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Avatar f tn Apart from a course of antibiotics, you may need a needle aspiration or an incision and drainage to drain out the pus and then followed by a course of antibiotics. I suggest you an immediate surgeon’s evaluation. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar n tn I have yet to see any improvement from taking the antibiotics, so I went to the ER yesterday where they attempted to do and Incision and Drainage procedure. Some of the abscess was soft, but a large part of it in the middle was still hard... ??? With making an incision, the doctor was able to squeeze a good portion of the abscess out... but there is still a fairly large sized lump there. There has been no drainage coming from the incision since she did this.
1657910 tn?1302375661 Hi Tiffany A FNA is when they put a needle in the abscess and drain out all the fluid. It's done with an ultrasound at the breast center. My doctor ordered cultures of the fluid to see what grows. Nothing every grows in my case. Yes it is a new abscess that delevoped in the same spot as the abscess that was surgically removed in Dec 2010. My surgeon did tell me it could happen again. So I wasn't to shock that it developed again just bummed out that it happen again.
Avatar f tn I agree, don't be terrified. It actually feels better once it gets out. I had one abscess I could feel it rupturing while I was at work, and I'm a cashier at a grocery store, so I couldn't run anywhere and hide. That one hurt but now, the pain is minimal when they open. I've been waiting for a couple weeks for one of my abscesses to open so it can drain out and heal up. I think of it as a good thing, wanting whatever is in my breast that needs to come out, please get it out.
Avatar n tn I was pissed! The ER doctor first stuck a huge, long needle into my thigh near the abscess, which went about half way into my leg. This was a VERY painful procedure and it barely took away the pain (honesty I felt EVERYTHING!) Once my leg was "supposedly" numb, he then proceded to to slice open the wound "so it could drain more.
Avatar n tn He gave me a couple pain pills, numbed the area by inserting a needle, and then used a bigger needle to see if it was ready to drain. He said it wasn't ready yet and he called my OBGYN. I was instructed to go ASAP, so I have an appointment tomorrow. The ER Dr also said that I will probably need surgery being put under with general anesthesia. Also, he told me to stop the topical cream ASAP (Bactroban) because it wasn't good for it, and in fact it did make it sting when applied.
Avatar f tn On Thursday I'm going to get the pus drainage with fine needle. Last time it was very painful even 2 times local anesthesia did not worked for me. Doctor said this happened due to inflammation. Anybody have any idea how to manage the pain. Should I take pain killers before getting it done and which one should I take? Also is it true that if we keep getting drainage done the pus will keep coming back so should we not get it done? Please share your experiences. Thanks all!!
Avatar n tn The treatment options for a renal abscess are intravenous antibiotics and drainage of the abscess by an open operation or by inserting a catheter through a needle in the skin overlying the kidney with X-ray guidance. Nowadays percutaneous drainage is used . It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
1548207 tn?1303457780 I usually have relief after my abscess burst or are opened. Ultrasound guided needle aspirations were so much cleaner and generally left no hole that had to be packed. The first one that was incised was scarey as there was so much drainage.
Avatar f tn I've been on Amoxicillin for 5 days for a tooth abscess. I went to the dentist for significant facial swelling, and was diagnosed with the abscess. The swelling has gone down, however I now have a pus pocket on my gum above my molars. It's only painful when I touch it, but I can see the swelling under my cheek when I smile. Since I'm already on Amoxicillin, can I pop the abscess using a sterilized needle? It's Friday night, and the dentist won't be in until Monday...PLEASE HELP!!
Avatar m tn 1st thought to be an abscess and was put on antibiotics and they tried to drain it with no improvement and no drainage. Have had an US done and abscess, lipoma, and dropped lymph node were ruled out. She also had a CBC done and it was completely normal. It is measuring at some places up to 9cm. We are seeing a surgeon (waiting on referral) but really need insight on this about what it could be. Please don't hold back. She is only 10. Thank you.
Avatar n tn This can be done on superficial abscesses that can be reached by a needle and syringe. For those abscesses inaccessible by a needle, surgical drainage is done. The skin and tissue is opened surgically and the infectious fluid is drained. Hope this helped, but I advice to first contact your General Practioner.
Avatar f tn It can be helpful to have the fluid aspirated by needle, but cutting (incision and drainage) makes things so much worse and the scar will likely continue to open and drain for a LONG time (I speak from experience - mine was cut in May of 2014 and it opens every 3-5 weeks and drains). GM *****, but I am so happy that you do not have IBC!!!!
Avatar m tn Is it common not to place a drainage tube after a lumpectomy? My mother age 83 had breast cancer surgery in April. Four lymph nodes removed with no drain tube. No her breast is huge and swollen with pain. She was told her body would absord the fluid. Now she looks like she has an abscess on her breast or some type of infection. When asked doctor to give her antibiotics, he said she did not need them.
Avatar f tn All these would need antibiotic cover and if it is abscess or infected cyst or filliculitis it would need drainage too. A fine needle biopsy of a CT scan can tell for sure what the lump is. Consult your doctor for this. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Since then I have developed two abscess pockets on the skin that are draining bloody fluid through the needle biopsy hole.
