Heavy period cramps

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Avatar f tn Periods are a funny thing. Your symptoms and the flow can change drastically every month. Have you been tested for endo?
149184 tn?1235622505 i'm having a heavy period... literally heavy meaning i change pads about 6 times a day... i also have terrible cramps radiating to mostly right leg. AF is unusualy sticky/concentrated meaning when i sit down the toilet, it would drip in clots. I also take pain meds every 6 hours bcoz i can't take the pain and use hot water bottle on my abdomen. my back hurts too.... i've never had this since 10 years ago... should i see my OB?
Avatar n tn However, in the past year, I've noticed my period being heavy the FIRST TWO days, now it's heavy the first day. I too, wonder if this is pre-meno pause. I took birth control for several years before, during and after marriage. I stop birth control for 3 years now and have not gotten pregnant with the natural method. I am curious, and no ping-pong size blood clots but there are bouts of heavy over a quarter-size ones...
Avatar n tn heavy spotting with backache and cramps
Avatar n tn hi i am mona i got period this month as usual it goes on 11 days but not stop heavy bleeding with cramps continue.this bleeding happenings since 50 days.now i feel tired .i want to stop this and become pregnment soon.give me soluion as soon as posible.
Avatar n tn I was having the same problem with heavy cramps and some spots hheavy brown " it was in my period time So I haven't expect pregnancy until it was off and on many times And before knowing I'm pregnant , I did the first test" home pregnancy test you can do it , and it was positive You better go to hospital Because somethim es you need kind of medication to fixate your pregnancy if the case was about miscarriage For me my doctor said its normal I just need to rest and not to lift hea
Avatar f tn Yes very. Period like cramps. As long as u don't have heavy bleeding. Try drinking water.
Avatar m tn I am on day 18 and have been over a week late for period, with heavy cramps every day. Cycle is usually very regular. Could I be Pregnant?
1138758 tn?1374804305 Slight headache. Slight cramps. period heavy and dark blood.
Avatar n tn Its normal when I found out I was pregnant I was cramping and thought my cycle was coming you will be fine tho
Avatar f tn I am irregular so right now i dont think the time frame is a big deal in when i got my period. But my question is what are the cramps im getting now about? They're not real heavy, but they're definatly there. Any ideas? Thanks.
Avatar f tn This is my first .. I'm 11weeks and u get cramps. Sometimes heavy and sometimes light. But Dr. Said it was normal so I try not to worry.
Avatar f tn I've been having really light cramping on my left side only. It's not like a period cramp, just kind of annoying. I have no bleeding either. I am around 4-5 weeks. Has anyone else experienced this and been fine?
Avatar f tn I thought it would be but its a constant cramp it doesnt come or go its just there almost like right after getting mirena put in or the first few days of a heavy period but no blood... then ill get a sharper pain on and off which i think is the braxton hicks part but i cant figure out what the constant cramp is.
Avatar n tn Ive been getting really nauseous and having like period cramps for 2 days. I went to the dr Tuesday and im 2-3 centimeters dialted. Im due may 15th but if i dont have him by the 10th then im getting induced. I also had some spotting last night anyone else experienced this?
11804788 tn?1421224120 Im 9 weeks pregnant now, and i'm a little scared. I experience these heavy cramps like the same sort when i'm getting my period. Is it normal you get this once in a while?
Avatar f tn When I was first pregnant with my son, I had no idea I was pregnant since I wasn't late yet. The night before I shouldve gotten my period I had the WORST cramps of my life. I was at a friends house and they were so bad I said my uterus was trying to escape my body and that I needed to go home. I went home and took tylenol and went straight to bed. This was so unusual for me since I never have cramps.
Avatar f tn Is it nornal to being feeling cramps at 5 weeks pregnant? They somewhat feel like a period cramp.
Avatar f tn if you aren't bleeding you'll be fine. I had the same thing happen to me I thought I was getting my period so I didn't think much about it. I'd say drink plenty of water & lay on your left side. If it doesn't get any better you may need to go to the hospital to make sure you're doing okay & make sure the baby is in the right spot.
Avatar f tn I was worried about cramps during this pregnancy as my last pregnancy I ended up misscarying and when that happened I had severe cramps so it worries me a lot, but doctor assured me that normal feeling period cramps are normal during pregnancy. Im 9w5d and still get them but had them a lot around 6-7weeks.
Avatar f tn I'm only about 5 weeks along and I've been having very mild cramps. Nothing intense or like a period cramp, but just really mild. Has anyone else had this at 5 weeks? I have the normal tenderness in my boobs, constant hunger, and VERY fatigue, but the cramps scare me. I'm just nervous because I had a miscarriage 8 years ago, so I'm scared of that happening again. Any advice would be great!
Avatar f tn Hi there Im just over 7 weeks pregnant now and i had very bad period like cramps early on. The doc said that it is normal and some women do get them. He says that it is the changing body. As said by Toni, as long as the pain is bare able and there is not blood, you should be just fine. good luck!!!
1098413 tn?1263332625 now im all freaking out b/c im feeling crampy here and there...almost like period cramps that come and go...here and there..nothing severe....I did hear that emplantation can do that though..but w/ previous MC i get worried...
Avatar f tn the bleeding was kind of heavy. but i'm not due for my period for 4-5 more days. could this be implantation bleeding? i haven't had any pregnancy symptoms other than mild nausea and fatigue. i also took a pregnancy test the night before i got the bleeding/cramps and it was negative. is there a chance i could still be pregnant?