Tooth abscess after extraction

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Avatar n tn Your tooth probably was abcessed, and an abcessed tooth is never pulled until antibiotics have resolved the infection. Also, novacaine does no good with an abcess, if absolutely necessary to extract an abcessed tooth, then you must be put to sleep. So, you are correct, it was all pain you were feeling! Sounds like a lousy dentist you had!!!! Pain and odor is usually associated with infection. I would get another dentists opinion just to be on the safe side.
Avatar m tn I had an abscess in my tooth and it has been extracted now it's infected and I am on antibiotics it is still bleeding after 48 hours now just wondering if I could get a bit of advice please
Avatar f tn I have never had a tooth abscess until now. I called my dentist and they are trying to help me to keep cost down bc I have no insurance and xmas is right around corner so money is tight. I have a back molar that broke about 3 months ago ive been trying to save up for root canal but now I think I will need it pulled. The tooth stopped hurting and then I got the pus pocket under it that would flare up but then go down.
Avatar m tn by the time i got to the er the doctor told me that my abscess was 1 inch by 3/8 of an inch big. that is pretty large for an abscess. with something like this the longer you put it off the worst it will get. hope you feel better soon.
Avatar m tn I had an LVI princess crown on my tooth behind the extracted tooth which was pulled off during my extraction. Dentist put my crown back on then said due to the abscess the tooth should drain. My question is twofold after 2 weeks i(btw the 'clot' is in place over the hole') should my lips and jaw be swollen and should my LVI crown be missisfitting? LVI uses light to bond crowns - this dentist used a glue to re-bond my crown I am concerned that I may have an infection with the glue they used.
Avatar n tn He said that he's got a tooth abscess in a healthy tooth and that the tooth should be extracted. He said it is unusual in cats and that they don't know the cause. He also suggested some antibiotics for a few days before the surgery to help with the infection. Just wondering if it is worth trying to save the tooth. Go through the course of antibiotics and see if he gets better. My vet made me feel like I was just being cheap and that conventional wisdom is to just remove the tooth.
Avatar n tn I had an abscessed tooth removed after being on antibiotics for one week, my jaw was a bit swollen before he removed the tooth the swelling had not gone down with the antibiotics. There was an awful smell which he said was the abscess. I am taking amoxcillin at the moment and it now 8 days since the extraction but my jaw is still swollen the same as it was before the extraction, is this normal should the swelling be going down by now, it is not really painful.
Avatar n tn An old root canal had developed an abscess. The tooth was very difficult to extract and the dentist had to focibly rock the tooth back and forth to get it loose enough to remove. The tooth came out fully in tact. However, I now have a very painful, sharp bony protrusion on the outside of the gum area of the extraction. Is this some kind of broken or crushed socket?
Avatar f tn Should I be concerned that my oral surgeon placed bone grafting material immediately after extracting a tooth with an infected root? I went to see an oral surgeon 5 days ago. After a panoramic radiograph he told me my upper left molar (tooth 15) needed to be removed as it had an abscess forming at the root. He convinced me to have bone grafting done at the same time in the event I wanted to proceed with an implant down the line. This was done on a Friday.
Avatar n tn My 2-year-old had a front tooth extracted after an injury (1/3 of tooth chipped) led to an abscess. The gum above the extraction is still purple and swollen a week and a half later. She was given antibiotics prior to the extraction, but none afterward. When should I worry that the infection still exists?
Avatar n tn i had an abscess on a tooth that had already had root canal treatment went to the dentist he said i had the abscess after taking an x ray and said the tooth needed to be removed. without asking whether there was anyone to go home wiith me or if the rest of my day was free, he, under just normal injected into the mouth painkiller proceeded to pull the tooth i felt most of it and screamed i had previously asked can i have gas and air or something he said id be "fine" .
Avatar n tn To make a long story short, I have been to doctors 7 times since tooth extraction for aches face, jaw, neck, ears clogging, upper left arm aching, swollen glands under chin, as well as two chest colds, and also diagnosed with sinusitis. I am now on my 5th round of antibotics in 8 months. And each time I finish I feel good for a week or two and the symptoms return.
Avatar n tn i posted before. i had an abscessed tooth and the abscess spread into my cheek. my dentist put me on keflex but after 10 days there was still noticable swelling in my cheek. so now the dentist has put me on a stronger antibiotic. when i woke up this morning i felt a very large "bubble" on my inside cheek.
Avatar n tn They don't do root canals either until you've taken antibiotics (which is weird since antibiotics cannot enter the tubules). Far as swelling after extractions this varies widely with the pre-extraction condtion of the teeth. I had a week long swelling after my one and only root canal which I wish I hadn't had done. I only had it done because I had ONE severe stab of pain in that tooth and wished to avoid it happening again. Now it's loose, 5 years later.
Avatar f tn He was very reluctant to do an apicoectomy on #18 because of the location of the tooth. So, I suppose my only real alternative is extraction. Now for the latest "complication".........I went back after two weeks to have the permanent crown seated on #14. The crown did not fit and the dentist did additional drilling on the tooth. They made new impressions for the permanent and I also asked them to remake the temporary since I didn't feel like it was a good fit around the gums.
Avatar f tn Something with codeine is usually what the dentist perscribes after tooth / gum work, so it might take off some of the edge.
Avatar f tn However, my cheek (on my jawline) is still swollen and puffy (not hard, just puffy), as are the gums around the extraction site and the tooth adjacent to the extraction site. When I brush around the wound, the wound itself does not bleed, but the gums beside it do bleed (minimally) and I'm scared. I had my tooth pulled at a dental school and because the tooth was "hooked", it took 2 students and 1 OS resident over 2 hours to get the tooth out. Needless to say, it was a rough surgery.
Avatar m tn I still have 3 screws and 1 plate, at the lower end of my jaw, close to where the extraction happened, however I want to say that I never had any reaction from the screws or plate, and my issues started right after my 4 th injection for the tooth removal, not before. I had an abscess in the tooth, it was the lower teeth, 2 over from the front of the left side, I can look up tooth number if it is important.
Avatar n tn Perhaps he needs to try another type of antibiotic. After extraction of an abcessed tooth, infection is likely to occur.
4279185 tn?1352125277 If peri apical pathology can not be cured by redo endodontist or peri apical surgery, extraction of the offending tooth is indicated. Seeing an endodontist is advised.
Avatar n tn Hi Doctor, I have been to several doctors including an ENT for my ear problems. I have had sinus pain/ pressure/ and migraines. The ENT subscribed something but it didnt work. The other doctor said theres nothing wrong with me. Instead of saying, " I dont know whats wrong with you, I would have preferred that or recommend me to another doctor or specialist. In my mind, I was thinking I am fine but its all in my head, as my doctor pretty much put it.