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Avatar m tn I have fairly white healthy teeth, but I have an abscess behind my tooth, how can I get rid of it, or sooth the pain.
Avatar f tn After a panoramic radiograph he told me my upper left molar (tooth 15) needed to be removed as it had an abscess forming at the root. He convinced me to have bone grafting done at the same time in the event I wanted to proceed with an implant down the line. This was done on a Friday. By Monday the pain was still so severe I called the office and was told I should give it another day or 2 and if there was no improvement they would see me the next day, which is today.
Avatar n tn could the wisdom tooth have caused a break in my jaw bone, or eaten away at the jaw bone itself and how much immediate danger could be involved in this condition? i am aware that i need to seek treatment from an oral surgeon, but cannot afford to do so at this time. i am unsure, though, if this is something i need immediate medical attention for, such as that from my local emergency room.
Avatar f tn So is your dentist recommending to extract the tooth and place a bone graft in? I'm not what the success rate of a bone graft is when there's an infection in the socket.
Avatar n tn 1) There are several different types of abscess but the most common is a periapical abscess in which there is a cavity in the tooth that invades the pulp of the tooth. The bacteria then travels down the pulp into the jawbone and begins to destroy the jawbone.
Avatar f tn i am 24 weeks pregnant and have an abscess under my left arm would this harm the bby in the womb how can they treat this and what can they give for pain
Avatar n tn I have had two crowns from different dentists that have resulted in abscesses - the first of which went into my bone and I had to have surgery. I told both dentists that the crowns did not feel as if they were seated correctly, but of course I was ignored. The dentists have just told me that these things "happen". I don't believe it. It is either incompetence on their part, or there is something wrong with my body.
Avatar f tn I have never had a tooth abscess until now. I called my dentist and they are trying to help me to keep cost down bc I have no insurance and xmas is right around corner so money is tight. I have a back molar that broke about 3 months ago ive been trying to save up for root canal but now I think I will need it pulled. The tooth stopped hurting and then I got the pus pocket under it that would flare up but then go down.
Avatar f tn Also, not taking care of an abscess tooth and the infection going into your blood stream in severe cases can cause death.
Avatar n tn I was in the EXACT same position yesterday that you were and the dentist pulled my abscessed tooth. The dentist WILL pull the tooth if it is an emergency situation so you dont have to be completely rid of the infection for them to pull it. The reason they dont is because it takes a LOT to get you numbed up on local anesthetic before they do pull it. The most painful part for me was when they numbed me up and drained the abscess.
Avatar n tn For an abscess going on 4 yrs, wouldn't associated bone loss perhaps dictate need for extraction? Does root canal or apicoectomy resolve all such abscess cases?
Avatar m tn ok so i have a dental abscess on my lower left gum almost touching the cheek an very close to jaw bone i have had this b4 but on the right side an a 3 day course of antibiotics removed the infection an swellin my worry is last time it didnt hurt at all this time it is really hurting an painillers r only working for say 5-10 mins i have spoke 2 an emergency dentist as its the weekend an he cant do anything unless the swelling is the size of an apple so he says but is it right for him to deny me h
Avatar f tn I am updating this in case anyone has dealt with this and can clue me in to what's being told to me. Thanks !
Avatar m tn not however my upper lip and face has begun to swell up and become quite sensitive to touch. after doing some research online I think that I have abscess in my front tooth, but I'm starting to get worried at the fact that my tooth is no longer in pain. Could that mean my tooth is already dead? Also the swelling is getting a little worse every day, I'm not sure how serious all of this is.
Avatar f tn I have mod-advanced periodontal disease and developed a PA abscess and cyst in 7 months which caused severe pain and swelling that required extraction. How did it come about? Is it from dental decay combined with periodontal disease? It was tooth 26 with over 7 mm gum pocket and 50% mobility.. Just wondering if I could have saved it earlier with maybe a root canal? Hope to hear from some expert.
Avatar f tn I feel really yucky and tired. I'm scared that I could have infection in the jaw bone. I've been taking amoxicillin for three days. Should I ride it out and hope the antibiotics due their job or do I need emergency treatment? I'm scared but I don't want to be a drama queen.
