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Avatar n tn Depending on the degree of infection and drainage at the abscess site is the reason for the drains. If there is a lot, then they will put a drain in until the drainage slows down a bit. I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn A felon is a fingertip abscess deep in the palm side of the finger. It usually is caused by bacterial infection, but a herpes virus called herpetic whitlow and, more rarely, fungi also can cause felons. In herpetic whitlow, small bubble-like cysts on the skin, called vesicles, and repeated episodes are there which distinguish it from bacterial or fungal infection. It is less likely to be the cause in your sister’s case. Hence it can either be bacterial or fungal infection.
Avatar f tn Having no idea what was wrong I went to the doctors and was put on amoxcillin (they weren't sure what was wrong as the abscess isn't visible, it is really high up under my lip and quite large). Some of my swelling has gone down since and the pain has completely stopped, although obviously the abscess still causes discomfort because of the pressure, does this mean my front tooth has died? It has changed in colour, it's now slightly greyish.
Avatar n tn It actually seemed like it was gone for about 10 days then all of a sudden it was back. It has stayed mainly at the tip of my middle finger but has gone as far as the first joint. It is starting to really freak me out so if anyone has had anything like this and has a solution, I would be appreciative.
Avatar n tn Antibiotics treat the infection that has caused the abscess. The specific antibiotic depends on what infectious organism has caused the abscess. Whether the abscess is drained or not, antibiotics are always used to treat the underlying infection. Needle aspiration of the abscess to remove the infectious fluid. This can be done on superficial abscesses that can be reached by a needle and syringe. For those abscesses inaccessible by a needle, surgical drainage is done.
Avatar m tn It doesn't hurt only when I slipped and scraped it with my finger nail. It is soft, and almost pliable like you can move it side to side. I don't know what this is, and or if I am to go to the doctor, dentist, and or dermo. Any help you have for me would be greatly appreciated, and yes I smoke.
901608 tn?1242152747 Depending on what it looks like, he may need something simple, like repeated hot water soaks, or something more complex, like incision and drainage of an abscess and/or consideration of antibiotic therapy. If it appears to be a complex infection, antibiotics may be indicated if only to stop the spread of the infection, inflammation, and local tissue damage. Right now, it sounds like this is probably the bigger risk for him.
Avatar m tn I had gone to doctors and they assured me (THEN) that it would go away after a while, ive been back numerous times - all they do is put their finger up my rectum fiddle around - and thats it !!!! - It's been more than 2 years now. I dont know what to do any more - i walk around 27 / 7 with a pad as the fistula constantly drains fluid. Sometimes it is difficult to walk or even sit down because of the inflamed scar that is constantly wet.
Avatar f tn The ER doctor also used a gloved finger to push some of the pocketed fluid to the surface. The drainage is now brown and the pus is seen but so deep. I can literally feel the bactrim in my mouth when I apply it to the burning wound aka flattened boil but swelling is still present. After a month and 5 days, I need a real answer. I feel like I am being kept in the dark. I also started feeling pain in my next behind the boil, and feel flu like with low grade fevers from time to time.
Avatar m tn She couldn't even visually notice a bump of any sort. However, when I rub my finger down on the area I can feel the bump and know there's something there that isn't suppose to be. It isn't squishy and feels hard-like. It isn't noticeable from the top of the skin like I mentioned. It feels like it's clear at the bottom of the skin. I first noticed it about a week ago on Saturday morning when I went for a car ride with my father.
579258 tn?1250652943 Many of you are aware I have not been online as much lately and it is due to some escalating personal, financial and health issues. My new motto is .. “Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength.” ~ Anonymous On an annual scale of stress and life events .. mine is off the chart .. however, it would do no good for me or to others to give in and completely fall apart.
Avatar m tn I started taking prescribed antibiotic (cloxacillin 500g 4/d) and mupirocin ointment since mid October. Then I got incision and drainage of the abscess on the week after and I was supposed to go back on the day after tomorrow. I was instructed to clean the wound by removing the dressing and the rubber thingy that absorbs the pus, that's what i did and the next day is appointment to the Doctor. The Doctor was "Ohh there's still something," then he proceeded to drain it again.
2106890 tn?1333956788 I recently have been feeling sick to my stomach a lot the last few days due to my sinuses and the drainage involved in my opinion. What had me concerned is the nausea and fullness I have been feeling in my stomach and abdominal area. It feels like my organs are squashed together and that there is no room causing tightness. Just and FYI I have NOT had any issues using the restroom....I have been having slight obdominal cramping as if I am due to start my mentrual cycle but nothing yet.
Avatar n tn A few days after the initial swelling I woke up one morning and both my hands and feet were beet red and extremely swollen and painful, so much that my wedding ring had cut into the side of my finger. Then came the rash, under my skin, red, and lacey. Of course I was having the same fevers during this time and felt extremely fatigued and sick.
