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I had my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday. (today is Wednesday). The pain has slowly been lessening, to the point where its a stiffness in my jaw and only hurts if i tighten my jaw muscles. THe problem is that my mouth seems to be making a lot of saliva..more than normal. It is only comming from one side of my mouth (the side the hurts more than the other) and it and it sorta seems that it has a funny taste to it..maybe pus comming from the extraction site??
Im 7mo and all 4 of my wisdom teeth are coming in. i was planning on getting them removed. there is a lot of discomfort of them pushing my teeth together but i don't know if i should do it know i know im pregnant.
Anyway, let's get to my main question... I have a slight infection in my bottom wisdom teeth especially in the left one. (Pus coming out etc I have had to clean it twice a day for about a year now. Im currently on the waiting list to have all 4 removed) Yesterday the gums around the tooth became very sore and I woke up last night to discover that the gum had swollen and there was alot of pain which is effecting all the gum up to the tonsil on the left side of my mouth.
Hi, I had my two lower wisdom teeth extracted on Monday Jan 5, it is now Monday Jan 12 and I am still in pain, particularly my left side, there is still about a quart size amount of swelling and a liquid discharge which I think is blood but it doesnt look like blood. Is this normal? I have been takin the antibiotics and pain killers but dont feel like I am getting any better.
My top right side at the back of my teeth is what seems to be bleeding, and giving out pus. There is no pain. A little uncomfortable feeling under my right jaw line. I have 24 teeth total. There is no wisdom tooth showing or appearing to be coming in. I am almost 22 years old. I have never had a wisdom tooth come in. I'm worried what it may be because i don't see a tooth, i'm thinking the worst that there's a rotten tooth inside my gum. Please someone help.
I had all four wisdom teeth extracted six days ago and per my surgeon it was a very difficult surgery requiring a longer than normal recovery period with extra swelling. He prescibed a mthylprednisolone dose pack and a five day round of ampicillin both of which I have since completed. I was doing well up until day 4 and 5 when I began to experience an increase in pain and narcotic consumption. I went in on day 6, yesterday, and he irrigated the two lower sites which were caked with food.
Before I found out I was pergant I had beautiful health teeth got a check up everythink was fine just around 7 months though my pergancy I noticed I have a hole in each wisdom teeth and the are starting to really get to me with this pain pus I have really bad morning sicknesses is had it since I was 4 weeks pergant and now I am 34 weeks tomorrow :-/
A year ago I had my upper and lower left wisdom teeth pulled because they had pus coming from them and made my breath smell really bad and left this gross taste in my mouth. A year later, the smell and taste is back. I still have my upper and lower right wisdom teeth. I was thinking this was the problem, which it may be but when I touch my gum where my upper left wisdom tooth was, it smells extremely bad. Is it possible that something is draining from it causing me bad breath? Please help.
Hello, My daughter had 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed over 4 months ago. She got dry socket and then was well on the road to recovery with almost all the swelling gone. At about the 12 day mark she woke up with a sore and swollen cheek. The oral surgeon said it was caused by infection and put her on a course of amoxicillin for ten days. At the check up he said it was looking better and renewed the prescription.
I have all four wisdom teeth and have never had a problem, there was enough room for them all to come in without bothering any other teeth. On the top two, they are both broken in half. Until now, neither has given me any problem. My husbands work insurance is coming in in a month so I will be getting my teeth taken care of but until then I have a problem. On my left upper side, it was excrutiatingly painful, the gum around the tooth was swelling, there was pus/blood, and excess saliva.
(The tooth hasn't broken through) The swelling has gotten to the point to where it is causing me to not be able to put my teeth together without putting pressure on the swollen gums and causes pain. Is there something wrong? Or is this normal for wisdom teeth trying to come in?
Hey everyone. I got my wisdom teeth extracted on the left side of my mouth on January 19th. Two days before surgery I lost feeling on the left side of my chin and lip. The numbing has actually gotten worse, this time taking over the right side of the chin also, but not nearly as severe. Went to my oral Sergent February 9th and the bottom wisdom tooth extraction site was very inflamed and was not healing normally.
Hi there, It may not be possible to detect the exact cause of your symptoms without a dental examination. Wisdom teeth can cause pain symptoms if there is problem in their impaction. There is often not enough space for them to fully come through. Therefore they may only partially erupt into the mouth or not come through at all and dental pain may be persistent.
