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Avatar n tn From the antibiotics? Or the actual abscess.. I read somewhere that it is possible for the abscess to still linger until all the dead cells are removed so the taste/smell can linger. Any ideas? I am not in horrible pain so I don't believe it is a dry socket. I can't really describe the taste other than unpleasent. Also, brownish small globs were coming out of the area the night after my extraction.
Avatar m tn Hi i started with really bad tooth pain and went to the emergency dentist who said its infected and got an abscess. They give me amoxicillin 500mg i started them yesterday teatime then last night my face started to swell up on the right side where the bad tooth is never had this before. Now i look like an hamster what i want to know is how long will it take for the tablets to work i have taken 4 so far. Also most of the pain as gone but still really soar.
Avatar m tn by the time i got to the er the doctor told me that my abscess was 1 inch by 3/8 of an inch big. that is pretty large for an abscess. with something like this the longer you put it off the worst it will get. hope you feel better soon.
Avatar m tn I had an LVI princess crown on my tooth behind the extracted tooth which was pulled off during my extraction. Dentist put my crown back on then said due to the abscess the tooth should drain. My question is twofold after 2 weeks i(btw the 'clot' is in place over the hole') should my lips and jaw be swollen and should my LVI crown be missisfitting? LVI uses light to bond crowns - this dentist used a glue to re-bond my crown I am concerned that I may have an infection with the glue they used.
Avatar n tn Hello, In a dental abscess, or tooth abscess there is accumulation of pus inside the teeth or gums. The abscess usually originates from a bacterial infection and is mostly caused by a dental infection. The common presenting complaints are severe toothache, breath odour, fever, pain when chewing, sensitivity to hot or cold, swelling of gums, swollen glands etc. It can be diagnosed with the help of clinical examination, dental x-rays and other tests. Antibiotics are given for the infection.
Avatar m tn I had an abscess in my tooth and it has been extracted now it's infected and I am on antibiotics it is still bleeding after 48 hours now just wondering if I could get a bit of advice please
Avatar f tn A tooth abscess is usually a complication of tooth decay. In a dental abscess, or tooth abscess there is accumulation of pus inside the teeth or gums. The abscess usually originates from a bacterial infection and is mostly caused by a dental infection. The common presenting complaints are severe toothache, breath odour, fever, pain when chewing, sensitivity to hot or cold, swelling of gums, swollen glands etc.
Avatar f tn I went to the hospital since my dentist is not available on weekends and I found out I have a dental abscess. I am in a lot of pain and I have been taking amoxicillin and tyenol. Is amoxicillin safe? I know the doctor wouldn't prescribe it if it wasn't but I still feel paranoid. And how much tyenol can you take in a day, I'm taking regular strength.
Avatar f tn The last time I had a lower right molar re-root canaled for $1,492,00 (the first on it having been 2 yrs prior) and re-crowned the tooth only lasted 8 months then it was abscessed again which resulted in an extraction. I guess my question is as long as it is draining and I am keeping it clean how dangerous is this to my overall health. I do not want to have it extracted until absolutely necessary.
Avatar f tn I have never had a tooth abscess until now. I called my dentist and they are trying to help me to keep cost down bc I have no insurance and xmas is right around corner so money is tight. I have a back molar that broke about 3 months ago ive been trying to save up for root canal but now I think I will need it pulled. The tooth stopped hurting and then I got the pus pocket under it that would flare up but then go down.
Avatar n tn i posted before. i had an abscessed tooth and the abscess spread into my cheek. my dentist put me on keflex but after 10 days there was still noticable swelling in my cheek. so now the dentist has put me on a stronger antibiotic. when i woke up this morning i felt a very large "bubble" on my inside cheek.
Avatar f tn He was very reluctant to do an apicoectomy on #18 because of the location of the tooth. So, I suppose my only real alternative is extraction. Now for the latest "complication".........I went back after two weeks to have the permanent crown seated on #14. The crown did not fit and the dentist did additional drilling on the tooth. They made new impressions for the permanent and I also asked them to remake the temporary since I didn't feel like it was a good fit around the gums.
Avatar n tn What would happen if I delay the extraction? And, If I have the extraction would I be a candidate for a partial? #1 and #32 were extracted when I was in my 20s.
Avatar f tn I had a tooth extracted two weeks ago, following a painful abscess. Antibiotics cleared up the infection but my dentist decided the tooth should be removed. It was a bottom tooth, second from the last one at the back. It has been healing up very well and generally I have no pain. However, I've noticed that when I exercise (I go to Zumba) I sometimes get a throbbing from where the tooth used to be and wondered if this is normal?
