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Avatar f tn This only numbs the pain slightly and wears off quite quickly. Ive also got a swollen left side of my face and a lump on my gum. I know I need to see a dentist and probably get antibiotics but the problem is its christmas day and I wont be able to seek help for several days - possibly a week or more and I cant cope with this pain. Any advice on what I can do at home in the meantime to make it bearable?
Avatar m tn For the last three days I have some swelling on my gums directly below the root canal. Both swelling and pain are slightly worse every day. I have an appointment to see my dentist in two days, but am not sure if I should attempt to seem her tommorow. When I floss, the floss can slide under the crown and get stuck, so I believe there is a chance a piece of food got stuck and could be causing the swelling. Thanks again!
Avatar m tn ok so i have a dental abscess on my lower left gum almost touching the cheek an very close to jaw bone i have had this b4 but on the right side an a 3 day course of antibiotics removed the infection an swellin my worry is last time it didnt hurt at all this time it is really hurting an painillers r only working for say 5-10 mins i have spoke 2 an emergency dentist as its the weekend an he cant do anything unless the swelling is the size of an apple so he says but is it right for him to deny me h
Avatar f tn Other causes of tooth abscess are trauma to the tooth, such as when it is broken or chipped, and gingivitis or gum disease. These problems can cause openings in the tooth enamel, which allows bacteria to infect the center of the tooth (called the pulp). The infection may also spread from the root of the tooth to the bones supporting the tooth.
Avatar f tn I've put it on a white tissue and it doesn't leave any stains or anything on the tissue. Is this my gum? scar tissue? drainage from the abscess? Its hard for me to see the spot, but from what I can see and feel it doesn't seem like I'm missing a chunk of my gums.
Avatar n tn I have a swelling on my lower inner gum.. its right below my front teeth. It is making my teeth feel really sensitive and even moving. is it an infection? i dont know how i got it.. its been 2 days. what can i do to get rid of it? i dont have any medical insurance, so going to the dentist is probably not possible. i just dont know what to do. it is very painful!
Avatar n tn I have a swelling on my lower right gum. It is hard and does not hurt. I have herpes and I wonder if it is related to this. Can this type of abscess be lanced or drained?
Avatar n tn I have had swelling on my lower left gums since November. The swelling is hard but has gone down some since November. It is swollen on both the outer and inner part of one of my back molars. A few times it has ached, generally because I have been messing with it, and sometimes the molar is very sensitive, especially when I bite on something hard. Normally, it is painless and never bothers me. Any ideas. I finally am seeing the dentist in two weeks.
Avatar n tn What's the cause of the gum infection? If its a dental abscess, a root canal may be needed to resolve the problem.
Avatar m tn I woke up this morning with my left side of my face swollen, but no pain really. My gum is swollen too. I know its my tooth cause its been bothering me a lot lately. But I have a slipper that connects to the tooth that is hurting and that tooth is loose a little. I don't have insurance or money to go to the dentist. And I don't want it abstracted because there wont be a tooth there to hold my slipper on. What to do?
Avatar m tn i got the routine pain along with a bit of swelling, however no bubble in the gum line.. I woke up yesterday with a bit of swelling in the cheek, and put myself on amoxicillin which i have plenty left from previous incidents.. Normally when i have an abscess, i'll switch between amoxicillin and penicillin to keep my body from adapting to either type of med. I've taken about 2000 mg of amox in the past 2 1/2 days, and this morning when i woke up... my face was exploded like it never has.
Avatar n tn yesterday i had two teeth pulled due to a gum abscess. I was'n t comfortable about this. I thought if there was infection in your mouth you should'nt have teeth pulled, anyway I have a swollen chec. I am taking medication two different kinds. Three times a day. Is this normal after having teeth pulled.
981046 tn?1248590775 Hi A brief history of the problem, A week ago one of my molars became sore and gum swelling began. I ignored it for five days (dumb huh?) until the pain (and minor swelling) became unbearable and I finally went to the Dentist. Dentist probed and tried to drain the puss to alleviate the pressure but said the puss was really deep Diagnosed as an abscess I was prescribed Cleosin 300MG 30 capsules and Lortab.
Avatar n tn I went to see the dentist this past Saturday. I have a tooh abscess - with swelling in the cheek area. My dentist started me on antibiotics. My question is, how long will it take for the swelling to go down? It's been approximately 48 hours and it still feels about the same size. What would happen if it were to burst? At what point would I need to go to the ER.
Avatar m tn I have quite a painful abscess on my upper gum. Went to my dentist who said a remaining root from a missing tooth was causing the abscess. I am booked in to have the root removed in 8 days. I was prescribed antibiotics - clonamox 500mg. I am on day 2 of the clonamox and the abscess appears to be growing as is the swelling on my face. It is very painful and I am getting very worried.
