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Avatar n tn The only side effects he mentioned was pregnancy, which isn't a concern for me since I've had a tubal and dry lips. My second question is about my skin in general. I've always had oily skin. I've never used lotions and creams on my legs or arms, and sunscreen was always avoided-I don't spend a lot of time in the sun. This is the problem. When I do use lotions on areas like my feet and hands, my skin doesn't absorb them.
Avatar m tn This might sound strange, but after testing myself for some time I can say, that ejaculation makes my skin oily and causes acne. After 4 days the skin gets back to normal (I've been testing this for several months and the results are always the same). I've read that the two things are not related, but my skin says opposite. I am 29 years old and have acne problem on my back, shoulders and neck, fortunately not so much on the face. My parents and brother haven't had problems with acne.
1689131 tn?1305761867 Hello, Acne are very common on oily skin. You can prevent and treat acne by changing your lifestyle like eating proper diet, getting a good amount of sleep and drink at least eight glasses of water daily. You can also treat acne by cleaning your face regularly, using skincare products, apply antibacterial topical medications.
Avatar n tn I am 51 years old and have always had excessive oily, acne prone skin. I've been to many dermatologists and doctors and have tried so many things, but nothing works. Please help me. I feel so ugly and dirty with the amount of oil and break-outs on my face at my age. I can live with the acne, but it's the oily skin that I would give anything to find a control for. Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn Ok so guys, I have been an acne sufferer since I was 12 years old. I am now 22. I have used so many products I even took acne medication (pills) did not do nothing! So as girls already know the birth control pill can do wonders for your acne! Yes it can! I was on Alesse for a few years and my skin was id say doing pretty good. But then. After birth control. Wow let me tell you. It was worst then it ever was. I started getting cystic acne on my neck and chest! Like really bad.
Avatar n tn Another product I like is the moisturiser by Lutsine Hydrafnia which is for acne prone skin which is undergoing acne treatments.
Avatar f tn for my acne to go away, but at the end of the treatment (end Oct.) I was acne free. It stayed this way for 3 weeks, then all of a sudden my skin started getting really oily and my hair greasy after not even a day. (My hair used to get greasy quite quickly, but not like this!) Now my face is full of pimples and blackheads again. My dermatologist gave me a special cleanser to use 3 times a week, and he said I should otherwise use just water and try to do as little as possible with my skin.
Avatar n tn (I have tried Retin-A and Tazorac but neither has shown results significantly better than Differin and they are more harsh on my skin) 5) Wash with Plexion cleanser in the morning and use Cetaphil cleanser in the afternoon and evening (Plexion more than once a day really dries out my skin) As you can see, I'm pretty much a slave to my acne. I have tried every popular acne treatment and none has been a successful long-term solution.
Avatar n tn many products have chemicals so you need to avoid them because chemicals based acne products will do more harm than good to your skin. Try to find natutal acne products. if you want to clear your skin from acne over night, the Acne Zap natural lotion made by Ovante works pretty good on most severe and inflamed acne, if you have mild acne, you can use The ABC Acne and Blemish Control cream, both products are natural and can be used as long as needed in order to control acne.
Avatar f tn As my mom has beyond oily skin. She useses supper strong medicine twice a day to keep her acne undercontrol. So when trying a new product try getting something for sensitive skin. Also stuff that's sented cab sometimes irritate your skin so try to advoid those.
Avatar n tn Iam a 29 yr old woman with 4 yr old child.I have an oily sin and scalp with acne problem. Also my hair is very thin on the top.
Avatar n tn Hello.I am 14 yrs. old and I have a little bit of acne in my skin,how can I get rid of it???
Avatar f tn Please give me some advice, how to clean my skin and how I get rid of my acne problems. My skin is oily. Am studying in 8th standard.
Avatar f tn I am currently taking chemotherpy treatment for Breast Cancer, an have developed facial acne, would like to know what I could use on my skin without drying so.
Avatar f tn I went on it, didnt notice any diffrence.
