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Avatar m tn They sell creams to kill them in the nose and I read about some kind of bath to eradicate them off your skin. I dont know if these are temporary fixes or not, meaning they just severely lower their count on your person.
Avatar m tn there is a firmness to it but no real hardness or hard spot is it just an abscess? looked at all the different std's on line and none really look like it other than one picture I found of chikrins? I believe it was called.
Avatar n tn I've had an abscess on my gum area that started in my tooth for about a week. I've been on antibiotics (clindamycin 150 MG) for 5 days with painkillers. I've been swollen the entire time and have knot on my jaw. The dentist wont lance it because it hasn't come to a head yet. So, do I go to urgent care, or wait it out to see if it will ever come to a head? Thanks!
Avatar m tn I had an LVI princess crown on my tooth behind the extracted tooth which was pulled off during my extraction. Dentist put my crown back on then said due to the abscess the tooth should drain. My question is twofold after 2 weeks i(btw the 'clot' is in place over the hole') should my lips and jaw be swollen and should my LVI crown be missisfitting? LVI uses light to bond crowns - this dentist used a glue to re-bond my crown I am concerned that I may have an infection with the glue they used.
1219288 tn?1266694789 went to the ER this morning because Boil Had gotten bigger and PAINFUL!!! IT WAS exactly in the same area as the last one. meaning that it was not completely lanced the first time. DO YOU THINK THAT I SHOULD HAVE CONTINUED TO SEE A PCP??? LOL.. JUST wondering!!! just do not think that would have helped considering that the PAIN WAS BEYOND INTENSE!!!
Avatar f tn I was just wondering if its really necessary to take antibiotics every time I get an abscess? I got an abscess last Saturday and on Monday my breast surgeon drained it and put me on antibiotics for 10 days. And now I have another abscess that appeared while on the antibiotics. I'm going back tomorrow to see the surgeon and know when she sees the other abscess she's gonna put me on antibiotics again. Just wondering if this is the protocol for everyone?
Avatar m tn I have an upper left molar which required an emergency root canal during a hiking trip in France due to an abscess in 2011. They redid the root canal (or finished it anyhow) when I returned home, but were not entirely happy with how it was done. Since then, I've had fleeting pain around the tooth, but repeated xrays showed nothing at all unusual. In October 2013 I was in Hong Kong for a job interview and the gum above the tooth became sore and bruised.
Avatar m tn He said my abscess should go away by itself. It's been a week and the abscess has not gone down at all. Should I be worried? I have another appointment in a few days. Just wondering since my dentist doesn't seem to like telling me things. And he doesn't seem to really care for that matter. What should I tell my dentist? Should I proceed with the final stage of root canal? If he tells me it's okay to proceed that is.
Avatar f tn By the limited information i gather from your querstion i understand that there is an interval developement of a hypodense lesion meaning that this wasnt present in the earlier scans. If the other clinical history which is not given in the query is of a maligancy it amy indicate secondaries in liver. Other wise it can be anything from an abscess to neoplasm. Possible choices for further assement include, Follow up or Histopathology.
Avatar f tn It doesn't hurt, sometimes gets itchy (but usually better after cleaning), other than that doesn't bother me. My bowel movements (over the past year or so) have been so-so, meaning some days it goes smoothly, others it's a mess and sometimes it just doesn't happen. Do they look like hemorrhoids? Maybe skin tags? I have no clue. Please help!
629069 tn?1222791157 The common ear related causes include infection of the middle or internal ear, eustachian tube dysfunction, trauma to the tympanic membrane, acute mastoiditis (abscess), etc. The earache may also be caused as a referred pain, meaning the pathology lies in some other region. Some of these include dental disorders, sinusitis, temporomandibular joint dysfunctions and neck problems.
Avatar n tn The common ear related causes include infection of the middle or internal ear, eustachian tube dysfunction, trauma to the tympanic membrane, abscess, mastoiditis, etc. The earache may also be caused as a referred pain, meaning the pathology lies in some other region. Some of these include dental disorders, sinusitis, temporomandibular joint dysfunctions, neck problems and osteoarthritis.
Avatar n tn They don't itch and they are not filled with abscess unlike acne. When I pinch them strongly a yellow like liquid comes out of them. I feel a certain inconvenience when I lean my elbows on a desk but other than that I only noticed them when my girlfriend asked me about it. Please see the following link for a picture of my left elbow in case the attached picture doesn't show : (copy & paste) http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/814/img1906l.
1974283 tn?1425612724 The reason is because the immunity that is generated by an intranasal vaccine is IgA, meaning it is a localized immunity that is set up ONLY in the nasal passages. Parenteral vaccines, meaning injected vaccines, provide an immunity that is IgG, meaning a generalized body-wide immunity. Keep a close eye on that shoulder. If you see any swelling or if she continues to be very painful, please take her to the vet for treatment.
Avatar f tn During cancer treatment we generally recommend maintaining a steady weight - meaning not to increase or decrease weight by more than 10% of baseline. You may want to have a discussion with a registered dietician who can discuss and advise you regarding your specific nutrition concerns during treatment.
Avatar m tn Hi malamte, I understand that you don't have money to see a vet at the moment, but a veterinarian is the only one who can diagnose the fluid lump under your dogs jaw.
