Abdominal cramps no period not pregnant

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Avatar n tn With my son I had cramps but my calcium was low and that caused the pain. The cramps feel like my period is coming on but no blood or anything I'm not having morning sickness or anything.
Avatar f tn For the past two weeks I have been having very intense lower abdominal pain, that feels like strong period cramps, but I do not have my period. They come and go throughout the day, and last between 30-60 seconds each time. I have not had my period yet this month. My periods have never been regular, even while I was on birth control; which I am no longer on due to complications. Has anyone ever had this problem? Any advice?
Avatar n tn This is to the T the only pregnancy symptoms I had with my son-bad cramps/no period and shocks in breasts. But, I think I waited longer to take a test last time. Also, last time I got off the pill I had a normal period..and I don't understand severe cramping with no period. Should I have waited longer to take the tests? I'm only 3 days late.
Avatar n tn Lower abdominal cramps are also a sign of period pains. As long as you wait until your period was due/missed you can take a HPT with first morning urine and get an accurate result, if it's still negative you should see your doctor about why you're not starting your period. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Is having abdominal cramping normal 8 weeks pregnant??
Avatar n tn I am in my 5th week and this is our first baby. I keep getting these slight abdominal cramps. Is this normal?! I am constantly worried and safely want to cross my first trimester. Anyone else experienced it?!
Avatar n tn 5 months ago I started experiencing lower abdominal cramps like menstruation. I'm 50 years old. Could I be pregnant? I had a large ovarian cyst once and wonder if that may be causing it. The cramps are on both sides. I am bloated also. I fear I'm pregnant, but I never experienced cramps in my previous pregnancies. I'm starting to become alarmed about pregnancy and am afraid to find out. I thought that once periods stopped for this long that there was not a chance of pregnancy.
Avatar n tn my last period was october 20th 2010, its now dec 7th 2010, for the past 3 weeks i've had cramps with no period for 3 weeks also breast tenderness to the point i wanna take tylenol and the pain is off and on, i have nausea spells and am tired often and moody. anyone has any idea what my problem is.
Avatar n tn i know i posted about cramping while pregnant a little while ago but they have been hurting! almost close to the cramps i had during my mc. there is no blood but just cramps that are hellacious! is it normal? i am only like 3 weeks now maybe 4. has any one else had this?
Avatar n tn I've just come across this thread... I'm going through the same thing. First 2 months on clomid brilliant. And now it seems to have stopped. Not pregnant and the doctors don't know what to say other than "take anther test, you're probably pregnant" do they know how expensive they are?? Kats09 did it work out for you in the end?
Avatar f tn Yea i know funny, So 2 weeks ago i took the next morning pill (plan B) and 5days ago i got my period fine, but i notice when i got my period i got really bad pelvic cramps like need to go pee pee, and 2days later i got it again but with diarrhea, n 2days which is today i got the cramping on my pelvic but no diarrhea. Im still spotting with my period, but right now is kinda pink discharge n brown..
468864 tn?1245254117 So nothing really different has happened except for no period. Everyone I talk to is convinced that i'm pregnant or seriously stressed, but I can't think of when I may have been stressed enough to cause a missed cycle. I've been told that you "just know" when your pregnant and I dont feel any different. I don't know what to do or think.
Avatar n tn To anyone I like others have been having period like cramps for a bout 2 weeks. I am not on BC nor is my period regular so I have no clue when i'm getting my period other than the pms symptoms I get a few days before my period. So normally I do get cramps and tender breast before my period which last about 3 days and then I get my period. This time is different. I have been having these period like cramps for 2 weeks now, tingling in the breast and nausea last night.
Avatar n tn I have missed my period by two days and have not experienced any bleeding at all and no discharge. I have swollen breasts, cramps in my lower back, and my usual abdominal cramping. I have been taking desogen (apri) birth control for over 2 years and have not yet missed my period for over a day. this is the first it has not been consistent. I am sexually active with a steady partner in a monogamous relationship.
Avatar n tn im not pregnant or got anything wrong on ovaries but still not came on, on the 3rd of august i will have missed my 3rd period i dont understand what going on.
Avatar f tn Since then i have been experiencing abdominal pain but have not gotten my period but it is due the ends of febuary. just wanted to know if this sounds more like a pregnancy or just menstrual cramps?
Avatar f tn Hi, I had a miscarriage on Oct. 21 and still no show of period. I know that my hcg went down to 0 by Oct 31 and it is now Dec.05. I am having cramps in my lower abdominal and my nipples are very sore. I took a pregnancy test last friday because I am not getting my period. Could i be pregnant again without getting my period? By the way I had a naturally miscarriage.
Avatar n tn i am 32 and went off the pill in September and have not had a period since. Since I'm trying to get pregnant, obviously no period was a great concern! I went to my OBGYN, who is a fabulous doctor and is widely known in Eastern Ontario (Canada). He diagnosed me with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrom (PCOS).
1026498 tn?1251952203 My period was originally due to come back on the 4th or the 5th of this month (Sept) and now its the 10th and i still haven't receive my period. On the 4th i got the usual PMS signs discharge..abdominal cramps..bloating but no period. I took a pregnancy test on the 5th then again today they both came back negative, i have never missed a period in my life and my cycles are always regular and on time give and take a day.
118884 tn?1270478379 I'm starting to cramp again my left lower side and lower back on my left side has been hurting for a few days im starting to break out now and I know I had a few cramps on my right side I just don't think im pregnant I don't know what is going on I usually just get the cramps on my right side and I do get break outs right befor I start do you think I might have a kidney infection my husband thinks I do , I should have started the 29th of May my last af was April 23rd on a 37 day cycle or
Avatar n tn my period is 2 months late and i have had cramps/vaginal pain not to bad though could i be pregnant?
Avatar n tn I'm also 5 wks and have a lot of cramping like period cramps and its normal
Avatar n tn I have had pains like period cramps the whole time but no bleeding, Dr said it's fine x
Avatar f tn Hello. I'm a 36 year old, and it seems to all goes down hill from here. Every 2-3 months on the day I start my cycle I get what I can only decribe to be labor pains! (only one of my problems). But it starts like I'm going to be sick and throw-up. From there its all labor pain syptoms (feel like I have to go to the bathroom, but can't, terrible back pain, and contractions so bad, my legs wont let me walk).
Avatar n tn I had cramping and no bleeding until I was like 3-4 months pregnant...I think you will be fine as long as there is no bleeding. Make sure you address the issue with hour Dr.
Avatar f tn My breasts are aching and I know for some women this can be due to period coming but I never get sore breasts! I have abdominal cramps like period pain so this is why I am confused! Could I be pregnant? Is it too early to take a test?