Avatar m tn Its important to moisturize even if you have oily skin we just have to use an oil-free moisturizer. Do these 3 steps twice a day you will be amazed. I will never ever waste money on other products. These guys are all I need. Took me long enough to find something that actually works. You will also notice the first week your skin is very soft and even. So good luck. Check out youtube for reviews on the products. Or check out the clinique website. Message me if you have any other questions!
Avatar n tn I was on Isotretanin for 4 months. Can you tell me if the acne problem will atleast reduce after this advanced treatment or would I still have to continue medication?
Avatar f tn I'm 13 years old and I have had acne for as long as I can remember. I think I may have started in 5th grade. I've tried everything (ProActive, Epiduo, Cetaphil, Clean & Clear, etc) but it doesn't clear up my skin completely and the acne just comes up week after week. My family members say that I also have to take care of myself and what I eat and my mom and I are taking care of that but my acne still doesn't go away.
Avatar n tn How old are you? What is your skin type? Oily? Dry? Sensitive? Is it flaky? Most acne sufferers have more sensitive skin than they think and they treat and treat and treat and rarely see any good results. Overwashing and scrubbing and medicating is the last thing the skin needs. The key is to getting the it balanced. If you are red, your skin is probably very irritated and needs a break from any cleansers or treatments. Wash in the morning with a very mild cleanser (no harsh chemicals!
Avatar f tn Ive got scalp acne...i dunno if this is due to being pregnant or just my oily scalp.
Avatar f tn I've had luck with Neutrogena's Oil Free Acne Wash w/ grapefruit. I then use a acne spot treatment followed by a light moisturizer during the daytime. But then at night, I use the cleanser, an aloe vera based toner (like the Body Shop), serum with salicylic acid, and a night creme (like Boots bergamot night creme or the Body Shop Aloe night creme). Good luck!
Avatar f tn i am a 29yrs old,and having acne since 18yrs, ihave taken a treatment first in 2002 which starts from Tab.Adoxa (once daily for 3 months) and i have complete it,but no progress,then i concern again to dermatologist the she started Tab.Diane-35,from day one of mentrual cycle for six months,i have taken it,its results good and acne resolves,after a year it again appears as a pimple,***** postules then again i concern she advise Tab.
1067761 tn?1255068757 Im 16 and I have extremely oily skin, the pores on my face are huge, and breakouts occur regularly on my face. I've tried many skincare routines to combat the oilyness but I am constantly frustrated because many of the products I use do not give me the results that I want. I know that my skin's oilyness is caused by an excessive production of sebum and I have heard that the pill can help to regulate my skin and stop it from being as oily, is this true?
Avatar f tn Acne is caused by raised levels of androgens (common during menstruation, puberty etc). Androgens stimulate the sebaceous glands which leads to oily skin and acne. Providing your skin is not overly sensitive you could use a cleanser containing Salicylic acid as well as the leave-on treatment (Murad make both). Female acne patients often benefit from taking the combined oral contraceptive pill since the oestrogen it contains blocks the actions of androgens on the skin.
Avatar m tn She has tried many medication but has not had any luck with it. She also has some acne scarring and has oily skin. She has tried using the following full course medication: Salcura Antiac Activ Liquid Spray differin Skinoren Salicylic acid Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn what is the best acne treatment? i have oily skin and my face doesnt seem to heal too good. ive currently tried exposed and it helped at first i thought but now its broke out. and plus i have bad acne scars :( what is a good acne treatment that i can buy in a store? im tired of ordering stuff online.
Avatar n tn I am very impressed with sensitive skin foaming cleansers, so give one of those a try. I had oily skin, so I could use white vinegar to clear my skin. Wish I'd figured that out when I was young. Make sure you keep your hands off your face. I am constantly amazed how many people touch their faces and eyes all the time. When I was younger, one touch with a finger that wasn't freshly washed and I would break out. But my skin got better when I got off gluten and dairy.