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1399266 tn?1280640704 My 8 year old cat, Kupid was diagnosed with a dental abscess about a week ago and put on clindamycin 1 ml twice a day. When she started she had a pink drainage coming from her right eye and right nostril. Her eye has gotten better and her nose has slightly improved. She is still sneezing and looks terrible but she is eating on her own. This cat has failed the pre anesthesia test twice after having complications during her spay surgery so we are reluctant to put her under to pull her tooth.
Avatar n tn I have had 6 surgeries for drainage of abscesses and fistulas. I am currently on Remicade maintenance 300 mg every 8 wks. I was hospitalized 3 1/2 weeks ago for what I new was another abcess brewing. MRI revealed (8 mm abscess - they chose to treat with antibiotics and not drain, I opted to go home, after the 3 day stay. I was hospitalized again for three days this past week for the same thing...rectal pain, nausea, low grade fever, MRI now revealed (2) 8 mm abscesses.
Avatar n tn It is often difficult and sometimes impossible to eradicate a lung abscess, without surgical drainage. As the surgeon indicated, this would be a high risk procedure but a decision against surgery also carries risk. You should seek another opinion regarding treatment of the abscess from another surgeon and/or a pediatric pulmonologist and you should request that the pulmonologist, the ID specialist and the surgeon convene to discuss the pros and cons of the available and feasible approaches.
Avatar n tn You should also consider getting another opinion regarding management of the lung abscess, which is probably the source of staph in your daughter’s blood. It is often difficult and sometimes impossible to eradicate a lung abscess, without surgical drainage. As the surgeon indicated, this would be a high risk procedure but a decision against surgery also carries risk.
579258 tn?1250652943 OK .. so I was "supposed" to have MRSA and taking Clindamycin for the past 2+ weeks and that, along with the I&D procedures (Incision & Drainage) to the abscesses, should be done, better, over, and well. Of the 4 areas, the middle one is healed, the bottom one is draining a little and has a knot forming underneath it, the top one is draining a lot and has a large knot forming underneath and around it and the one on my hip fills and then about every 3 days it drains. Sorry ..
Avatar m tn While in the ER, an IV drug user (that had apparently last injected 2 and a half months ago and whose status was unknown) had a small abscess drained. The surgical instruments used for this (which had been contaminated by blood) were placed in a small tray that contained saline. The surgical instruments were thrown away, and the saline drained. As the tray was being disposed of, a small drop was splashed into my mouth.
Avatar n tn It's very possible it would resolve on its own without drainage; but if she had pain, fever, tenderness, etc, felt to be related to the gallbladder, then drainage is to be considered. Many people get gallbladder attacks and get over them without intervention. When it's in the context of other illness, and appears to be without stones, then treating "medically" without intervention is sometimes a good idea, with the idea that it may or may not need removal in the future.
Avatar m tn My wife had the first signs of GM last May and the doctor's were initially concerned it was inflammatory breast cancer but ruled that out with a core biopsy. The biopsy seemed to cause an eruption in the abscess which seems like a common reaction. Things started to resolved themselves in the coming months with the inflammation significantly decreasing.
Avatar n tn Update, it is getting more painful, diameter is bigger than a quarter and warm to the touch
Avatar m tn Complication of Direct vision internal urethrotomy (DVIU), a surgery to repair a urethral stricture, is usually rare but possible. Possible complications such as abscess or damage to urethra, recurrent stricture, dysuria, erectile dysfunction, bleeding, injury to surrounding tissue and reaction to anesthesia may occur. Risk factors that may increase the risk of complications include: bleeding disorders, obesity and smoking.
Avatar f tn He developed pulmonary septic embolic, septic shock, brain abscess, seizures and kidney abscess. He was infected with hepatitis C, and developed hepatitis C-associated mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis. Patient died from septic shock and multiorgan failure. Patient 10 was a 35-year-old man who had a history of congenital bicuspid aortic valve with moderate aortic regurgitation.
Avatar f tn I managed to research some articles on the management of my condition(infected preauricular sinus) on the internet and discovered that my ear swelling was in fact an abscess forming, therefore needing an I&D(incision and drainage) procedure to be undertaken.
Avatar n tn oh, and if you don't have any packing anymore, but still need to cover the external opening because of drainage, I found the non-stick gauze pads to be gentler than regular guaze or pantiliners. there are more extensive surgeries that can be done, using thigh muscles, etc. the fibrin glue results have been pretty good, I hear. results of usage were reported recently. you might want to check out the american society of colorectal surgeons at fascrs.
Avatar f tn I had another surgery set up for later this month, to which my new surgeon has postponed until ALL my doctors can come together and figure out a better plan; I'm still for a masectomy. I know the risks, physical and emotional - it's discouraging. I know I'm young, but I'm more than willing to try, if it gets me out of this two year hell ride!
Avatar n tn If the bowels do not become unkinked, or if a tumor is causing the blockage, surgery will be necessary. The surgery after this long period of illness has increased risks. Your fathers ability to tolerate the anesthetic and heal wounds is probably reduced, but if an obstruction becomes apparent or an abscess is located, this may become necessary. If he does need a colostomy it is probably temporary. Usually the reverse the colostomy in 6 months.
Avatar m tn Sometimes, however, you can have a sinus infection that won’t show up on a CAT scan of your sinuses. In this case, you will have drainage into your throat, called post-nasal drip, and your throat often have too much mucus in it, which can cause a mild sore throat or cough on a chronic basis. 9. WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS? The main symptom of sinusitis is pain. Pain in your face, pain in your head.
Avatar n tn i suffer from painful abscess in the groin area. they are so bad that i cannot sit down,lie down or barely walk. i had one removed when i was 19, it was under my clitiros and the size of an orange. it was excruciationally painful and i had it surgically removed. dr said it was the largest and first she had ever seen in that area. since then i get them regularly around diff areas. at the moment i have one on my outer labia, and also one on the fold of your leg/thigh.
Avatar n tn Even now several years later I still get phantum pains as if the left testicle was still there. Most recently in September 2009 I had a abscess over top of my right hernia scar. Currently, I'm still experience pain around the hernia scar as well as in the right testical at times. Left side gives me problems on and off. I also have a neurological condition as well as a neurogenic bladder. For the neurvous sytem nerve pain I have been on Lyrica, but currently am back on Amitriptyline.
Avatar n tn boils are often caused by infected hair folicals. Bacteria from infection form an abscess or pocket of pus. The abscess can become larger than a ping pong ball. Boils occur in areas where there is hair chafting. the face, neck, armpit, breast, groin, and buttocks are common sites.....then it goes on to treatment with cloth. doesn't mention any serious outcomes like surgery.
299940 tn?1192322967 Headaches - often specifically in the back, right side of my head Frequent sinus infections - I'm on my 5th one in the past 8 months Odd drainage issues - I can only breath out of one nostril clearly. If I want to breath out of the other one, I need to lay on the opposite side to let things move over.
211940 tn?1267884866 In October, 2007, I developed an extremely sore throat, accompanied by an abscess on my tonsil. At the same time, I found that I could not turn my head side-to-side, nor lift my arms forward, sideways, etc. The Sports Medicine doctor took x-rays, which turned out so poorly, he could not determine whether or not I had a hole in my rotator cuff. I was sent to rehab., whereupon I was told that the tissue in my upper arms was filled with knots, and that my shoulder joints were not frozen.