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Avatar f tn what is the best acne treatment? i have oily skin and my face doesnt seem to heal too good. ive currently tried exposed and it helped at first i thought but now its broke out. and plus i have bad acne scars :( what is a good acne treatment that i can buy in a store? im tired of ordering stuff online.
Avatar n tn I was on Accutane at the age of 18 and within a year or two the oil and acne returned. I'm 40 now and have more oily skin than ever, with long term effects from the Accutane. I have given up on all things that claim to reduce oil- none of it works for me. I strongly believe it's due to hormones and am seeking out a natural hormone doctor that does bioidentical therapy. I am currently treating my acne with oil which may seem ridiculous, but it seems to be working.
Avatar f tn I never had acne in high school but it started when I was 23. I have oily skin and it leaves ugly marks on my face. I have it no place else on my body. I have been using all sorts of things for my face, not at the same time, but after I realise that the former one I was taking is not working. The best I have used so far were Retin-A and Dr Wexler's acne treatment which I found on bathandbodyworks.com.
Avatar f tn Acne is caused by raised levels of androgens (common during menstruation, puberty etc). Androgens stimulate the sebaceous glands which leads to oily skin and acne. Providing your skin is not overly sensitive you could use a cleanser containing Salicylic acid as well as the leave-on treatment (Murad make both). Female acne patients often benefit from taking the combined oral contraceptive pill since the oestrogen it contains blocks the actions of androgens on the skin.
Avatar m tn She has tried many medication but has not had any luck with it. She also has some acne scarring and has oily skin. She has tried using the following full course medication: Salcura Antiac Activ Liquid Spray differin Skinoren Salicylic acid Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance.
Avatar n tn hey i am 22 my skin can b both depending on the weather.. in hot weather my skin is oily .. in cold weather my skin is dry and sensetive.
Avatar n tn They gave me super super oily skin. I started using retinoids when I was 14 years old and my skin was normal except for acne, and now I"m 19 and I stopped using them. My skin was oily all through my time using the retinoids but now that I'm off them my skin is still freakin oily. I've been off the retinoids for almost three months now. It doesn't make any sense to me at all. Their is not a dern thing the dermatologist can do about super oily skin.
Avatar f tn Acne treatment all depends on the type of skin you have. If you are oily, a good skin routine to keep your pH balanced and the oils controlled would work best. Sensitive skin types need to back off of the meds and treatments, as this can lead to even more breakouts. I'm a victim of this. I was oily at your age, but still quite sensitive. The more creams I layered on only irritated my skin more and made acne worse.
Avatar m tn Just because you have oily skin does NOT mean u do not need to moisturize... we with oily skin just need a different kind of moisturizer its very important. You will see a difference in the first week. Its been 2 months and my skin is not the same its freaking amazing.. and to think i went from cystic acne to this? ya pretty crazy.
Avatar f tn I'm 13 years old and I have had acne for as long as I can remember. I think I may have started in 5th grade. I've tried everything (ProActive, Epiduo, Cetaphil, Clean & Clear, etc) but it doesn't clear up my skin completely and the acne just comes up week after week. My family members say that I also have to take care of myself and what I eat and my mom and I are taking care of that but my acne still doesn't go away.
Avatar m tn Hello. This might sound strange, but after testing myself for some time I can say, that ejaculation makes my skin oily and causes acne. After 4 days the skin gets back to normal (I've been testing this for several months and the results are always the same). I've read that the two things are not related, but my skin says opposite. I am 29 years old and have acne problem on my back, shoulders and neck, fortunately not so much on the face.
Avatar m tn i am a teenager girl 17years old. i have acne problem and oily skin and acne scars i have tried everything and every treatment nothing happend.so how should i cure my acne and my acne scares and oily skin.
Avatar m tn I've been experiencing dry flaky skin yet it looks oily and feels oily. I wake up in the morning and whatever side of my face I sleep on will be flaky in the morning. No matter how gentle I am to my face it is flaky and becomes oily throughout the day. I get a few very small pimples on the lower part of my face but they usually go away without treatment when my face is very dry. They are just little whiteheads. I have large pores below my eye region and upper cheek.
Avatar n tn Oily skin is due to increased sebum production which could occur secondary to stress, a few environmental factors, systemic medications, hormonal/ endocrine causes, metabolic issues, environmental factors such as pollution etc. Short term use of skin ointments is unlikely to result in prolonged oily skin. I would suggest avoiding stress and washing the face 2-3 times a day with a mild soap and keeping it adequately moisturized.
Avatar f tn You said that your skin is oily so I think you should care more for such kind of skin types. You need to consult a good skin doctor in the first place. Know your skin and then treat it fairly. One of my friends had same issue and she got an acne treatment done from a cosmetic surgery clinic, Fairview Laser Clinic in Toronto. It worked well on her. I was so surprised to see her last time with her charming old clear skin again. But I don’t know whether it work shall on for you.
Avatar f tn Mine was totally fine until I started my third trimester....now it's extremely oily and I have patches of flaky skin that are raw red itchy and very oily....does anyone have some clue as to what causes this and what will make it go away!!??
Avatar f tn for my acne to go away, but at the end of the treatment (end Oct.) I was acne free. It stayed this way for 3 weeks, then all of a sudden my skin started getting really oily and my hair greasy after not even a day. (My hair used to get greasy quite quickly, but not like this!) Now my face is full of pimples and blackheads again. My dermatologist gave me a special cleanser to use 3 times a week, and he said I should otherwise use just water and try to do as little as possible with my skin.
Avatar n tn My favorite ranges for oily skin are Effaclar by La Roche-Posay and Sparkling Clean by Estee Lauder. However, over the counter products may not result in total skin clearance. It is always best to see your doctor for a course of oral antibiotics and/or a topical retinoid.
Avatar m tn I therefore believe there may be a connection to inositol and the improvement of acne and oily skin.
6706619 tn?1391316843 its not a home remedy, but I had this same problem and tried so so much everything either made my skin too oily or too dry but I bought clean and clear advantage acne control, took the oily skin away, cleared my acne and made my skin super soft all the time!
Avatar f tn I too hate using lotion on my face, but they do make moisturizer for acne and oily skin. I use Clinique and I like it a lot. Also try an exfoliating ance cleanser to get the flakes off. Also I have found that when I dry my face with a clean wash rag every night it makes a difference as opposed to using the same one a few night in a row. Good luck! OH! And going to see a dermatologist is a really good idea. Especially this young because you wouldn't want her to scar.