Avatar f tn I've also had other surgeries (nasal, finger etc..) and healed perfectly fine. I've even had dental surgery while having GM and not had a problem (one doctor at the initial breast center I went to tried to tell my family and I that I was incapable of handling surgery and my body didn't heal, UNTRUE). This disease is horrible. It's worse that there is no magical "cure" or guidelines to follow.
Avatar n tn not a bartholin cyst. I was referred to a GYN who said it is a normal skin abscess. He was going to drain it under general anesthesia but decided to wait one more day. This morning, it felt a bit better but by the end of the day it hurt to walk again and I was now itching (probably a yeast infection from the DR's poking and prodding) I went back to the GYN who said it was no yeast infection, everything looks fine and the abscess is smaller.
357139 tn?1220104712 I am currently undergoing ATT therapy for potts spine-- involved abscess, psoas abscess.....drained. No neurology when diagnosed. Now completing 7 months (only medication no surgical treatment) but pain is not completely gone....still have pain in the back if i sit for 4-5 hrs. can walk around on a leveled surface. how long does it going to take for complete recovery?????
Avatar m tn I am relieved to know that I am not alone (though I wouldn't wish this nightmare on anyone). I went to the ER about a year ago for a really painful abscess that appeared out of the blue. A Physicians Assistant diagnosed me with an "ingrown hair that might have gotten staph" after she poked the wound with her (bare & unsanitized) finger. I was sent on my way with a prescription for antibiotics. I returned within a week because it grew about 5 x in size.
1006035 tn?1485579497 Other complications include postoperative hemorrhage, either immediate or following bandage removal is a fairly frequent occurrence, paw ischemia, lameness due to wound infection or footpad laceration, exposure necrosis of the second phalanx, and abscess associated with retention of portions of the third phalanx. Abscess due to regrowth must be treated by surgical removal of the remnant of the third phalanx and wound debridement.
Avatar m tn I rejected the idea of taking the antibiotics and made an appointment with an ENT for the next day. That night, and it wasn't the first time, I woke up with drainage coming out of my ear and the pressure felt relieved. The next morning, it was back.
Avatar n tn Any cyst should prompt you to see your primary doctor, because oral antibiotics are simply not effective without drainage of the cyst/abscess. Sometimes this kind of thing will go away on its own, but can require hospitalization and IV antibiotics in extreme situations. Bottom line - see your primary physician for any non-healing lesion, wound, or persistent hot/swollen/red area.
Avatar n tn if you are having any discharge (drainage) with a foul odor, with green, yellow, thich drainage or any coloration you have an INFECTION.go to the doctor! if this infection gets into any open area on your skin, you will get very sick, it will get into your blood!!!!! Second of all, you are having any pain moving, on your abdomen, GO TO THE DOCTOR, if you are having sharp pains, GO TO THE DOCTOR. note what you were doing, eating, what postion made the pain stop.
Avatar n tn i suffer from painful abscess in the groin area. they are so bad that i cannot sit down,lie down or barely walk. i had one removed when i was 19, it was under my clitiros and the size of an orange. it was excruciationally painful and i had it surgically removed. dr said it was the largest and first she had ever seen in that area. since then i get them regularly around diff areas. at the moment i have one on my outer labia, and also one on the fold of your leg/thigh.
Avatar n tn of meds/dr's, I can tell you just inflammation in throat can close up ear even from drainage/overlooked fluid/sore throat/windy day stimulates drum. Get a 'Coronal CT' & get copy for yourself on All tests. Have Tympanogram ear test (quick plug in ear for 1 min suction). That will pull un-seen fluid in ear to window. It will show 'Serous fluid' if a problem, on graph-print if there. We can all get trapped edema from lack of vent/earpop.
Avatar n tn boils are often caused by infected hair folicals. Bacteria from infection form an abscess or pocket of pus. The abscess can become larger than a ping pong ball. Boils occur in areas where there is hair chafting. the face, neck, armpit, breast, groin, and buttocks are common sites.....then it goes on to treatment with cloth. doesn't mention any serious outcomes like surgery.
Avatar n tn i too have had a small pea sized lump on my ear at the back, just near to the crease. (if you put your finger just behind the lobe and rest it in the soft part, it is just above there) it is tender to touch and has been there for nearly 3 months. i dont think it has changed in size and it isnt a different colour so you wouldnt see it there until you feel it. i have not had the chance to go and see the doctor mainly because im not that worried about it but im curious to know what it could be.
299940 tn?1192322967 Headaches - often specifically in the back, right side of my head Frequent sinus infections - I'm on my 5th one in the past 8 months Odd drainage issues - I can only breath out of one nostril clearly. If I want to breath out of the other one, I need to lay on the opposite side to let things move over.
Avatar n tn I also shave regularly in that area too so it could be either a swollen gland or ingrown hair (I really hope you can't get an abscess in that region) :S