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Avatar n tn Hi, This could be due to acne/imples/ or infection of the hair follicles called folliculitis or some bacterial infection/ fungal infction or some skin nodules etc. Nothing can be said with surety without having a look at the lesions. It would be best to reconsult your doctor about your symptoms if they do not resolve and get a proper clinical examination. Keep the area clean and wear clothes washed in a few drops of chlorhexidine preferably and dried in the sun.
Avatar f tn Ratino A Cream is used to treat acne. It works by reducing the skin problem and infection that you might get due to various reasons. Every one of us has different skin and hence you should not share this cream with others. You will be surprised to know that this cream peel off the infected area of skin and improve the pigmentation. This is done by eliminating melanin in the dermis. Therefore, purchase Ratino A cream and get glowing skin and be happy.
Avatar f tn Every time I'm done washing my face I use a toner (Stridex sensitive acne clearing pads) this helps remove any extra dirt/oil from the skin and treats acne with the salicylic acid it contains. Next would be a spot treatment for active pimples. There are two types: ones with salicylic acid and ones with benzoyl peroxide. I find benzoyl doesn't work for me so I use salicylic acid but your skin may react differently.
Avatar n tn I am 16 years old. I have acne and spots all over my forehead and cheeks(not severe but still quite a lot). I haven't seen a doctor for it. But it makes me look bad. I always scratch it and the skin comes off. MY friends say it happens due 2 puberty and it will go away in a year or more. Could anyone please help me? I wash my face with water 2-3 times a day and use a cleanser for removing oil.
Avatar n tn I have got a skin infection under neeth my nose & lips both side. I have acne problem & some white flor like substance comes out when i squese the black spots which hav *** on my skin. suggest me some medicine for this.
1387625 tn?1279692526 How long does it take for a skin infection to go away on antibiotics? I got burnt a couple weeks ago on my chest and shoulders really bad. I had water blisters and everything. Once the burn healed I started getting a rash. It looks like acne. So I tried cleaning the area and ended up spreading on my neck and the rest of my chest that wasn't already infected. I went to the doctor and they said I had a skin infection of some sort. She put me on an antibiotic called Cephalexin.
Avatar n tn Hair follicles that are blocked by greasy creams, petroleum jelly, or similar products are more vulnerable to infection. Bacterial skin infections can be spread by shared cosmetics or washcloths, close human contact, or by contact with pus from a boil or carbuncle. Apply warm compresses on the boil and keep the area clean. Drainage of the boil is done only when it becomes soft and forms a head.
Avatar n tn I went to my pharmacist, who told me to go to the emergency room where I was given oral antibiotics for a skin infection. I later called my doctor, who said it had been listed as impetigo. Everything was fine, but then about six months later it happened again. My mother pointed out that my chin had turned red, and the next day the little spots were back. I went to my doctor again, who said it wasn't impetigo but just 'spotted infection', and gave me an antibiotic cream to put on it.
Avatar n tn Is this just acne, a minor skin infection, or something that I should have a doctor look at? I realize diagnosing over the internet is not ideal, but I currently just have catastrophic health insurance, and the office visits add up! Lastly, with MRSA, would an infection of that sort get progressively worse, or would it present, and stay as, a small pimple? Thanks in advance for your time and advise.
Avatar n tn Hi These black spots when have you noted these ? Did they occur at about the same time as that of the acne or is it present after the acne has resolved? Black spots associated with acne, may be due to a postinflammatory skin reaction secondary to the acne. Acne may cause scarring and darkening of the affected areas. This may be readily managed using vitamin E creams and bleaching creams given that the acne has resolved and there are no breaks on the skin. Does this apply to what you have?
Avatar f tn Hi! This summer I thought I had acne, but I just went to the Doctor and I have a staph infection on my face. I have been on antibiotics for the last five months and have taken various forms of antibiotics(Keflex, doxycycline, minocycline, tetracycline) and I was wondering how long does it take for the blisters to completely stop?
