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Avatar n tn I know the infection will not totally subside until I have the tooth removed, but I'm just wondering how long before the swelling might subside. Also, what would happen if the abscess were to burst? I know my dentist mentioned that if it got worse to report to an ER...but what did he mean by "worse"?
Avatar n tn My question is do you think this antibiotic will kill the infection and when will the swelling go down. The appointment to have my tooth removed isn't until the 10th of april. I've never had an infection in my mouth before so it's got me really worried. My tooth did stop hurting mostly though since my cheek swelled up, not sure why, is that good? Thanks, and any advice will be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Also, not taking care of an abscess tooth and the infection going into your blood stream in severe cases can cause death.
Avatar m tn i go see my dentist this week for a follow up and hopefully get the tooth removed. i feel your pain with the money issue i don't have dental coverage either. but believe me it is worth getting this taken care of. don't wait to long. by the time i got to the er the doctor told me that my abscess was 1 inch by 3/8 of an inch big. that is pretty large for an abscess. with something like this the longer you put it off the worst it will get. hope you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn see both then make a choice endo and a surgeon thats what I did and made the choice for the tooth to be removed and an implant put in. I made the right choice in my case the tooth could not be saved and the implant is amazing better than my real tooth. I chose the later after hearing there was no garantee another root canal would take and if it did maybe for a year or two and I did not want to go to one then have the other a few years later.
Avatar f tn The only possible reason for this abscess that I can think of is that about a year ago, my front tooth got the corner chipped off. Please respond asap... I am a worrier!! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/652619'>dental abscess</a>.
Avatar f tn I had an absessed tooth removed last week and I still have a bit of a lump or swelling in my jaw bone. Is this normal and does it take along time to recover. I am also on antibiotics still.
Avatar m tn My implant was completed 4 months ago with the crown and out of nowhere I got an abscess in the same spot of my gums above the tooth. Much smaller than other time and no pain or swelling. Can you get an infection and not have to have the tooth removed? Does this happen? Thank you.
Avatar n tn From the antibiotics? Or the actual abscess.. I read somewhere that it is possible for the abscess to still linger until all the dead cells are removed so the taste/smell can linger. Any ideas? I am not in horrible pain so I don't believe it is a dry socket. I can't really describe the taste other than unpleasent. Also, brownish small globs were coming out of the area the night after my extraction.
Avatar f tn After the crown prep, had periodic pain in both so asked dentist to place crowns with temp cement in case root canal became necessary. Experienced severe galvanic shock. Removed temps and had root canals on both teeth. Continued to have severe pressure sensitivity on 19 and some on 18. Dentist insisted on placing perm crowns - different crown materials (about six weeks ago.) Afterwards, pressure sensitivity improved but gum swelled on the linqual side.
20847907 tn?1534543344 can tooth abscess cause a lymph node to rise i had it removed and the dentist said that there was an infection inside the tooth under the crown ( he said the tooth was split via xray ) but as he took the tooth out he said it had infection of it and gave me antibiotics
Avatar n tn Hello.. I recently had an emergency abscess drained and a tooth removed because of the infection. I had the draining done on a Sunday morning and the extraction done on Monday morning. Monday morning I was very nauseuated, prior to the extraction. The dentist said this was normal. My face swelling had went down alot, but was not back to normal size. After the extraction (day 3) I am still nauseated at times. My face is still swollen, though not as bad.
Avatar m tn Hi, I had crown done following the root canal treatment on 14th tooth 3 years ago due to a regular recurring abscess. After the root canal treatment and crown, i used to get abscess at exactly the same location every now and then but that time with no pain. A month ago the abscess recurred again after a long while, so i went to a dentist (a different this time since i have moved places). He suggested that the previous root canal was not done properly and that the crown had to be removed.
Avatar n tn So, last night it started to drain, so I assisted it every hour or so and this morning its sore (where i drained), but a lot smaller, still there though, but hopefully confident its on its way to getting sorted out ;) I'll keep you guys up to date...
Avatar n tn Is tooth #3 overfilled? It looks like some of the material may have been extruded beyond the bottom of the tooth?? They do look like sloppy jobs...
Avatar n tn Can I fly to Europe with a tooth abscess that is only visble on X-ray. I have no symptoms or swelling. My dentist says I must have the tooth removed before flying.
Avatar m tn I have had an abscess above a broken tooth for about 6 months now. Lately I have been getting throat irritation, ear pressure/pain, fatigue. and some headaches. I have also been having anxiety attacks. I am curious if this could be related to the infection in my mouth. I have an appointment to get the tooth removed on june 07 but I would like to know if I might need to see a medical doctor also about my symptoms.
Avatar n tn I have previously posted about my tooth abscess but I have more questions: June 1st went to ER for swollen face/gums/jaw and was prescribed penicillin vk 500 mg every six hours. 10 days worth. June 7th face seemed more swollen and extreme pain. Went to dentist and as in waiting room my abscess burst. They rushed me in and squeezed all the puss and blood out. Dentist wanted me to start another antibiotic but no money so had to wait to go to a free clinic. June 11th went to free clinic.
Avatar m tn I had a tooth extracted about 6 months ago, but a piece of the root was left in the gum. Recently I developed an abscess from the root and went back to my dentist. He gave me amoxicillin which I finished taking a few days ago, but the gum boil is still there. It's like a big lump on my gum. I've been referred to have the root fragment removed by a different dentist, but the appointment isn't for another 2 months. Should I worry that the gum boil is still there? Should I go back to my dentist?
Avatar m tn Now I have an abscess on my gum and jaw adjacent to that tooth. I have made an appointment to see a specialist but it will take 2 weeks to be seen. Should I try to get an emergency appointment to get some antibiotics going or should I just wait and see if the abscess doesn't get any worse? Also, why did thhis happen when I had a root canal in the first place?
Avatar n tn There's not much you can do for an abscess front tooth. If the abscess stays because the tooth is present, it can damage the adult tooth underneath so removing it is the best option.
Avatar f tn I had an extraction of a baby tooth 6 days ago, dentist told me there was an abscess and the tooth had to be removed. I don't have a permanent tooth over it. The abscess got better within 48 hours of extraction. After 4 days I noticed that one of the sides of the extraction site started to get swollen so i went back to the dentist. He told me there was no infection and recommended to rinse with warm salt water. Today its the 6th day.
Avatar f tn After a panoramic radiograph he told me my upper left molar (tooth 15) needed to be removed as it had an abscess forming at the root. He convinced me to have bone grafting done at the same time in the event I wanted to proceed with an implant down the line. This was done on a Friday. By Monday the pain was still so severe I called the office and was told I should give it another day or 2 and if there was no improvement they would see me the next day, which is today.