Abdominal abscess after surgery

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Avatar f tn She then referred me to a surgeon to perform exploratory surgery. I found a new doc at this point because this didn't seem right to me to jump to surgery so quickly. The new doc read the report from the hospital and told me that he thought the pain was caused from my appendix the whole time. He sent my scan to a surgeon who agreed with him and said he would have taken my appendix out the day I was in the hospital had he been the one on call.
Avatar f tn Has anybody got any ideas as to why everything went south right after she had the abdominal abscess. Does anybody have any ideas as to what she can do to ease the pain?
1394098 tn?1385960134 Hi. I have a question about an abdominal abscess. Three years ago, I had an abdominal abscess. The first symptom that I had was an enlarged abdomen. I thought that I was just getting fat. Well now I'm "getting fat" in the same place even though my scale says that I haven't gained any weight. I woke up at 4 am this morning with a pain in the scar tissue from where the abscess was removed before. Is it possible to have an abscess come back again after three years?
Avatar f tn This is all just SO wrong. I mean, far be it from me to contradict a physician who has given up so many years in study to be of help to our world.
Avatar f tn I went home the next day, then returned to the hospital 3 days later with severe abdominal pain and fever. I was diagnosed with a pelvic abscess and severe infection. After a week in the hospital, I was sent home with a picc-line in my arm and a drainage tube for the abscess. I have been taking antibiotics vancomycin and Invanz daily through infusion. I have been home 10 days and the drainage is now cloudy light pink as opposed to the dark pink with clumps while I was in the hospital.
Avatar m tn Expectations (prognosis) If your appendix is removed before it ruptures, you will likely get well very soon after surgery. If your appendix ruptures before surgery, you will probably recover more slowly, and are more likely to develop an abscess or other complications.
Avatar m tn I have started experiencing real bad upper abdominal pain just under my breast and the pain stretch right around my body. But worse part is where they removed the gall bladder. I do have a spastic colon and are a gerd (or is it gord) sufferer. Is this because of a wrong diet maybe the eating of meat? Do I have to go back to doctor. I don't sleep at night.
Avatar f tn in hospital for 10 days for bladder and intestinal repair 4 hour surgery 14 inch incision 8 week recovery to about 90 percent. abdominal surgery is a long recovery. like you never had surgery before. family and friends offered much appreciated support. pain management meds were excellant worst part was them getting an iv started 4 times in the emergency room. important do not refuse an epidermal you won't regret it.
Avatar f tn If the strength of the site is compromised a wound can be pulled apart even much later. I once had an abdominal incision abscess and it nearly turned into gangrene. I'd call the doc at least, and if the drainage is not clear but like pus and/or has a bad odor, I would treat it with urgency.
Avatar f tn I am 18 years old and have been having moderate to severe pain in my abdominal area. It started 3 days ago really low and got so severe I could not stand. It started in an ice hockey game and got progressively worse. The pain has now spread all on the left side reaching up to my ribcage. Sometimes it's a severe stabbing pain or throbbing. I had blood work done and an abdominal ultrasound which all came back normal.
Avatar f tn why there is complications like wound infection, anastomotic leakage,intestinal obstruction, urinary retention and intra-abdominal abscess after colostomy? can you provide me with an answer to my respective complications? thank you...
Avatar f tn For a few months now, I've been experiencing a painful stabbing/tugging feeling behind and around my belly button. It usually occurs a couple hours after I've eaten and it lasts for a few days and then stops. After a couple of weeks, the pattern begins again. It feels a bit like stabbing, but also kind of like all of the insides right behind my belly button are being crushed in someone's fist and then aggressively tugged on.
Avatar n tn I started on keflex and scheduled a root canal ASAP. After the root canal and finishing the keflex the abscess was still there. My endontist downplayed it like it's no big deal but he drained the abcess and put me on clymdamycin. Finished all the clymdamycin and the abscess is still there. Endontist says it could take months to heal and sent me on my way. I feel like I need a second opinion. I still have a pea sized abscess on my gums idk what to do.
