Abscess after abdominal surgery

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Avatar n tn Also, it will be very important to take your vitamins because there can be some absorption issues after this type of surgery. The surgery is great for fertilty though--often after significant weight loss, the periods resume and women begin ovulating again. Hope all goes well! Good luck!
Avatar n tn I won't go into all of the details but basically after almost a month of stomach pain, nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, etc. it was discovered by way of CT scan and transvaginal ultrasound that I have an abscess on my right ovary due to a ruptured ovarian cyst. They put me on a seven day cycle of two strong antibiotics and said I should be feeling better within a few days. The thing is tomorrow will be my last day of being on the antibiotics and I'm still not feeling great.
Avatar n tn Hello - thanks for asking your question. You are describing an abdominal abscess, multiple surgeries for colon cancer and subsequent complications (adhesions), diarrhea, and a deep venous thrombosis. Regarding the abdominal abscess, the surgeon would be the primary physician taking care of this. Surgical therapy is the mainstay for abdominal abscesses. Antibiotics are normally used as secondary role.
Avatar f tn Right upper abdominal pain can be due to cholecystitis (inflammation of gall bladder), stones in gall bladder, duodenal ulcer, abscess under the diaphragm, liver problems and abscess or due to duodenal ulcer. Right flank pain is generally due to kidney stones. Gall bladder problems have been ruled out in your case. Abscess should be seriously considered. Lower right abdomen pain is commonly due to appendicitis. The pain, can at times come and go and not give the classic picture.
Avatar n tn I was out of bed the day after surgery and went home on the third, I felt great and required no pain medication after the first day however..... I did notice an ache at the base of my right ribcage after the surgery. I had first contributed it to the cough the anesthesia caused but no longer. The cough went away by day four but the tenderness and progressively gotten worse and has expanded both above(Under the r/breast) and below the ribcage in the r/abdomin.
Avatar f tn Has anybody got any ideas as to why everything went south right after she had the abdominal abscess. Does anybody have any ideas as to what she can do to ease the pain?
Avatar n tn He then developed an abscess a few days after his intial surgery. The abscess was drained and packed with guaze twice daily for aobut three weeks. Then once daily for about 4 weeks. Then once every third day. This went on for a total of 3mths after his intial surgery. On 09oct06 I inquired about the length of time it was taking to heal so they ordered an x-ray using dye. The xray showed there was a fistula about 8cm long and 4cm wide and surgery was needed to heal.
Avatar f tn A month after that, they have arranged a surgical abortion and it went well. After the surgery I recovered well and felt normal. Now it has been a month after the abortion and I did a pregnancy test which turned out negative. Everything was normal and I now am sexually active. However, a week ago, I noticed that my lower right abdomen is moderately painful when passing urine or opening bowel. Please could you let me know the possible reasons for that?
Avatar f tn in hospital for 10 days for bladder and intestinal repair 4 hour surgery 14 inch incision 8 week recovery to about 90 percent. abdominal surgery is a long recovery. like you never had surgery before. family and friends offered much appreciated support. pain management meds were excellant worst part was them getting an iv started 4 times in the emergency room. important do not refuse an epidermal you won't regret it.
Avatar m tn Just before the extraction was completed the appendix was dropped inside the abdominal cavity.The surgeon then opened her up from the navel to the pubic bone to look for it but could not find it. The attending anaethestist advised that after three hours looking for it she would have to brought round which she was. The prognosis now given is that the body will 'get rid of it'. If that is the case why spend three hours looking for it?
Avatar n tn I started to have gallbladder attacks 5 yrs. ago. I then was recommended for a lap chol. because of stones. After the surgery and for the next 2 years, I had these "attacks" of severe pain, nausau, profuse sweating, and sometimes vomiting. My regular doc. switched me to prevacid for severe acid reflux. I was finally hospitalized because I had an attack while driving, with all the above symptoms and trouble breathing. (Kind of felt like a heart attack, although I have never had one).
Avatar f tn question and I am a bit embarrased to ask, but I want to know if I am okay or not..... Is it normal to have discharge after the surgery? and after 5-6 weeks after? Okay, now I'm really embarassed!! Sorry for an odd question, but I don't know if this is still normal?? Thanks again for all your help and great replies. Take care everyone and chat with you again!!
Avatar m tn I had laparoscopic knee surgery and they gave me antibiotics as well as they did when I had back surgery. However, the general surgeon that was going to perform my laparoscopic gall bladder surgery said there was no need for me to take the antibiotics for this type of surgery. I argued with him and he said there was no need and to trust him.
Avatar f tn I had an abscess rupture, post surgery, causing peritonitis, they opened me up pulled everything out hosed out the puss that filled me.
Avatar m tn On September 12th I ended up in the ER with an abscess the size of a baseball. It was life threatening. After 3 days in the hospital on IV antibiotics and a drain in the abdomen I was able to go home where I spent 10 more days on antibiotics every six hours by IV. Visited with my GI surgeon who will do a laparoscopic surgery to remove 18" of diseased colon. No more colostomy. He uses ileo loop if necessary. Here's the reality. A ruptured colon can result in death.
4760166 tn?1398360913 an update for anyone else experiencing abdominal / pelvic issues due to shunt tubing -- MINE WERE IMMEDIATELY RELIEVED AFTER WAKING UP FROM SURGERY. Shortening the catheter and stitching it behind my liver. I was able to pee in PEACE and continue to have no pain at all from the tubing. Don't let any doctor make you feel like you cannot experience pain from the "benign" silicone tubing. It was a very easy fix.
