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Avatar f tn You can have a chemical skin peel or microdermabrasion to improve the look of post-acne skin. I have had this with good results (please see pictures in my profile). Prices vary. I paid £170 British Pounds. Eloise.
7406493 tn?1454002812 I had acne with my first pregnancy, nothin much you can do about it, but maybe a facial and acne soap. I luckily don't have any this pregnancy, thank goodness! Hope it gets better for you. As for your pictures, have your make up done really well!
Avatar f tn You should look up info and pictures on google of "keratosis pilaris" it is a very common thing and it mainly appears on the upper arms, they eventually disappear in time. It "might" be what you are referring to.
Avatar n tn Hey, I'm an 18 year old male with pretty bad skin. Here are pictures of the sides of my face: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] [URL=][IMG]
Avatar f tn Because of all the medications I have been on (including accutane), and my consistent wearing of makeup, I feel my skin is thinning out, and I am just damaging it further. Currently i am using the skin Id acne system from neutrogena, It works decent, but It hardly keeps up with my during the day breakouts. It also dries out my skin too much. After I wash my skin at night my skin is left tight, dry and uncomfortable.
2026160 tn?1328928087 We use products that include Vitamin A Proprionate, Kojic Acid, Mandelic Acid, Hydroquinone and Benzoyl peroxide in a systematic way to exfoliate the skin, keep the acne from forming, and lift the hyperpigmentation. As you can see by the progress picture (the second one), we still have some work to do. Her acne is gone, but some darkness still remains. I just showed her the before pictures today and she about fell over in amazement when she saw them. She had forgotten from whence she came…..
Avatar f tn This occured just one day out of no where and has lasted since, it seems to come and go and the triamcinolone acetonide does wonders in just a matter of hours, but after I stop taking the medication just after one or two days it starts to form again. I am 27 an never had any acne or other skin problems before. I just want a cure so this stops returning.
Avatar n tn A course of oral antibiotics such as Lymecycline or Oxytetracycline will kill acne-causing bacteria on the skin. You will have to take these for about 8-12 weeks and may need further courses if your tendency to acne persists. Topical antibiotics are also available. Dalacin-T solution (Clindamycin) or Duac gel (Clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide) are often prescribed. A topical synthetic retinoid such as Differin (adapalene 0.1%) is very effective and generally well tolerated.
Avatar n tn I just got back from the Derm today and he reviewed my skin and he said that my acne redness is scarring.. Now i thought scarring is indentions in the skin? Is it not and that acne redness will fade with time because according to my derm he said that my acne redness is scarring and that the redness wont go away and that theres nothing that can be done about it. He said that i'll have to live with it for the rest of my life and that the only possible treatment for this is laser.
Avatar n tn My three year old nephew has reccuring acne like pimples {similar to white heads} on his nose. How should my sister treat this? Is it normal?
Avatar n tn Have any ideas on how to get rid of them and what they are? i dont get them under my arm. I dont have acne anywhere else on my body. male age23 I have taken pictures to help you out: Thanks!
Avatar n tn I have been getting boils for the past three years. The doctor said it was a skin disorder with this really long name that I cannot remember.(superfacitis...???) They gave me this pamphlet about it and I saw pictures of women who get them on their underarms like me, legs, and on the lips of the vagina. I recently got one on the labia and it hurt so bad. The doctor gives antibiotics to prevent spreading and to get rid of it because it is an infection.
1594270 tn?1297222916 I am just wondering if this looks like it could be a form of skin cancer or if it is just a mole. I've attached two pictures, one is a close up and one is what it looks like far way. The small bump above it is unfortunately a pimple.. I appreciate any and all comments, I am setting up an appointment with my doctor next week but for now I am looking for your opinion. Thank you, Courteney Pictures- just cut and paste into a new browser window: http://i1141.photobucket.
Avatar m tn Altough the Benzol etc may be helping the acne, it could be too harsh for the surrounding skin and could also be aggravating it. It also may be a fungal or bacterial problem. Folliculitis in an infection of the hair follicles. You doctor may prescribe an antibiotic for you to treat that (if it is that) and for the acne. There are also antibiotic creams that your doctor could prescribe if he felt that would help and antifungal creams that are also antibacterial.
Avatar m tn Hi. Oral Isotretinoin (Roaccutane) is the most effective acne treatment avaialble. 80% of patients achieve complete skin clearance after one course lasting 16-24 weeks. 20% of people- including myself- require a second course (see my pictures). Ask your dermatologist about a second course of Isotretinoin, it is your best hope of a long term remission from acne. Best Wishes, Loiloi.
