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Avatar f tn i have found out that its a cyst and it turned into an abscess and burst yesturday the doctors perscribed me with anti-biotics but i feel sick taken the capsules as the cyrup do i have to take them cant i just keep the area clean
Avatar f tn More specifically it is called Amoebic Liver Abscess. The abscess, if it is one, is relative small and can be cured by antibiotics. No need to go in for aspiration. It is 100% curable. Also go in for a blood test along with a liver function test to test the levels of the enzymes. But, FIRST consult a good gastroenterologist. I wouldnt worry if I were you.
Avatar m tn Thus anything that stretches the capsule can cause liver pain. The common liver diseases that stretch the capsule are tumors that grow within the liver and inflammation of the liver that occurs, for example, with hepatitis of any cause. In the latter case, an accumulation of inflammatory cells and fluid within the liver is what stretches the capsule.
Avatar m tn She is also Type I Diabetic and suffers from CIDP. Her gastroenterologist has performed a colonoscopy, capsule endoscopy, ultrasound, ct scan, and gastric emptying test. He has not been able to find anything beyond a slightly fatty liver which he is not concerned about. The pain is getting increasingly unbearable for her and the doctor said he might just write it off as IBS, but I am very uncomfortable about this. Is there something else we should be looking at?
1689583 tn?1387752394 s Capsule, which is a sheath of connective tissue which contains the liver. Upon liver inflammation the liver can swell and distend the capsule which causes discomfort "The death of liver cells triggers the dispatching of inflammatory cells to the affected area. Inflammation leads to the enlargement of the liver (hepatomegaly) in over 60% of people infected with HCV and often results in abdominal pain.
Avatar m tn Hi There can be several causes for the swelling on the back, such as epidermal inclusion cyst, lipoma, abscess or fibroma. It would be difficult to diagnose without an examination. You should consult a surgeon for a proper diagnosis and treatment. An epidermal inclusion cyst is a sac like structure with skin debris inside. Lipomas are the most common soft tissue tumors and are slow-growing, benign in nature.
Avatar m tn The fact that your son does not have any respiratory problems or other signs of illness is reassuring, and probably indicates that the current antibiotic treatment is at least keeping the liver abscess from getting worse, and may be adequately treating the abscess. Over time, the CRP should continue to drop as the infection is treated.
Avatar m tn Liver Disease Calaptin 120 mg Tablet SR should be used with caution in patients with a history of liver disease or active liver disease. Close monitoring of liver function is necessary while receiving this medicine. The dose should be adjusted based on the clinical condition. Food interactions. Is it advisable to take Calaptin 120 SR with Gemcal capsule for calcium once in a day with fatty liver 2nd grade .
Avatar f tn I am not in the medical field in any capacity other than a patient who had hepatitis c and was transplanted in June 2000. So keep that in mind when you read this post. My opinion is that the 2 beers and 1 glass of champagne did not inflame your liver to the point where it would cause you pain. I have no idea about your physiology, the condition of your liver or whether you are extremely sensitive to alcohol so I really don't have much to go on other than my personal experience.
Avatar f tn It is also beneficial for liver fibrosis.....
739471 tn?1241715868 s liver is no different. It has this same capsule surrounding it and therefore they will feel the same pain if the capsule is injured as anyone else with a less damaged liver. Transplant recipients do not have one, however. Ultrasound-guided biopsies substantially reduce the likelihood of negative events from occurring but even with this method it can happen. It can't be known with certainty whether you would have the need for a biopsy in the future.
Avatar f tn Hi guyz, does liver aid capsule with silymarin can help to treat Hepatitis B? As I watch television, yesterday, theirs a patient of Hepatitis B who feature how did he treat this illness. He acquired hepatitis B when he was just a child. In the age of thirty, he try to take LIVER AID, in just Two weeks he passed the medical examination. His Hepatitis B, was cured by taking this medicine.
Avatar n tn Hi there In answer to the liver question - there are 2 reasons for having a lesion on the Liver - 1. It has spread via cells breaking off from another lesion and settling on the liver capsule. 2. The cells spread via the blood and settle inside the liver. The 2 scenarios indicate different prognosis. Any invasion of an organ by a tumour may result in that organ not functioning properly and subsequently failing. This is how people tend to die from cancer.
Avatar m tn Some days before again i went for ultrasound and as per report i am having fatty liver Grade-1.But still i am feeling same pain and swelling like feeling in the liver everyday. I am upset now bcz of all time light pain. Pleas advise sir ?
Avatar m tn Dear Guys, I developed abscess three times with in two weeks interval in my groin area.....the last two were big and required surgery with full ansthesia. My doc therefore suggested to escape the shot at least for one week so i did not take the shot last week. I continued to take it again but I developed another abscess on the preannal position. I am afraid it will force me to discontinue the therapy. Has any one exprienced such problem during therapy?
561705 tn?1234546159 nygirl - I did want to respond to something in your post. It's a myth that there is no pain associated with HCV. It's true that the liver itself has no nerve endings, so for years doctors would say you can't be feeling pain or it's all in your head or something like that. But in fact it is fairly common for someone with HCV to complain about upper right quadrant pain. The source is swelling which pushes on the capsule around the liver.
Avatar f tn You can also purchase from the pharmacy, without a prescription, an antifungal capsule 100mg Itraconazole or Fluconazole. These are usually a one capsule single dose treatment. You may be able to purchase a 200mg capsule. A doctor would be able to prescribe a longer course of treatment. Ask your pharmacist regarding antifungal medications that you can purchase without a prescription. They are usually very helpful.
Avatar f tn They had to remove a portion of my liver with the tumor. I have been having extreme pain on my right side by my liver. I got a CT scan & they found a lot of scar tissue on my liver & they also found a cyst. Could the scar tissue and/or cyst be causing that pain?
Avatar f tn silymsrin or Milk Thistle is good for maintaining liver health.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if you know why you developed the abscess to start with? Have you had recent liver/gallbladder surgery, or hepatitis A,B, or C? You should be having Liver function tests being done to track your progress, and if you haven't, get tested for Hepatitis C. If your liver was simply inflamed from the infection, it should reduce in size eventually (since the infection is gone) unless you have an underlying problem like cirrhosis. I hope this answers your question a little...