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Avatar n tn PIH is very common among acne sufferers. It can occur in all skin types, although it is more common in darker skin tones. PIH is not a true scar and is the remnant of an inflamed acne lesion. Picking or popping a pimple increases the chance of developing postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. PIH will fade away over time, even without treatment. It can take three to 24 months for PIH to fully fade, although in some cases it may take longer.
Avatar f tn I have uneven patches on my face; some parts are dark brown then the others. I also have acne scars on my face as well. What's a good cream for this? By the way, I have very sensitive skin. If a product doesn't match up to my skin properly, my skin turns red. Write back ASAP. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Hello, I cannot confirm anything without examination but it might be due to chloasma of pregnancy.It is a tan or dark facial skin discoloration. Although it can affect anyone, melasma is particularly common in women, especially pregnant women and those who are taking oral or patch contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The treatment includes various skin creams like hydroquinone, azelaic acid, corticosteroids, tretinoin cream and laser treatment.
Avatar n tn I was wondering how to treat skin discoloration. I have severe sking discoloration on my upper inner thighs. The skin is darker in areas. I use to heat up heating pad repeatedly and place it in my lap and I thought that may have been the cause. I have stopped heating it up but the skin discoloration is still there. I think it tends to get worse in the cold. I am not sure if my weight loss may be a factor.
Avatar n tn I have skin discoloration from bruise, insect bites,cut or burn after healing it leaves a spot that never goes away. I am 39 years and I have had this problem since I was teenager. I use bleaching creams for a period of two weeks or less as long there is no sign of improvement I discontinue.
Avatar m tn Since February of this year, whenever a bit of acne shows up on my face, no matter if I pick it, treat it or leave it alone, it always leaves behind a red discoloration. I began pondering whether or not this is acne scarring, but when I rub my fingers over the spots they are totally smooth, just as if I had rubbed a marker on my skin. This isn't just happening on my face, either: these discolorations are appearing on my back, legs and anywhere else I get bumps.
Avatar f tn I had a huge pimple on my nose almost a year ago, it faded, and a few months ago i noticed a red spot in its place. It's not big, it's only visible under the sun, or certain lightings. It's a really tiny bump, I can feel it if i compare to other skin on my nose. It's really annoying though. I've apply acne treatment on it daily, and I am on acne meds, and nothing happens. What should I do?
Avatar m tn Without treatment, this usually takes about 6 months to resolve and for the skin color to go back to its normal color. If the symptoms persist then please get it evaluated from a dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar n tn I am a 42 year old female who has already experienced menopause due to chemotherapy when I was younger. My skin is awful! I have discoloration, large pores, and acne like a teenager! I have avoided going to a dermatologist, but really would like improve my appearance. Family doctor gave me a low does antibiotic to take when I have bad breakouts, but I really hate taking meds all the time.
Avatar f tn A common treatment for cystic acne is Isotretinoin, which cures most acne in about 90% of patients. In sever cases a course of oral antibiotics are also recommended. After cysts have mostly healed, macules, or "pseudo scars" may form. Macules are red patches of skin, sometimes raised slightly, where cysts used to be, and may resemble cysts in their appearance.
17456918 tn?1460948562 My son is almost 3 years using Viread (TDF) but does not experience nail discoloration. He did have a lot of acne on his face in the early months but its gone. According to Stef this acne has nothing to do with taking Viread but perhaps more because of not so clean bed sheets, etc.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 46 years old and I have sensitive and oily/com skin, I started to get acne in my late 20's and it is worse than ever....I have gone to many dermotologists over the years and tried just about everything, it works for a while than I have the same problem. I get bumps around my chin area and also in my t zone area and sometimes it take weeks to get rid of them, I have a lot of scaring and discoloration and my pores very large..
Avatar n tn s Even Better Skin Tone Corrector, which fades the discoloration acne leaves behind.
Avatar m tn This is because anti-androgens and oestrogens block the effect of acne-causing hormones on the skin. These can be prescribed for acne whether birth control is needed or not. Your daughter will need to use such medications for a long as she is prone to acne. If she stops taking them too soon, her acne will return. Best Wishes, Eloise.
Avatar m tn This condition is produced by the proliferation of the lipophilic yeast, Malassezia furfur which is part of the normal flora of human skin. It can occur at any age but is most commonly seen in young adults.
Avatar f tn I believe abrasion on my skin causes acne breakouts. Ever since using back scrubbers, acne appeared and left acne scars after disappearing. I totally lost my confidence in dressing up for summer and I cant go shirtless, I'm forced to wear a shirt when I go swimming and its bothersome. My self-esteem has hit rock bottom ever since these deep scars appeared. I never knew skin could do that.
Avatar n tn What is the best treatment to combat acne the most occurs around the jawline, and I have discoloration from sun exposure on my left cheek unless it's from birth control, and my skin does not seem as soft and supple as I would like. I see smile lines around my mouth, and some fine lines by my eyes. I am using Clenziderm, which is potent for the acne. I go to get facials every 4-6 weeks in which they use blue light and I have a mini micro....
Avatar f tn I never had problems with acne or pimples always had clear even skin. Now I'm getting discoloration an acne an I'm going crazy. Any ladies experiencing this? Any suggestions? next sometimes along with smelly discharge I get an itchy feeling down there sorry if tmi but any one experiencing some of the same things?
Avatar n tn I originally thought they were acne, but the discoloration has stayed many months later. Does anyone know what they are and if the skin will naturally or through treatment return to normal color? By the way, the second upper black spot arose several months after the first. I hope more will not grow in the future. By the way, I'm a few years past puberty. Attached is a picture for reference. Thanks. [IMG]
Avatar f tn Hi. Acne is a skin condition which occurs on oil-rich areas of skin, such as face, chest and back. I suggest you repost this question in the Dermatology forum, as what you describe does not sound like acne. Eloise.
Avatar n tn I would suggest a repeat biopsy of the skin scrapings as treatment is different for both and confirmation of the diagnosis has to be done. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was told by multiple dermatologists that I no longer have tinea versicolor and that sometimes it will take a while for the discoloration to disappear. I still have the white spots all over my body, and it's more than 1.5 years. I've tried bleaching cream and that didn't work. I did some research online on how to get rid of the discoloration but the results were contradicting.
Avatar f tn I am a 24 year old female. At the age of 12 I started getting a red discoloration on my cheeks, slightly above my eyebrows, and a little on my chin which was slightly flaky. I do have dandruff in my hair. I was diagnosed with Seborrheic Dermatitis by my dermatologist at the age of 21. Not knowing any better when I was younger I tried everything over the counter for acne, but I didn't have acne. I definitely do not have rosacea because I never got pustules.