Avatar f tn Any advice you can give me would be very much appreciated..thank you, Caroline :) This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Dental-Health/tooth-abscess-and-swollen-cheek/show/664046">tooth abscess and swollen cheek</a>.
Avatar f tn The dentist broke one off below the gum line and the other he crushed and broke in half, he did not get either of them out. I have been terrified of mouth work since childhood. He told me he would not work on me again unless I took Valium first. He said He needs to cut open the gum and drill into my jaw bone to remove the teeth. I did not go back and that was a year ago. Now the half tooth is abscessed. My face is so swollen its causing pressure in my eye ear and nose.
Avatar f tn The tooth stopped hurting and then I got the pus pocket under it that would flare up but then go down. Now its present and I can tell my gum on that side has some swelling compared to the other side. No bad pain just sore to touch from the outside of my cheek. Im calling my dentist monday my friend gave me so amoxicillin and my dentist called me some in a month ago I never took that im picking up tmrw. My question is will my dentist do anything monday. ?
Avatar n tn I lost part of a filling on Tuesday and contacted the dentist, but they cannot see me for two weeks. Over the past two days, my cheek has swollen and my gum above the tooth is the size of a ping pong. I have amoxicillin at home so I bagan taking that and rinsing with salt water per stuff i read on the web, but the swelling has not gone down and i can't get a hold of my dentist until monday. Should I go to the emergency room or would they tell me the same thing?
Avatar m tn About six months ago, I had a toothache and eventually I developed an abscess, more of the gingival variety apparently. I went in to my dentist and he put me Clindimycin. The regimen of antibiotic did the trick. I returned to the dentist soon after to see what's going on. Well, it turns out I have what's called a 'lingual defect' on tooth # 10. This pretty much means my tooth has some sort of defect on the back side of it that allows bacteria to thrive under the gum.
Avatar f tn Dentist insisted on placing perm crowns - different crown materials (about six weeks ago.) Afterwards, pressure sensitivity improved but gum swelled on the linqual side. Dentist treated with Cavitron and said tooth would need to be extracted if swelling continued. Four days ago, had tooth 14 prepped for crown. All okay first day, then cheek and jaw started swelling and have not improved. No pain in tooth 14. Made an independent appt with Oral Surgeon but can't get in for three weeks.
Avatar n tn I Had to have two teeth pullled due to an abscess on my gum. I thought that you could not pull teeth while you had and infection in your mouth. Is this true or not. Also if you have teeth pulled does this clear up the infection. Even though you have to take medication for a week to ten days.
4279185 tn?1352125277 Root canal failed and i developed an abscess on gum. Dentist at the time said best to leave it. Several years passed, new dentist decided to redo the root canal and perform an apiectomy. One day after stitches came out the familiar pimple was back. Since then i have lived with this infection, every so often i have to forcibly drain it to reduce the swelling and pain.
Avatar n tn visit as my insurance had not started. Two days ago I began having swelling in my gums. Yesterday I found a discolored area on my gums above my front right tooth. Today the sore has progressed to my pallet and is sore and feels blister it is also bleeding. Could this be a sinus abscess?
Avatar m tn (Prior to this the other side of my mouth had a gum abscess - and left untreated. My face and neck blew up and then went down without a problem) A week later after the drainage, the swelling is down by about 90% but there remains a hard lump in my cheek, and the surface area of my cheek over it is numb, also affecting my mouth on that side. My smile is now crooked.
Avatar f tn I have mod-advanced periodontal disease and developed a PA abscess and cyst in 7 months which caused severe pain and swelling that required extraction. How did it come about? Is it from dental decay combined with periodontal disease? It was tooth 26 with over 7 mm gum pocket and 50% mobility.. Just wondering if I could have saved it earlier with maybe a root canal? Hope to hear from some expert.
Avatar f tn Hi, lump in the gums above and adjacent to the teeth most commonly can be tooth abscess or fistula opening due to infected tooth. You may just check out any frank cavity or food imapaction area in related teeth to the swelling. In such case you may need antibiotics and root canal treatment of the affected tooth with the help of a dentist. Other possibilties could be pyogenic granuloma, fibroma, periodontal abscess etc. Check out with local dentist to confirm.
Avatar f tn I've had a tooth abscess since the beginning of this year sometime. I went to the ER because my jaw had become so swollen that it was completely ridiculous. They gave me penicillin which I took (28 pills, 3 times a day with food). When I finished that bottle I realized that there was still a sort of blister on my gum even though it was much smaller than it used to be.