Avatar n tn Everytime I pinch my face pus comes out (as if popping a pimple). It's gross. I do not have pimples/acne/scarring, nor is my skin irritated/red. Initially, the problem started on my the top/sides of my nose and across the cheekbones. However, it has now spread to my entire face area except my forehead. Again, there are no pimples, breakouts, nor scarring as people normally describe them.
Avatar f tn So I know about baby acne being on the face but I gave him a bath today nd its all over his body. Is that possible nd wat can I do to clear it up?
Avatar n tn However, we have to ascertain what could be causing the neck infection. If it was a bacterial or fungal infection, then the infection could have affected the face. However, you have not mentioned of any open wound on the neck or any reason which could have facilitated the spread of the infection. Differentials at this point will be severe forms of acne, rosacea and a bacterial or fungal infection. I suggest that a swab be done over the affected skin of the face.
Avatar f tn From the description of your symptoms and the history of acne, cystic acne is an important possibility. Cysts are the most serious kind of acne blemish. They feel like soft, fluid-filled lumps under the skin's surface which are painful. Treatment options for such acne include a longer course of oral antibiotics, Accutane, intralesional steroid injections and surgical excision and drainage.
Avatar f tn I haven't really struggled with acne since junior high. I had a little pregnancy acne with my first son during my first trimester, but it went away and my skin was gorgeous. I'm 9 weeks along in my second pregnancy and I am so embarrassed of my face right now. Not only did I recently get braces put on my teeth at age 25, but my face is breaking out and taking forever to clear up!
Avatar m tn ive got them from the head to toe but not in big looks like acne a bit...and they itch now and then quite badly!...the most where they occur is just behind the hair under the hair lining and my shoulder and my bum basically...where do they come from?.... Also ive notice where the spots grow its like if the hair hormone is blocked and its just starts building puss....i guess... pls help.....
Avatar f tn I am writing this to let anyone else suffering and fustrated with a skin infection. Also, could the infection have been caused from the hair towel. (mold? yeast?) This discussion is related to <a href=''>Fungus, Mold or Skin Allergy</a>.
Avatar f tn and I believe he associates them with the Bartonella co-infection. I get them on my face but mostly on my forarms, chest, and legs beneath the knee. Unlike regular acne, these bumps have a very hard white inside that doesn't "pop" and is also very slow to heal. Even after the bump goes down, a red mark persists for months. I've had these on my arms consistently for years so that I forget that they should not be there. They don't itch or otherwise both me.
6619975 tn?1383079810 Hello, Cystic acne are caused by infection which occur deep inside the skin surface. In such condition there may be pus formation which can lead to spread of infection. Oily skin, decreased intake of water, stress, increased intake of sugar containing foods all can lead to pimples, boils etc.Do not pop or prick pimples. Fluid filled acne usually respond well to topical treatment.Retinoids unclog pores and prevent pores from clogging.
Avatar m tn Itching also known as pruritis, is a symptom of a wide variety of conditions. It can result from dry skin, infection, inflammation, allergy, insect bites, fungal infection, dermatitis, allergies, hives, scabies or liver diseases causing jaundice. You could try using OTC anti-pruritic ointments and see if these seem to help. If you do not see an improvement you may consider an evaluation by a primary care physician or a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.
Avatar n tn It's also possible that you have a skin fungal infection caused by Malassezia species. They occur in naturally oily areas on the upper back, shoulders, and sometimes upper chest. I'm not sure if an antibiotic would work against a fungal infection, if that's what you have. You might need to ask the dermatologist about this.
520369 tn?1212974865 Just to point out as this is common, don't scrub your skin really hard daily as this will leave you with dry sour skin and most of the protective oils on your skin could be washed off, thus leaving you at more risk to infection. So when washing your face, don't use massive force. Also, they say what you eat has a effect over your spots, this is not true, as spots are made as a result of hormones in your skin.
Avatar m tn Rosacea is a completely different skin condition. There is no such thing as adult acne, versus acne present at any other age. acne is a skin condition in which a person of any age has persistent pimples, weather cystic or not. Pimples "white heads, "blackheads" are the result of the body expelling acne bacteria from the pores.