Avatar n tn Each time the symptoms seem to disappear and the WBC count comes low on a clearer prostatic fluid, then there is a sudden reincrease wiht WBC count climbing to around 200 to 300 per hpf with some white precipitate visible in the prostatic fluid, so seemingly the result of opening of clogged ducts(lately there has also been precipitate at other drainages even on the improvement phase of the cycle). WHAT IS THE MEANING OF ALL THAT?
Avatar n tn I did this (anal masturbation) a few times over the course of a year, then got epididymitis for the first time, took the medicine, symptoms went away, then did anal masturbation one time, and it came back . Urine test was negative, meaning everything was fine there and got an ultrasound of my testicles and that was fine too, along with a cat scan ruling out kidney stones.
Avatar f tn A team of 3 neurologists then came to me and said they studied the scans, and all results appeared to be artifacts (meaning mess ups on the scans) I had a spinal tap done, been having migraines for 3 months. I have LOTS of health anxiety. I am afraid that because my WBC is elevated to 14 I could have meningitis but none of the doctors ever brought it up with me. Can someone help me interpret these results? I am really scared, thank you.
Avatar f tn Hi all! I have had GM since July 2012..I wonder if takes more than 2 years to go away..it is much better now, but not sure if the breast feels normal again when GM is gone or not. My ultrasounds show only "deep" lumps, meaning that they do not come to surface but have "pus" (not infection) inside and need to be "needle drained" (if I touch my breast I cannot even tell they are there). Anyone? Take care!
Avatar n tn I am 45 years old, 3 breast biopsies and sister died of breast cancer. On April, 8 2005 I had a sonogram done.The following is the diagnosis. The patient was referred to us for a mass in the right side. She indicated a mass which is located in the axillary line far from the breast tissue and this appears to be a hypoechoic mass located under the skin. This is at least 12cm lateral from the nipple beyond the breast parenchyma in the 10 o'clock axis. The mass measures 0.67x0.44cm in diameter.
Avatar n tn I had a root canal done about a year ago. It has never been right... meaning not totally comfortable. I thought this might just be due to the crown being a little high and me having to get used to it. Went to the dentist yesterday and he x rayed it. Saw a gray area around the bottoms of the roots (its a rear molar) He seemed concerned that it is an abscess and referred me to an Endodontist. I'm just wondering what kind of procedure they will do to correct it?
168348 tn?1379360675 In the meantime this darn stitch abscess thing is such a pain in the neck ... the actual pain of the abscessy thing is much better, but there is a white patch ready to erupt at any given moment .. what hurts even more are 3 (yes, now 3 and not just 2) lymph glands in the neck under the adam's apple and into the scar .. they are swollen and hurt like heck .. paratracheal glands are 2 of them and haven't had time to look up what the 3rd one is now.
Avatar m tn what an extremely waste of time. My abscess is the size of a softball (no exaggeration), the area is red and warm to the touch. Although, I am allergic to all antibiotics I have been on, he wants me to give another one a try with an anti-histimine and an epi-pen standing by. THEN said...."I'll see you in 7 weeks". WHAT THE HECK?! The pain isn't too bad yet but, I know as this abscess continues to grow that it will become painful.
Avatar n tn Possible triggers of a transient ICP increase in the clinical setting include prone positioning, suctioning, painful procedures, coughing, straining, REM sleep, and abnormal respiratory patterns. A sustained rise in ICP is seen when any added volume (mass, blood, abscess, cerebral edema) exceeds compensatory mechanisms. The magnitude of the increase depends on the amount and accumulation rate of the additional volume and the total volume of the intracranial cavity.
168348 tn?1379360675 I keep using hot soaks on the abscess and thinking why is it not keeping the heat and keep reheating it!!! .. and then I put the area to my forearm and realize I cannot feel the heat properly!!!!! So I, too, have some numbness but not to the extent I know it unless I pinch it or apply heat!
Avatar n tn He did however repeat the CT in April to air on the side of caution. The results were stable from January 06. Meaning no growth was detected, and they were still enlarged. Today I had some routine blood work for night sweats, my WBC again came back elevated at 18.3 I have to go back again for a follow up.. My question is, could these 2 be connected? And if so how? Am I looking at something bad,or something simple? Thanks in Advance!
Avatar f tn Also a partial/total colectomy can sometimes be performed laparoscopically which reduces the severity and trauma of the surgery. - has your stepfather undergone a colonoscopy which will visualise the diverticular problem-site/abscess etc?? If so can the problem be cured by cauterisation via the colonoscope?? I note that you live in Kambalda which, I believe, is a small mining town in the remote Nullabor Plane area??
1590446 tn?1297152070 When the pain does come it's hard to get adequate oxygen meaning I feel like I have to take long deep breaths just to feel like im not loosing my breath. And when it hurts it almost feels heavy or like someone is holding my rib down and thats why my lungs cant expand. It also seems to be worse when lying down flat on my back. I have had an x-ray for this which came back normal. But that was a couple years ago. I can tell something is definately wrong but cant seem to figure out what.
Avatar m tn Other possibilities could be cholecystitis (inflammation of gall bladder), stones in gall bladder, abscess under the diaphragm (often missed by ultrasounds), liver problems or due to duodenal ulcer. If pain is slightly on the lower side then inflammatory bowel conditions, colitis etc should be ruled out. It can also be food intolerance, so log in what you eat and symptoms as they come and see if there is a correlation. If you had any surgery in past, then it can even be adhesions.