Avatar f tn I know I had to have the tooth removed because of an abscess, but I'm also fearful of future dental work. Hope u feel better!
Avatar n tn Pain subsided but he exrayed this time and found it. Said I could consider root canal or extraction but feel extraction...although terrifies me...is the best route (pun not intended). Thanks for the input. I wish I could have overcome this anxiety but the amount of blood I saw as a child has never left my mind's eye.
Avatar f tn I had an extraction of a baby tooth 6 days ago, dentist told me there was an abscess and the tooth had to be removed. I don't have a permanent tooth over it. The abscess got better within 48 hours of extraction. After 4 days I noticed that one of the sides of the extraction site started to get swollen so i went back to the dentist. He told me there was no infection and recommended to rinse with warm salt water. Today its the 6th day.
Avatar f tn After a panoramic radiograph he told me my upper left molar (tooth 15) needed to be removed as it had an abscess forming at the root. He convinced me to have bone grafting done at the same time in the event I wanted to proceed with an implant down the line. This was done on a Friday. By Monday the pain was still so severe I called the office and was told I should give it another day or 2 and if there was no improvement they would see me the next day, which is today.
4279185 tn?1352125277 Root canal failed and i developed an abscess on gum. Dentist at the time said best to leave it. Several years passed, new dentist decided to redo the root canal and perform an apiectomy. One day after stitches came out the familiar pimple was back. Since then i have lived with this infection, every so often i have to forcibly drain it to reduce the swelling and pain.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have a abscess above my main "chewing" tooth on my upper right side. I am under no illusions, I need a root canal or an extraction which I have been putting off for a long time. Anyway, I am on day four of Flucloxacillin tablets, however, my cheek is becoming slightly more puffy as the days go by. Starting to look a bit like a hamster now. The pain from the abscess near the tooth has gone, only extreme pain is when I apply any sort of pressure to the cheek.
Avatar n tn He said that he's got a tooth abscess in a healthy tooth and that the tooth should be extracted. He said it is unusual in cats and that they don't know the cause. He also suggested some antibiotics for a few days before the surgery to help with the infection. Just wondering if it is worth trying to save the tooth. Go through the course of antibiotics and see if he gets better. My vet made me feel like I was just being cheap and that conventional wisdom is to just remove the tooth.
Avatar n tn For an abscess going on 4 yrs, wouldn't associated bone loss perhaps dictate need for extraction? Does root canal or apicoectomy resolve all such abscess cases?
Avatar f tn I have mod-advanced periodontal disease and developed a PA abscess and cyst in 7 months which caused severe pain and swelling that required extraction. How did it come about? Is it from dental decay combined with periodontal disease? It was tooth 26 with over 7 mm gum pocket and 50% mobility.. Just wondering if I could have saved it earlier with maybe a root canal? Hope to hear from some expert.
Avatar f tn The dentist put me on flagyl because I'm allergic to keflex clindamycin and penicillin. My gums surrounding he extraction site are still swollen and very sore. I think the abscess is still in there. The problem is the flagyl is givin me horrible panic attacks. Any idea as to what I should do?
Avatar n tn He mention a air abscess, cracked root, but as swollen as it was, why is it hard to tell what is going on? I'm wondering can there be some sort of opening from that old wisdom tooth extraction site that is causing this and isnt being seen on xrays? I feel like a hypochondriac again. I really expected to see a big ole abscess.. There is nothing wrong with my sinuses. In my life time i've only blown my nose 3 times.
Avatar f tn I had #19 tooth (had root canal 17 years ago) extraction yesterday due to the swollen gum (very bad infection). I decided to get an implant. So far, 3 dentists made 3 different suggestions. The first dentist said the implant should be done one the same day of the extraction. I did not listen to him because I do not feel comfortable to implant the base when the infection is not gone yet. The 2nd dentist said the implant can start one month from the extraction.
Avatar n tn I had my tooth removed 6 weeks ago and i had drysocket and got it packed with clove oil and the pain went away and each week i could see it healing fine, but about a week ago a lump formed on the inside on my gum below the extraction hole and is a little sore and when i press in on it it seems to let clear blood come out of the hole?. What is it??? should i be concerned?
Avatar f tn Oral surgeon said it had an abscess. He told me to make sure I complete taking my Clindamycin. I have considerable ear and jaw pain as well as the area of extraction. I'm taking ibuprofen and Norco and continuing antibiotics per instructed. I was hoping to skip pain meds in the night, but had to get up and take them. Is the pain from the infection or the procedure? When can I expect this to start to feel better?