Cramps no period not pregnant

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Avatar f tn Hi! I'm having severe cramps but no bleeding or spotting. I'm due for my period in about 4 days but I've been trying to get pregnant for a couple weeks now. I took a pregnancy test today and it came back negative. I'm not sure if these are menstrual cramps or possible pregnancy cramps. Help?
529420 tn?1213234555 i never usually have cramping that bad and not ones that long for a long period of time.can it mean that i might be pregnant or my period is coming?
Avatar n tn If you have been having unprotected sex there is always a possibility of pregnancy. If you were late, or missed a period I would test, but if you weren't then I'd just be happy you got a period without the pain.
Avatar f tn I am almost 20 years old, only have one Fallopian tube but i've not had a period in 3 months!! i dont kno whats going on. i have had period-like cramps all 3 months, and the first month I had a 2-day what i thought to be period! but my periods have never been less than 4 days, not to mention heavy. well the period i had 3 months ago was light and short!! I took a HPT yesterday, 6-20-11, and it was negative! i dont know whats going on and I need help!! advice please!!!!
Avatar f tn I just started getting period cramps tonight without my period, which is due in 13 days. What could this mean? Extra info: I had sex a few days ago where the condom broke but we realised immediately and changed it.
Avatar n tn I get period cramps with no period but I am pregnant so thats normal. Have you taken a pregnancy test?
Avatar f tn Now here recently I have been very moody, hungry, tired, dizzy on and off, and sometimes nauseaded. I am due to have my period today but no period, no spotting or usual brown discharge I usually get the day before or the day of. Normally I have sore breasts a week to two weeks before I start my period and I haven't had the first sign of that until yesterday. I had taken a pregnancy test (cheapo one) the day before yesterday and it was negative.
Avatar f tn You've asked this on several forums--- the answer will not change. You can not get pregnant from the activity you describe.
Avatar n tn This is to the T the only pregnancy symptoms I had with my son-bad cramps/no period and shocks in breasts. But, I think I waited longer to take a test last time. Also, last time I got off the pill I had a normal period..and I don't understand severe cramping with no period. Should I have waited longer to take the tests? I'm only 3 days late.
Avatar f tn Omg Finally some one goin through what I'm goin threw I was suppose to start my period on 14th but nothing and on the 12th I had a white mucus discharge with no odor no itchiness no burning sensation the only difference with me I was on the depo I got my first shot may 5 2013 n my second shot Aug 10 2013 I was suppose to go back in November 5 2013 to et my third shot but never went back I finally started my period last month on the 14th a heavy regular period and know nothing I don't kno what to