Abscess formation spinal anesthesia

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Avatar n tn This time the dr ordered the CPM unit for home use and I have been in it 18 hours a day (yup sleep in it) at 120 degrees to maintain range of motion and minimize scar tissue formation. I have been in therapy 4 days a week. Lets hope this is it however my dr states that it is nothing that I have done just my bodies reaction to the trauma of surgery - genetic thing that they can not test for. So if you have continued swelling, pain, warmth etc. don't take it will get better with time.
299940 tn?1192322967 i think that if your ent believes you need surgery... GO FOR IT!! mine told me it would be a month before i see any real differences, with the anesthesia and pain meds and antibiotics the first couple weeks are gunna be hard, but it will all be worth it. i am 10 days post surgery and i still have pain everywhere occassionally or even all the time and i havent been sleeping very well... i can't smell or taste much or blow my nose.....