Avatar f tn It may also be due to conditions in the thoracic cavity or lower left abdominal area that either refers or radiates to the LUQ. Causes of upper left abdominal pain include: LARGE INTESTINE Also known as the large bowel, it is responsible for the final stages of water absorption which leads to the formation of a solid stool from liquid intestinal chyme from the small intestine.
Avatar n tn There have been a few shorter episodes and a few much longer, with differing intensities but generally a typical episode on the pain scale level of 1-10, 10 being worst, starts at about level 1-4 with peaking at about pain level 7-9 for the most part of an episode and then suddenly diminshing after about 6-7 hours of severe duration.
Avatar m tn I have started experiencing real bad upper abdominal pain just under my breast and the pain stretch right around my body. But worse part is where they removed the gall bladder. I do have a spastic colon and are a gerd (or is it gord) sufferer. Is this because of a wrong diet maybe the eating of meat? Do I have to go back to doctor. I don't sleep at night.
Avatar m tn In 2006 I underwent emergency surgery due to an incarcerated right inguinal hernia. I was in extreme discomfort and had immediate relief after I woke up after surgery. Prior to the surgery the surgeon told me that I had to be prepaired to loose the remaiing testicle. I told him that if that was the case just to close me back up. I refused to sign a conscent. The surgery seemed to go fine. In 2009 I suddenly ended up with an abscess on top of the hernia scar.
Avatar f tn D with surgeon to drain, May 08 fistula confirmed and fistulotomy surgery, barely healed over by Sept. 08 and began to drain again, so surgeon referred me to colorectal surgeon (1 1/2 hour drive away!) who performed second fistulotomy in November 08 and had to cauterize with silver nitrate in March 09 to get the last small opening to finally heal over. After about a month of being healed, my abcess recurred in almost the exact same spot!!!
1701902 tn?1307205473 He said the fluid should cause her no pain but will keep an eye on it and doesn't feel like it has anything to do with the abdominal pain. The pain isn't worse after she eats but a month and a half ago she had diarrhea after eating which she attributed to the antibiotics used to treat an upper respiratory infection. The doctor attempted to treat her abdominal pain with the Codine in the cough syrup he prescribed. She's not constipated. She feels more pain when positioned on her left side.
Avatar n tn I have stool leaking into my colostamy bag which indicated that there is a hole somewhere, and as have finally started passing gas and stools 2 weeks after the surgery but I have a lot of bleeding. Has anyone had complications like that? sorry this is not very articulate I am always feeling dizzy and weak, also I have been fasting now for the 2 weeks. Please let me know your story and if it was fixed.
Avatar f tn I to had to have ER surgery for an abdominal absess and one of the symptoms that they had not gotten it all are those that you describe as possiable W/D symptoms. W/D from percocet shold feel like a light flu but yours sounds wrose. Be sure your Dr.s know about your symotoms as they may want to do some tests to be sure they got all of your absess, and that your infection has not returned.
Avatar f tn The diarrhea is very common after this type of surgery, have her take Immodium Anti-diarrhea medication with is over-the-counter. Make sure she stays well hydrated thru all this as well. Her BM's will lessen with time, but it's all about figuring out what foods makes it worse. My son is 39 and has 1-2 a day, and he says it's all about learning what to eat and what not to. He had his colectomy at age 12.
Avatar n tn heres the thing,...wound care doc said i should be closed up after surgery...my doc argues with that..he say if they close me up,and i abcess again,noone will know it untill i am very sick..so,i have a emergency appt that was made friday afternoon with a general surgeon..were getting his opnioin as to whether i should be closed or not...my doc said if the general surgeon can operate before thursday,then thats what will happen..
Avatar n tn As has been commented below, back pain is fairly common after abdominal surgery. Causes can include irritated nerves referring pain to the back, to the healing process exacerbating the back pain. If the symptoms continue, I agree with the suggestion that a CT scan be considered to evaluate for things like an abscess - which is certainly a more serious cause of the symptoms. You may want to discuss this option with your personal physician.
Avatar n tn I also read on the info sheet given from my doctor that a light pink or discharge could be expected for up to 6 weeks after surgery. I am thinking when I read this very light, maybe I would need a pantyliner. What I have had has been just like a period, minus the real good red blood. If I had the uterus taken out where is this coming from? Why is it accumulating and passing when I would have my period....Maybe I am in a hurry and it will just take more time to stop all together...
Avatar f tn I had emergency bowel resection surgery in January of 2008. I had two pieces of my intestines removed, one a partially twisted large intestine (volvulous), which the doc said was hereditary and the other was an abcessed diverticulum pocket on my small intestine, which the doc said was unusual. I came through surgery and recovered well, so I thought.... But ever since then have struggled with loose stools, gas, bloating, and weight gain.
Avatar n tn 8 months ago after my leg surgery (the day I got out) I was constantly nauseated for weeks, my stool was dark green alot, and a pain in my lower left developed. I had colonoscopy, stomach scope, upper GI (where you drink barium), CT scans.. all negative except for hiyatel hernia, fatty liver, and hemmoroids. During the stay in the hospital (around the water enema prep for the colonoscopy) my nausea went away without med.. and after i got out the hospital my little pain in my left did too.