Avatar m tn May 15 I developed an abscess. They can't get me in to get the 2 teeth pulled until June 25th. The next day, my cheek was the size of a baseball and the meds weren't helping. I went to th ER. Dr numbed it, cut a slit in it, gave me dilaudid &zophran, &sent me home with vicodin. RELIEF! June 3 it was back. I went to the dentist June 5. He couldn't see me. They called in 825mg amoxicillin 2x a day &the weakest dose of vicodin.
Avatar f tn A radiologist will typically use ultrasound and insert a needle and drainage needle or tube, in to the breast and drain the area. By using this method you avoid having a spontaneous breakage of the skin, and are only left with a needle mark, which is not really invisible. To answer your question, lol, I like to go on and on sometimes, after the underlying inflammation has resolved, so will the drainages or 'burst abscesses'.
Avatar n tn in the meantime, he has developed an abdomina abscess and has drainage along the long suture line and the CT scan of abdomen and lungs showed a mass of the thyroid. He had a PET scan done last week which came back clear revealing no signs of cancer. What are the chances of the thyroid mass being Cancer? They are doing a fine needle biopsy of it on Monday. Just curious how accurate the PET scans really are? Thanks for your help.
Avatar m tn I can't seem to match it to any photo's. I've been lancing the puss filled ones with a sterile needle & cleaning with a home made Dakin's solution. The patient is in a remote location. Is there anything else we can do to stop the spreading until she can get medical care? What ARE these things?
Avatar f tn As it wa painful and pus filled, i popped it, however,after a while it then turned a deep red colour under the skin, so i guessed it was trapped blood and took a needle to it. Several weeks later, the exact same thing happened an inch from the first one. Although they have now cleared up, Im left with scars which are slighty darker than the rest of my skin. To make matters worse another appeared on my other leg but the inner calf area.
Avatar f tn The consultant at breast clinic said he was certain I had cancer as MRI showed 6cm mass, but core needle biopsy was benign. He did another, taking more than a dozen samples - this one showed mastitis inflammation and he diagnosed GM. This came out of nowhere in early March - woke up with tenderness and pain, no lump. Over course of a week, pain increased and could feel general lumpiness and hardening. GP referred me to breast clinic but thought it was just hormonal/cyst.
Avatar n tn Hello, From the symptoms it looks like recurrent infection or an abscess. Apply warm compresses on the boil and keep the area clean. Drainage of the boil is done only when it becomes soft and forms a head. Take some over the counter pain reliever and continue taking the antibiotics that you have been prescribed. If there are recurrent boils, then please get your blood sugar levels estimated.
579258 tn?1250652943 Please excuse my graphic description .. but the upper abscess had purulent drainage (pus) that rolled out of it and completely saturated a 4 x 4 piece of gauze. Now, just to be clear, I am able to handle a great deal of pain. Having lived and worked with migraines all my life, having given birth and had gallbladder attacks and surgery, I can take a lot. Even at the height of this abscess, the highest pain level was felt to be a 6. Last night upon arrival, my pain scale was a 7.
Avatar m tn However, it started as neck fullness in that area which developed into a lump along my jaw line area that has persistently gotten larger over the past 3 months. No pain, no drainage, essentially asymptomatic.Does not seem to be infected. It is soft. Doctor put me on doxycycline without any relief. Any ideas on what this is??
Avatar f tn Hi There can be several causes for a localized swelling in the buttocks, such as epidermal inclusion cyst, infected lipoma, abscess, boil/furuncle or fibroma. It would be difficult to diagnose without an examination. An abscess is a localized collection of pus walled off from the rest of the body. It contains pus, which consists of inflammatory cells and decayed tissues. Most abscesses causes local pain and tenderness.
Avatar n tn It can be an infected cyst or a hair follicle infection or an abscess or a tubercular abscess. You need to show this to a skin specialist and get a fine needle aspiration cytology done to find what the lump is. If it is tubercular, then it will need medical treatment for 6-9 months. If it is abscess or boil, it will need to be drained. It it is a cyst, it will need to be excised. Often doctors do a CT scan for diagnosis.
1657910 tn?1302375661 Although this is true, secondary abscesses and infections are so common, I really believe that it is necessary to try antibiotics as well. I ended up last week having to have a 750+ ml abscess drained from my breast that my doctors had believed was only inflammation not infection (it had been there about 2 months). I think pushing for antibiotics possibly could have prevented the incision and drainage, packing, and subsequent IV antibiotics.
Avatar m tn Dear iam1butterfly, I have returned after two appointments with physicians and one appointment with a surgeon. Several corrections are needed. 1) This is not a lipoma and never was. 2) This was a subaceous cyst that became infected, which is then called an "abscess". The surgery involved opening with a horizontal cut and drainage. Gauze is packed into the remaining small wound with a piece poking outside. This gauze is replaced daily.
Avatar f tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! This 'lump' can be a boil or hair follicle infection, an abscess, an infected cyst or a tubercular cyst. It is difficult to diagnose on net. Generally a fine needle aspiration cytology is done to find the cause. Otherwise some doctors do a CT scan. At times clinical examination results in diagnosis. Treatment will depend on diagnosis can can vary from medication, incision and drainage to excision.