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Avatar m tn My GI doctor advised me to use Aquaphor ointment (over the counter) for itchy skin. It is a really thick icky stuff that you put on after showering, and then cover up (so you don't get grease on your furniture). It sounds awful, but it really really makes my skin feel better for a while. Once a week that really helps, but be prepared, it is kind of icky, like vaseline...
Avatar f tn Red itchy rash on chest, under boobs, and small of back. I believe is a fungus, what cures it?
751422 tn?1265513635 hi i got ezema or at least I think I do. Got either a skin rash or jock itch on the right side of my penis and on my scrotum area. ive put blistex,noxeema, neosporin and lotrimin on it and its not working that much. is there anything I can do to stop this annnoying thing? ive been showering regularly now (havent been for a few weeks) can anyone help me?
Avatar f tn I have the exact same symptoms as well. Very itchy and skin is bruising prob. from scratching it so much. I soaked in the hottest bath imaginable for it on my feet and it relieved it for hours, but yet it still does not explain what this is caused from or how to prevent it. I don't have any faith in doctors or hospitals anymore because honestly they all depend on the net too much for prognosis/diagnoses whatever!
Avatar f tn i was just diagnosed by my dermatologist as having sun allergy,, most likely caused by prednisone, which i was on for what i thought was poison ivy ,, although i never touched it, my son brought it in the house while he was workingas a landscaper..
Avatar f tn It seems there are a lot of people that are new to or deciding on treatment so I thought perhaps we could do a thread for them on some cures to the things they will be experiencing. While we don't know what will happen to anyone we can advise from our own experiences. I know I've had really ODDBALL things happen (to the fact that I gave away my brand new antipersperant yesterday because quite simply I do NOT sweat at ALL any longer LOL) and have come running in here for help.
Avatar m tn Hello. i am 21 and in good health, but for about three years now my perineum and the areas around it (scrotum and anus mainly) have been extremely itchy. It started out as an occasional itch, especially when i would sweat, but would go away after a day or so. then about a year ago the itch started getting worse, and since then it has been at a constant itch that i am constantly scratching.
Avatar n tn I have been told it was all in my head. And have tired almost everything for dry itchy skin. Its mostly my lower legs, the front and side. Sometimes its my upper leg. When they itch, it feels like they are itchy from the bones. I end up itching them so much that I tear my legs open, and usually get a faint scar. They seem dry usually, but are as smooth and soft as my hands are. Ive even gotten cream from my Doctor, but that doesnt even work. I have lived from PA to FL, and I still itch.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone! There used to be an 'itchy arm' forum started in 2000 on PiA, but was disbanned today. Anyway, I was a member there since 2008 and have had itchy arms for 8 years myself. Thank goodness I found out what was causing mine after 7 years. I did ALOT of research and found out about brachioradial pruritus and it's various causes. Many of the "Deep" itches talked about are actually nerve related which is why neurontin helps. It's also why ice helps...
Avatar m tn My sister is having a skin infection. It's reddish and circular in color and itchy. I have uploaded the picture of the same and uploaded it on tinypic, so that you can have a clear view of the condition. Picture link
Avatar n tn i think the problem is spreading as now my other thigh is starting to show same symptoms and is itself itchy but not as bad as the left one. I think ive got a skin disease but darnt go to see the doctor. i had a similar issue on my left wrist although this has cleared up becuase i left it alone long enough. Im at my wits end, i itch in my sleep and it makes my wife unhappy with me moving around and fidgetting all the time.
Avatar m tn I've had an itchy anus for a while now,I'm talking a good couple of months and now I've noticed 2 spots near the anus.Ive been scratching alot and ive also shaved around that area to try and stop the itching,is that the cause of the spots?? I have a rash around the anus too.
Avatar n tn I have similar sounding problem. Very itchy and dry looking skin round the eye area, including the bridge of my nose. One eye is worse than the other. I have tried vaseline, aloe vera gel, even steroid cream which the doc prescribed after diagnosing blepharitis. I don't think it's blepharitis as a lot of the symptoms don't match, eg I don't have crusty or sticky eyes in the morning any more than is normal. Have trawled the net and can't find anything other than an allergic problem.
Avatar n tn even my palms and soles would become itchy just like on the skin. Even the inside of my ear was affected by it. Something strange about this rash is that if my skin is completely clear and if someone holds it roughly, it would start itching profusely at that spot and the blotchy rashh would appear there. One day, I noticed that when i went out early morning , it was very cold, my face was completely clear when i left home, but in 10 minutes, it was completely red and a bit swollen.
