired learning effect I had been taking 20mg two to three times a day, but only when studying.
Avatar n tn My question concerns possible dangers and side affects involved in the taking of Wellbutrin and a combination of Ritalin. As an adult living with ADD I have been taking Ritalin for the past couple of years as I finish a college degree. While the Ritalin has helped with my studying the side effects are often overwhelming such as nausea, insomnia, loss of appetite and sweaty palms. To achieve the desired learning effect I had been taking 20mg two to three times a day, but only when studying.
Avatar f tn My 9 year old just got diagnosed with add, he is a shy child without any behavior issues, he is unable to concentrat and complete multi step tasks. What medicatios are new and what are the side effects? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/278027'>9 year old ADD - Communication and behavior issues still a concern</a>.
Avatar n tn Certainly you exhibit some of the symptoms of ADD. You are also of an age that did not focus on girls in public schools who had ADD. All the attention tended to go to those hyper little boys. So its entirely possible that you were overlooked, specially if you had the intelligence to "get by". A site that you might be interested in checking out is - Its for adults with ADHD, but a lot of it applies. Take a while to go through it.
Avatar n tn i was called to the school as she happens to be very distracted at school she has to be told every five mins to get on with her work ,i feel she might have ADD could this be possible. pease help.
1071525 tn?1255392574 I have gone through both, they are comorbidities of ADD. The depression can spring up out of the life problems that ADD causes and the predisposition many of us have for the chemical imbalances of Depression. The insomnia I went through felt like I just couldnt turn off my thoughts, my mind was racing and I wasnt able to sleep. I dont often have that problem anymore, it was mostly as a kid.
1628088 tn?1299532090 My 13 year old nephew seems to have ADD according to his school. I have always noticed that something was going on with him because of his attitude and way of being. He gets distracted easily and if you tell him something it's like he's not even paying attention and he is doing really bad at school. I know that he will need to go with a health professional as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn Weird, never heard that one before - and I have been on this site for 4 years. I think that a lot of the adults with ADD would be real surprised if it were true. As long as you have a prescription you are fine.
Avatar f tn On several of the adult ADD sites, I have noticed a very strong link to ADD and depression. Especially if the ADD was not caught till adulthood (this is very common in women). When you were a child, it was difficult to diagnosis ADD (especially if you were intelligent). If you were a hyper little boy, you got the attention. A little girl pulling B's and C's didn't get noticed. Personally, I think that is still going on a lot today.
Avatar f tn OK so my doctor keeps on switching my medications for ADD. Why? How many new medications am I going to have to try using?
Avatar f tn My fiance thinks i have either add or adhd but i have not been tested for but i have all systoms on both which i thought was very stange what else should i do and what tests are involved? ?
Avatar f tn I have 16 year old twin boys who have just now recently been diagnosed with ADD by a Neurologist. He has prescribed Concerta which I can understand but he also prescribed Lamictal and from the information I can find this is for Bipolar or Epilepsy. Can anyone out there comment?
Avatar m tn Hi, i've always been very absent-minded and scatter brained, but i've never thought i could be ADD until my friends brought it up to me. I'm a 19 year old pre-med major at Baylor. I've noticed that I don't follow lectures at all. As hard as i try, a few sentences in and i've lost complete focus. I was sitting in the car with my friend, just having normal conversation, when she asked me if I had ever considered being tested for ADD.
Avatar n tn Sounds normal to me, to be honest. She's only 6------ it is difficult to block out all things and completely focus when in a noisy (which they all kind of are at that age) classroom. Is she doing fine with her work?? Is school coming to you with complaints? If not, then I would not make this into a big deal. If you think about it, we all have a subconsious as well that 'speaks' to us. Totally normal but a hard thing for a young child to verbalize.