Avatar f tn I to had to have ER surgery for an abdominal absess and one of the symptoms that they had not gotten it all are those that you describe as possiable W/D symptoms. W/D from percocet shold feel like a light flu but yours sounds wrose. Be sure your Dr.s know about your symotoms as they may want to do some tests to be sure they got all of your absess, and that your infection has not returned.
Avatar n tn I had had abdominal surgery for an appendicile abscess, and what they did for the C section was to use the same site and cut away all the old scar tissue (if you think of it, it's like a line in your skin, they simply went there and excised all the old scar line.) It looked about the same after the C-section, though my first scar was a little shorter because a baby had not needed to come out of it.
Avatar n tn Symptoms included constipation, back pain that radiated down the leg (bad enough that sleep was impossible until Advil did its magic), fatigue, pregnant-looking bloat, and my inny belly button started to become an outy. (After surgery, it is back to inny again.) I could not eat big meals without being doubled over in abdominal pain. Also once I knew the cyst was there, I could feel it.
Avatar n tn Just had my third surgery due to abscess about a month and a half ago, and for the past few weeks have had this strange pain. Any pain that seems to be in the area of the rectum, makes me leary of abscesses, but this is different. The pain is in the left gluteus, into the bend of my hip, as well as the rectum. Seems that sitting worsens things, and I have been trying to sit/lie to my right to accomodate, but the pain never entirely goes away.
Avatar n tn m 41yrs old, in reasonable fitness and health but have been diagnosed with a ruptured appendix and have had a drain/antibiotic therapy to clear up the infection and abscess. The appendix will be taken out in 4 weeks' time. What range of physical activity should I carry out in the interval? Would there be a risk of causing damage by lifting, bending, moderate gym exercise etc ? Thanks..
Avatar n tn I am so sorry this happened to you. I did not have an abscess but a number of other problems after having a hysterectomy (which should have never been done). I don't know much about abscesses but any abdominal infection can be serious. Hopefully, yours is under control and you are on the road to recovery. Did they remove the drain and bag yet? Please keep us posted.
Avatar m tn ) He gave me antibiotics which made me worse and did not heal up the infection. Finally I had to get the abscess drained - another day surgery and the week after the surgey I was in a lot of pain again. Gradually the next three weeks, the pain subsided and I felt great. However, this last week I have felt pain again and am worried the abscess has come back or the fissure hasn't healed. I go back to see the surgeon next week.
Avatar f tn Dr is admitting me to the hospital 1 pm sunday, with surgery scheduled for the next morning - laparoscopy for a tubal abscess, with potential to go further if necessary. he wants hospital to do a bowel prep starting at 6 pm with mag. cit. and then ducolax 2 hours later. I'm trying to figure out what to expect - am I going to be up all night long? (is there anything I can do/eat/not eat to avoid it taking longer than necessary? A little sleep the night before surgery might be nice.
Avatar n tn within three days i was in the hospital for a week, CT scan showed a colon abscess, i dodged emergency surgery and responded to IV antibiotics. now i'm two months out of the hospital and a GI and surgical followup recommends bowel resection. i've read that the bowel does not repair itself. what should i do? also could the abscess have actually been caused by the colonoscopy. thanks.
Avatar f tn Some of the common causes of pain in abdomen are hepatitis or hepatic abscess, cholecystitis, perforated duodenal ulcers, appendicitis, diverticulitis, adenitis, abdominal abscess or hematoma, inflammatory bowel disease etc. You must consult a gastroenterologist as soon as possible for proper examination with tests like ultrasound, blood tests, biochemical tests etc.
Avatar f tn I started doing cocaine and now the entire inside of my nose has deteriorated and I’m so scared to see a doctor because I’m embarrassed for letting my body suffer and missing my initial follow up after surgery. My left inner ear has started to hurt and I’m just not sure what to do. I’m so embarrassed and feel sad and sorry for myself that I’ve let this happen. I’m extremely worried that it could be a major infection that can travel to the brain and cause brain injury or damage.