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Avatar n tn I will get rashes anywhere on my body (ranging from arms to legs, torso - everywhere). The skin will become itchy with very slight redness, or sometimes even bright redness. Interestingly enough, when I touch it - it's usually fairly hotter than my body. It's literally warm to the touch. When I scratch it (yes, they get VERY itchy) - it usually ends up in getting bumpy which of course, make it more itchy.
Avatar m tn So more than a week ago my arms became very itchy and rash (small light red pimples) started to develop. Around same time same itchy rash started to develop around neck (basically between breasts and neck). Sometimes itch goes away or becomes almost unnoticeable, but sometimes (mostly around evening, before sleep) it becomes unbearable so I start to scratch them. Could it be scabies? Or some sort of allergy (but my lifestyle haven't really changed for last couple of weeks).
Avatar n tn i am worried it may be bed bugs as i have seen pictures of scabies and other skin conditions and it is nowhere near as severe as that, the palm of my right hand and the base of my thumb are particuarly itchy
Avatar m tn i have dry itchy pink little patches on the skin around my right orbit. at first i thought nothing of it, but now its starting to bother me. i have put lotion on it but it didn't work it just burned. what is it??
Avatar m tn do warts usually itch, of does that possibily mean that it is something else, not a wart? I looked a pictures of skin cancers on the internet and none look like the growth on my hand.
608553 tn?1389502811 I had this itchy rash since Jan. 2013 that would get itchy then bumpy with clear liquids that come out. It spread throughout the year and would come and go. Occasionally it will split open and bleed. I've heard eczema or poison ivy, but no cortisone, oat, or antibacterial will cure. Typically, it comes and goes but now I have it on my knuckles and cracks and bumps on both hands. WHAT IS THIS??
Avatar m tn I have these white dots on my wrist, fingers, between the thumb and forefinger on both the hands. I also got this broken skin like scales on the palm side of the thumb. This is slightly itchy and I have been applying anti-fungal cream for almost 6 months now and there is no improvement. Had this white dots for years but this is spreading a lot in last few months. Got them on elbow as well. Please see the attached pictures.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am having a skin problem and would be grateful for some advice. It started around 10 days ago, with one red raised circular patch on my thigh with a small, light-brown spot in the middle. After 3 days, more spots started to appear on my back. Then a few days later, on my chest area. The spots also started to become quite itchy. Is this pityriasis rosea or something else? Is there any treatment available for this condition?
Avatar f tn Anyone out there know of something that can help with an itchy place on skin, its under where my bra is on my back. I have already tried powder. Perhaps an ointment or something?
Avatar f tn Nothing oosez out of them. They are red, sometimes itchy and has some dry skin on top of them. I have these spots on the left and right of my body. Here are the pictures.,d463aMb I am really scared. I made mistakes.
Avatar f tn I have asked about VERY itchy skin and it sounds like I am not alone. In addition to the itchiness, my skin is red for the most part of the day. It is over most of my body - face, arms, chest. Does anyone else have that happen? I am wondering if Benadryl would help. If it is due to my wacky autonomic nervous system (is it?), is there really anything that could help. It is driving me crazy and at times I am scratching so hard that I actually tear up my skin.
Avatar f tn I had to use google images and type in lash line skin tag to find pictures of that one. The more serious things are pictures at the above site.
1575832 tn?1296253970 t serious but after i went to a doctor, he give me a cream and say that those dots are common skin infection. but after few weeks using that cream my skin became worst and doesn't itchy nor hurts. and some of the dots looks exactly like pimple which got yellow liquid when i pop it.
Avatar f tn Hi, I never had acne problems or any other skin problems. My face has like these light itchy bumps on my face. What can it be and what can I use to get rid of it?
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm a young male in my early 20's and for the past two to three years I've had this skin condition, I haven't been to the doctor about it yet but I plan to soon. It started out around my neck and was tolerable at first but recently I've noticed that it appears to be growing down my body particularly around my arm pits, sides and devastatingly now my groin, inner thighs and upper legs.
Avatar m tn I always though yeast would be itchy and flaky and possibly spread. This is never itchy. RAW only. VERY raw. like sunburnt skin feeling. And it has stayed on the top portion of the head gland. The bottom portion of the gland remains normal and unaffected.
Avatar f tn After months of antifungal creams the rings then turned into a big red patch as you can see in my pictures. I did spend time covering it for a while to avoid it spread spores which was probably a bad idea. The other spots (see pictures) have come up over the past few months. Creams don't seem to work, i have tried bleach and everything, I am at my wits ends. I just assume these are ringworm. I live on a remote island so getting to see expert medical advice at the moment is not possible.
735152 tn?1241750069 My legs were itchy for a while and i find my skin is more sensitive than normal. Try a aveeno itch relief bath before bedtime. But if the itching is really bad in your legs and feet than ve carful becuase it could be colistasis. Which I guess is a bad thing in pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Do you have any rashiness on them? Any spots or bumps? Does it get worse when washing dishes or hands in warm/hot water? Hand eczema is a common disorder that can be treated with steroid based creams...research pictures of it on the web. I have had that for 5 years now, and my hands itch every day, so bad that the skin will get cracked and bleed, if I don't use the medication every day. It's unknown what the specific cause is, but many times it's related to an allergen.
1194973 tn?1385503904 Ok. My breasts recently have been itchy beyond possible imagination. I've come close to making myself bleed from scratching so much and nothing has been helping. I have no idea what is causing it either. Is there anything I can use to help it? I've tried lotions and the like, but nothing helps and I don't want to put too many things on the breast/nipple area due to feeding.
Avatar m tn And also my skin has become pretty itchy on my legs chest and arms
Avatar m tn Hey, Not sure exactly how this site works, so please let me know if i have done something wrong in adding pictures. However i did use photoshop to censor anything that would be offensive. So my symptoms are this: - Small red circles appeared in my upper thigh / groin region (almost all of them being on the thigh side of the thigh / groin crease). I noticed them about a month ago, but they do not itch, or present any problem other than visually.