Avatar n tn At first I thought they might be acne scars, though overall I havent had much acne at all in several years . But the reason I DONT think they are acne scars and possible scarring from plucking hairs and or waxing hairs is because they are in the areas I plucked/ waxed my hairs ( I had really thick, dark hairs in those areas).
1238098 tn?1268276911 Does anybody knws if murad acne complex works on sensative skiin, bcuz i be-live my skin its sensative. =0 any help will be appreciated.
16343609 tn?1447159484 PLEASE LOOK AT PICTURES ON PROFILE!!! So I have suffered from acne since I was about 15 years old, and now at 21 I'm trying to understand it more than ever before, I never thought it was severe enough to go on Accutane but I'm starting to get so desperate as it makes me more anxious and self loathing.
895242 tn?1241553326 Hi! I'm 21 years old, when it's get to my period, my nose is really bad, people around me keep telling me my skin is perfect, but I see my redness on my nose & pimple, I have a pocket mirror and I keep looking at it.I saw a dermatologist, who gave my oral med too but I had side effect so I have to stop it, Now i'm trying CyEstra-35 (same as Diane35) I hope that's gonna help because I try everything!
601813 tn?1219802335 Diet has not been proven to affect acne. Acne is a skin disorder, sometimes caused by a hormonal imbalance, and is seldom a reflection of diet, lifestyle or hygiene. Eloise.
Avatar n tn I had to take it twice too. Please see my pictures and journal in my profile. To deal with the sensitive skin associated with acne use La Roche-Posay products. The Rosaliac range is really good and so is the Effaclar H dermo-soothing deep cleansing foam which purifies and soothes oily skin made fragile by over-drying skincare. Eloise.
Avatar n tn I used to have really bad acne until a couple weeks ago; I started drinking more water and all of the bumps went away. But now, my face is constantly red and I have these red, flat, blotchy spots everywhere. Some days are worse than others, it's like it will flare up sometimes. My mom and I researched it and were convinced it was rosacea, but I went to a dermatologist and she said it was acne scars and put me on all of this treatment.
Avatar m tn whenever i ended taking medicine the acne again appeared on my after the treatment i'hv left with deep scars due to doc failed to cure it...can u kindly suggest me how to get rid of this acne,black spots,scars permanently....
Avatar m tn I have had this bump for my hand awhile. At first I thought it was an acne, but when I popped it, blood would not stop coming out. I think it's a sac of skin with blood underneath. I'm not sure if something bit me, if I hit my hand in something, or if I had burnt it and maybe I am over reacting to it. I'm so worried about it, that I begin to play with it when I am nervous and giving a speech in the audience. Did I break a blood vessel?
Avatar f tn It is on the right side of my face near my mouth. It is 2 bumps close together and the surrounding skin is red. When I press on one bump it is very painful. I know there must be some impurity in the pore. I have tried bacitracin, Apple Cider Vinegar, Colloidal Silver, (I apologize if that is the wrong spelling). I popped the painful bump yesterday all it did was bleed and it soon turned purple. This morning I woke up and it is purple and looks like it formed a scab.
Avatar n tn It would be unusual to have acne down your arms. This may be another skin condition such as Keratotis Pilaris Rubra (look up pictures of this condition to see if it looks like what you have). I have recommended acne treatments via private message as you requested. Eloise.
Avatar n tn Or what if those acne on my face aren't regular acne but staph acne?! because I heard of those?! Thank you, Andrei.
Avatar n tn ii) Use a bland facial wash such as Cetaphil or La Roche-Posay. iii) Use a topical retinoid gel for the acne. Retin-a is too harsh for your fair skin, so ask your doctor about Differin (adapalene) which is generally well tolerated. Irritation from a topical retinoid can be reduced by using the cleansers mentioned above. Start by applying every other night and gradually increase to nightly use. Best Wishes, Eloise. PS: My son draw pictures of me with "baddies" on my face too.
Avatar f tn Oh, I should probably describe how they look, yes? Okay, well, the acne appears to be mostly under the left breast. The right has a little bit of acne and cysts.. But under my left breast.. It's COMPLETELY consumed with this problem. See, they're like a bunch of tiny pimples mixed with a bunch of black/whiteheads. There's a lot of permanent scars from cysts that have healed up after bursting on their own from years ago.. But if I squeeze one of the black/whitehead or pimple-like bumps..