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Avatar m tn A year and a hal f ago a had an abscess on my vagina and had to go into surgery. I later took another one but antibiotics cleared it. I have now took another one and have just finished two antibiotics and it still hasnt gone away. Will I have to go into hospital again and why am I taking these.
6388161 tn?1380850057 Yesterday i went back to the emergency room and the abscess was lanced but nothing came again but blood. It is so hard and large the doctor said it was urated i dont know the exact word but it needs to be surgically removed. So has anyone had abscess in the below the vagina are surgically removed? If so did you have to stay overnight in the hospital? Was their a lot of pain afterward?
Avatar f tn Losing weight helps to reduce the occurrence rate in overweight people. I had to get surgery due to the frequency and severity of the abscesses in my right armpit. The doctors removed my sweat gland and all of the skin that had hair. I have not had any more abscesses in that area since but continue to have them in other areas. Depression is common with the condition due to the painful, embarrassing nature of HS so it is important to monitor her for signs and symptoms.
Avatar f tn I had an abscess in my right breast 10 years ago and it left a little lump after it healed. Two weeks ago I developed an abscess in the same spot. My GP recommended a week of antibiotics (Augmentin) and it started to drain on its own two days back. I feel a thickened area which hasn't gone down. Should I be worried? The abscess continues to drain slowly and I have covered it with sterilized gauze. Please help.
702286 tn?1239015260 If you have an active marble sized abscess at your ankle from missing a vein with an unsterile solution you will want to see a real doctor...............this is not the time to self medicate...........
Avatar m tn Dear Guys, I developed abscess three times with in two weeks interval in my groin area.....the last two were big and required surgery with full ansthesia. My doc therefore suggested to escape the shot at least for one week so i did not take the shot last week. I continued to take it again but I developed another abscess on the preannal position. I am afraid it will force me to discontinue the therapy. Has any one exprienced such problem during therapy?
Avatar m tn hi im sukumar, past one and half years im affecting in pilonidal abscess problem, already last year i did one surgery, but still it is not recover, one general surgen suggested to plastic surgery treatment is better to recover...... but im not beleive still searching for better treatment method for pilonidal abess can u please any one suggess? can i do one more surgery or any alternate method is available..........i my number is 919840353076.. please suggest..
Avatar n tn I underwent a surgery for breast abscess on my left breast on Nov 1st 2002.My investigations say: Surgery done under GA,Left breast painted and draped .Incision made on the submit of the swelling which was just below the nipple.Thick pus let out.30ml of thick pus present.Pus sent for culture and found OK.Loculations broken down.Wash given usingH2o2, betadine and saline.Roller guaze used and wound packed. I have been going for dressing for the past 1 month.
Avatar m tn hi im sukumar, past one and half years im affecting in pilonidal abscess problem, already last year i did one surgery, but still it is not recover, one general surgen suggested to plastic surgery treatment is better to recover...... but im not beleive still searching for better treatment method for pilonidal abess can u please any one suggess? can i do one more surgery or any alternate method is available..........i my number is 919840353076.. please suggest..
Avatar n tn It is located below the screw they placed during surgery. I went to my local dentist and he told me to contact my Maxillofacial Surgery and prescribed 500 mg of Amoxicillin because it may be related to the screw. I have no pain at all in my tooth only the discomfort of having a swollen gum and what feels like like a hard bump a little above the abscess. I would like to know if it is serious and if probably the screw it causing my gum to become infected?
Avatar f tn Since they are saying it is a brain abscess, then one of that size does require surgery. Smaller ones can be treated with antibiotics, but larger ones, according to my research, need surgery. A quote from a site (will pm you the link) "A brain abscess is a medical emergency. Pressure inside the skull may become high enough to be life-threatening. You will need to stay in the hospital until the condition is stable. Some people may need life support." Early treatment is better.
Avatar m tn My 1 year old grandson had developed a Perianal Abscess and had a surgery under GA. Some 20 ml. pus was removed from a 5 cm deep cavity near anus at 01 O'Clock position and 1 cm away.The surgeon put a drain pipe which did not stay more than 1 day and then it was not replaced.He was given antibiotics for 2-3 days and kept under observation and sent home after 5 days.He was advised Betadine sitz bath after each poo. No other medication was prescribed.
Avatar f tn I had a sinus lift done in November 2008 (9 months ago) to prepare for implants to be placed. Ever since the lift surgery, I have had a swelling on the gum tissue where the surgery took place. The swelling extends about 2-3 inches along the gum and a little on the cheek side. It hurts quite a bit. The pain extends to my eye socket and I have frequent nose bleeding on the opposite side.
Avatar n tn I have a serious problem, every time an ejaculation happens the perianal region just starts swelling up,if ejaculation happens for about 3 times in a week abscess starts forming very badly. This problem has persisted for long now. Could this be because of prostatis? some infection? I consulted many doctors, none of them are even ready to listen to me, they keep telling me that ejaculation and perianal abscess has no link, I dont know what to do.Its been happening for almost 3 years now.
Avatar f tn I have had a thoracotomy on my right lung for the same thing 12 years ago. The abscess grew and ruptured, and emergency surgery followed. Why is my doc waiting and doing nothing with my history? He tells me sometimes the body "self heals" these lesions. Please advise.