There can be a large amount of symptoms that can indicate problems with your teeth. There could be pain, swelling, fever, bad taste or smell, pus drainage, bleeding, etc. An abscess can spread to various parts of the body, from the head region down to the neck to the chest cavity. Its hard to really simplify your question because anything could potentially be a symptoms of your teeth's infection.
i have a white bump bymy wisdom teeth and my dentist said i have to get my wisdoms removed..but the other day this bumpcame and its painful to touch and i also woke up and could hardly swallow what is it?
Had all 4 Wisdom Teeth plus 2 more (bottom right) extracted nearly two weeks ago, one week after surgery i noticed infection taste (very bad but with very little pain) comming from bottom rightside (where the extras came from). i went back to oral surgeon who said it was a dry socket(althought i suspect there was a slight infection befor extraction), packed the socket and gave me penicillin.
Brush 2x a day, floss every day, mouthwash every morning, fluoride rinse every night.
Right so I have an impacted wisdom tooth so it's not fully out yet and there is a flap of gum covering half of the tooth. Food inevitabley gets trapped and I do my best to get it out. For the past three weeks or so though, I have noticed a bad foul bacteria smell coming from the tooth. If I put my finger on it, the fingers wreaks of the smell. Sometimes I can taste it when I chew on that side. Nice... Anyway I went to the dentist and she said it was clean and to just carry on cleaning it.
I'm 24, and I had my wisdom teeth taken out about three years ago, and everything has been free of complications, until possibly now. It started as a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes ect; and infection, and I noticed I had a small sore were my wisdom tooth used to be. Over three days the infection has gotten much worse. It's a constant ache in my jaw, and is very painful to open my mouth or chew. the area is hot, very swollen, and tastes kinda like blood.
I have all four wisdom teeth and have never had a problem, there was enough room for them all to come in without bothering any other teeth. On the top two, they are both broken in half. Until now, neither has given me any problem. My husbands work insurance is coming in in a month so I will be getting my teeth taken care of but until then I have a problem. On my left upper side, it was excrutiatingly painful, the gum around the tooth was swelling, there was pus/blood, and excess saliva.
it is very tender and sore... this morning when i woke up it was leaking pus what can it be?? it feels like my wisdom teeth are pushing everything forward and the two teeth are crammed.... could it be a cold sore??
my face wasn't swollen, my teeth didn't hurt, and my gums around my teeth weren't swollen or hurting but the gum behind my wisdom tooth that is almost fully grown out was a little lumpy and when I massaged it started to bleed a little. I rinsed my mouth with warm water and a mouth wash with aloe and witch hazel and expected it to get better the next day. The same thing happened last night where I woke up from the pain. I took asprin and was able to sleep.
But yesterday i got this pain in my upper right jaw, and i thought that it could have been my wisdom teeth coming out. but i revised and its actually a white thing that i've got righ next to my gum thats causing me pain and my neck is swell and it hurts like hell could this be chlamydia or gonorhea symptoms after 6 weeks of exposure? thanks.
i think i have an abcess in my jaw and it feels like my bone is cracking around the wisdom tooth. i cant get to the dentist for a few days,. what should i do? the swelling is spreading in my face and i think my neck.
The areas around my cyst have stayed about the same and one of my cheeks is bigger than the other (but not severely bigger). I am also getting my wisdom teeth out in a week and I dont know if maybe my wisdom teeth are bothering that area and making it swell up, but I have never heard of something happening like that before except my orthepedic said that my wisdom teeth are very close to a nerve and if they hit that nerve, my face will be numb for the rest of my life.
I had a crown fitted several years ago on my lower left molar 2nd to last, I have no wisdom teeth, and now, several years later, I experience moments of pain and discomfort lasting a week to 3 weeks. I am begining to think the tooth under my crown has become infected as even the tooth where the crown meets is beginning to turn black. I also get a bubble of pus on my gums under the crowned tooth that fills and fills until it bursts on its own.
I'm a little sure that it can't be because of hiv. I have a wisdom tooth on my left side that is causing a tooth to decay. I got dental abscess about a month back. I didn't treat the dental abscess. This sore throat is pretty annoying. Ive been sucking lozenges & gargling my throat with warm salt water. Bought betadine now. My GP overloaded me with antibiotics since i told him that I might be at risk to an std. Could this be because of some std?
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