Avatar m tn And also where the skin is the thinnest and most sensitive. And where it rubs back and forth across it. So it happened on your penis for it is sensitive! And as for the tightness in your neck because the weight of the shirt hold the threads against you my friend. This means your bodies defenses against it are getting weaker and so it is starting to show in more places for you. And soon if not already comes other ways you will react. Like not getting to sleep well, and waking up often.
Avatar n tn If you are having a horribly itchy scalp, itchy forehead, red bumps on scalp or face, dry skin, itchyface, "eczema" pimples on the scalp or most terribly the itchy scalp that will not go away that leads to hair loss; you have probably come in contact with a person who has one of these symptoms in their mouth or have touched an object after they have had their hands in or around their mouth. You may even be the carrier.
Avatar f tn I had anal sex with my girlfriend after this I got this problem It cures couple of days and comes back again it itches sometime. What causes this problem? Any cure for this?
Avatar m tn I absolutely love using it on my skin tho!! Yes, I even did the nose thing because my nose is dry and itchy. Makes life smell better, for sure!!
Avatar n tn It's only my right palm that itches and its only in one spot, not the whole entire palm. And my bump isn't itchy, it's skin colored and looks as though it's underneath the palm. I'm going to a neurologist tomorrow because a GP thought it can be nerve damage. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn I have to watch out though because sometimes I'll notice the area stays too moist so I have to spread out the cocoa butter more later. And sometimes the area right between my scrotum/thighs will get irritated and the skin gets itchy and irritated and will start to form a circle-ish area of irritated skin that will start to look smooth and shiny. That's when I have to use a steroid cream.
288415 tn?1231634102 No running in ears but still maddening external itching. Crusty **** can be scraped off the itchy area. Its like dried onion skin. C'mon I know I am not the only one with this ****. Help!
Avatar f tn I've tested every scenario I can think of and have concluded that weather, clothing, temperature, creams, dry skin, laundry detergent, medication, hydration...has nothing to do with it. I'm really frustrated by this and must say the symptoms scare me a little. I've read all sorts of stuff and the only thing that makes sense is a histamine response. As I'm typing this my husband has decided he's going for a run! How I would love to join him!!!
Avatar n tn I read that dabbing itchy legs with neat Dettol once a day cures the problem. And so it has for me. It makes sense. Bacteria breeds in patches on warm damp skin, and makes it itch. Scratching carries the infection - as do tights, socks, the contents of jars of unguents kept in warm bathrooms. Maintain scrupulous hygeine - boil your tights or replace! - and both the rash and the itch disappears. .
Avatar n tn I have blisters on several of my toes (on both feet) and it's not from athlete's foot or poor shoes. The blisters are extremely itchy/sore and are the size of a pea. I have one on each of the first 3 toes starting with my big toe. They are mostly on top of my toe between the last knuckle and my toenail, but one is on the side/tip of one toe. They are not true blisters in that there is no fluid sack. It is simply a very swollen and red hive. It seems like really firm and inflamed tissue.
Avatar f tn all itchy arm sufferers....please look into brachioradial pruritus. My arms, and only my arms, have itched for 10 years. no rashes, no psiorias, excema etc. The creams, allergery list is extensive as to what I have tried but nothing worked. ---------------The only thing that helps are ice packs.
Avatar n tn I have had flaky skin and small excoriations associated with them just beneath the head of the penis only. I have put lotion on the area however nothing seems to cure the problem. I have no other symptons or anything and i am not aware of any std concerns. I am wondering what this might be and what simple cures i could explore?
Avatar m tn Hi my name is Samir. I have been suffering from an extremely itchy skin rash for at least 5 years. It started on my eyelids, and the doctor prescribed me a cortisone cream, but the problem is recurring to this day. Then 4 years ago, i developed a skin rash in my groin area around my testicles and on the inner thighs and around the anus. then this year, the problem has spread to my lower stomach, underneath the elbows, and the sides of my neck.
Avatar n tn Every spring for the past three years, a skin rash has appeared on my shins, starting with my left leg, eventually moving to my right leg and minimally on my forearms. The rash consists of small red bumps that look similar to acne, it is extremely itchy, then is blisters and pops (whether I itch it or not) leaving a scab. It does not spread to any other areas of my body, my spouse and children don't catch it from me and it is not in my underarms or genitalia.