Avatar n tn Doctor performed surgery/ incision around her rectum area to drain the abscess immediately. However, about a month later, there is an abscess build up again around her viginal area. Went back to ER, Doctor performed surgery around her vignal area this time to drain the pus. She didn't has any fever both time. Two weeks after the 2nd sugery, she flet the paint and lump or swollen around her viginal area again (she is still taking her antibiotic at the time).
Avatar n tn I had an abscess in my pubic area. So, I went to doctor to get advice. They said it must be removed by surgical way,and it is only way to get rid of it. So surgeon removed it by surgery in hospital. it was on july 25th. Now after 3 months it came back again. is it normal, do you know the reason. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/241456'>Pubic folliculitis</a>.
1399266 tn?1280640704 My 8 year old cat, Kupid was diagnosed with a dental abscess about a week ago and put on clindamycin 1 ml twice a day. When she started she had a pink drainage coming from her right eye and right nostril. Her eye has gotten better and her nose has slightly improved. She is still sneezing and looks terrible but she is eating on her own. This cat has failed the pre anesthesia test twice after having complications during her spay surgery so we are reluctant to put her under to pull her tooth.
Avatar f tn Hi All, I have got a 4-5mm intersphincteric abscess which clearly shows up on an MRI scan. When i went in for surgery to cut it out, my surgeon said he couldn't find the abscess and that there isn't anything he can do to help me as he cannot feel it or find an internal opening from where the abscess is draining inside the anal canal, despite the fact he knows its exact location on the MRI scan! I was devastated when he told me this as this abscess is ruining my life.
Avatar m tn I have been dealing with unilateral nipple changes for about 5 years and recenty have developed a subareolar abscess. Tests have shown that I have cysts behind the nipple that have ruptured, causing the abscess. My breast surgeon says the ultimate cure would be to remove the nipple/areolar complex and affected ducts/tissue, which I am not opposed to.
Avatar m tn The healing and recovery time differs from person to person, and of course it would also depend on how extensive the surgery will be,depending on how deep the abscess is located.. I am really sorry if I can't be of much help,but I would advise you to ask your surgeon all the questions you have asked here, and I am sure that you'll be much better informed regarding drainage,healing,and especially when you can go back to work since your job is physically demanding.
Avatar f tn hi i have an abscess on my thigh its red and painful i went to the doctor and he only gave me antibiotics! my question is, are the antibiotics enough ... or a surgery to drain the abscess is required??
Avatar n tn Went to my ENT Dr's office to schedule 2nd surgery on monday. Surgery was supposed to be for tmro but cos abscess poped today. Dr said we have to cancel surgery till further notice. Said since its been recurring for many years. It will be hard to find all the tracts due to scar tissue. He prefers to operate while i have the huge abscess ( dont understand the logic behind this). Is this not when the infection is active??? Brief or not so brief History: I was born with the hole on my right ear.
Avatar m tn I had surgery on a perirectal abscess about 7 weeks ago. For the past 5 days I have been running a low grade fever 99-100.4 on average and experiencing random rectal pain in the same area. I had some bleeding from the site then the fever began the next day. I thought the area was completely healed as I have had been released by my Doctor after 3 weeks. Is it possible for it to reoccur?
Avatar n tn I have had two crowns from different dentists that have resulted in abscesses - the first of which went into my bone and I had to have surgery. I told both dentists that the crowns did not feel as if they were seated correctly, but of course I was ignored. The dentists have just told me that these things "happen". I don't believe it. It is either incompetence on their part, or there is something wrong with my body.
Avatar n tn He is treating me for a tooth abscess, and started me on Antibiotics and pain meds. I'm just wondering - the puss pockets seems to be about the same size, and is mostly uncomfortable. How long until I can expect it to start "healing"? I know the infection will not totally subside until I have the tooth removed, but I'm just wondering how long before the swelling might subside. Also, what would happen if the abscess were to burst?
Avatar m tn I had an abscess size of golf ball near my tailbone , I went to doctor they did the incision made a cut on corner of my abscess and drain the puss out of it , and put bandage on it after 1 week I went to follow up appointment doctor check and he said there is still some puss left inside it so he made another small cut and drain the puss out after that after 1 week went to third appointment doctor saw my abscess there was still a small lump left so he told me to remove it permanently we have to d
Avatar m tn After major gallbladder surgery, 3 times size,infected, e-coli, after 7 days sent home even with constant low grade fever. 12 days home with low grade/high grade fever called Surgeon had Ct scan revealed 5.5x3.5x4.5 cm gallbladder e-coli fossa abscess. Interventional radiologist placed a french drain while i was under conscious sedation during CT Scan. Released after 4 days of Flagyl & Cipro. Home drainage was recorded at over 1000cc to 2000cc of brown liquid.
Avatar n tn We proceeded to go to the emergency room, where they told me that there was an abscess the size of an orange on the left size of my vagina that they'd have to do surgery on.
Avatar n tn 1) There are several different types of abscess but the most common is a periapical abscess in which there is a cavity in the tooth that invades the pulp of the tooth. The bacteria then travels down the pulp into the jawbone and begins to destroy the jawbone.