Avatar f tn I chipped my front tooth 44 years ago, and had a root canal, braces, bonding then finally a crown put on. In the early 90s, I had an abscess make an opening in the front of my gums and start draining. It seems that the metal point in my root canal caused the abscess and an endodontist did a second root canal, removed the metal and used gumma percha and it was fine. Now it’s 2018 and I have a soreness beneath my nose and I thought it was from clenching my teeth while I sleep.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have had an abscess tooth since February I think and I went to a root canal specialist last week on Thursday and he told me to take Amoxicillion on Tuesday but to take it sooner if swelling starts. Well I cant get the antibiotic til tomorrow. And I am afraid the infection has spread to my jaw bone or something, it feels like there is pressure on the left side of my face and alittle swollen. Alittle throbbing as well. I am getting surgery done this week on Thursday. What should I do?
Avatar f tn I had a sinus lift done in November 2008 (9 months ago) to prepare for implants to be placed. Ever since the lift surgery, I have had a swelling on the gum tissue where the surgery took place. The swelling extends about 2-3 inches along the gum and a little on the cheek side. It hurts quite a bit. The pain extends to my eye socket and I have frequent nose bleeding on the opposite side.
Avatar n tn i can feel pain in my left lymph node and pressure on my top jaw, undoubtedly due to the recurring infection in the maxillary sinus. i can almost feel a connection between the pain in my face and the pain in my lymph node, right next to my lower jaw where the infection occured. could this be a rare case of a madibular infection leading not to a neck but to maxillary sinus problems?
Avatar n tn I have had Abscess' in my mouth off and on for about a year now due to a few broken teeth. I was unable to get them extracted due to my hectic work schedule. I am going to be seeing the dentist soon to have them removed and taken care of. I have a couple questions about how I have been taking care of the abscess' though. The first 2 were not that bad. They were almost like a pimple I popped them and cleaned them out and all the swelling went down and pain went away.
Avatar n tn My guess to your situation would be that a dental infection started in your tooth and has spread from the pulp of the tooth into the jaw bone. From the jaw bone, it has broken through the jaw and is now spreading through the soft tissue (muscles, skin, etc) and spreads out to wherever there is space to grow. The antibiotics should be completely finished. Is your doctor bringing you back for further treatment?
Avatar n tn That sweet acidic fruit is so delicious but it depletes minerals from the body resulting in bone loss in the mouth. Oregano When professional answers don't work or satisfy, the only option is to look elsewhere, and that’s when people find natural answers. Oregano counters infection. It was determined as the herb with the greatest antibiotic power in 1910. Seasoning from the grocery shelf is fine. Bring a pint of water to a boil and turn it off.
Avatar m tn I had previously had a root canal and crown on the same tooth. After the extraction, a bone graft was done. We are in the process of waiting to get the implant done. Today, however, I noticed a little mound in the space where the tooth was extracted. I popped it and the liquid was consistent with previous abscesses I had. I immediately cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and water. Seems like these pop up a little bit more when I have sinus issues.
Avatar f tn The treating surgeon will always think about the safety of his patient so any diagnosis which does not confirm but point towards a cause will be over ruled as in your case as an infection. The abscess may also occur due to collection of sterile fluid so you cannot be sure it is infected or not. Well, as you were under good hands, orthopaedician there is nothing to worry as your belief in your operating surgeon is important. Take care!
Avatar n tn What you are describing is consistent with either residual infection/abscess which may involve the sinus and bone and/or acute inflammatory reaction. Bone grafts are often performed in an area of infection. Restoring bone destroyed by an infection is one of the primary purposes of a graft. In many cases, the infection cannot be cured by medications alone. I would not be surprised if additional surgery on the original site is recommended.
Avatar m tn I was experiencing severe back pain since April 13 consulted few ortho but the disease was not diagnosed. In Aug 13 when the MRI was done then it came out that there was pus and on the basis of AFB report the doc started the treatment for BONE TB. The doctor also conducted CT guided biopsy (FNAC) and several other tests were done, I have pasted the MRI report and the test details of the ESR, AFB and Pus culture and Sensitivity.
Avatar f tn i think i have an abcess in my jaw and it feels like my bone is cracking around the wisdom tooth. i cant get to the dentist for a few days,. what should i do? the swelling is spreading in my face and i think my neck.