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Avatar f tn In January 2010, over 7 months ago I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted. Aside from the usual post op pain, swelling etc the healing process seemed finished within 2 weeks. However jaw stiffness and some pain persisted in my lower left jaw. I put this down to the tooth in this area being impacted. 3 months after the surgery I could still barely open my mouth wide enough to yawn without it feeling incredibly stiff and sore and so returned to the surgeon.
Avatar m tn Hello I'm here because I had a wisdom tooth extraction on all 4 wisdom to which were impacted It's around 3 weeks since my surgery and in having a lot of jaw stiffness it lasts the whole day in wondering if this is because of the surgery and is this normal to happen
Avatar f tn Sometimes ear ringing and I have got little lymphnode on the right side of my neck near jaw maybe 2 centimeters big. May wisdom tooth cause that problems ?
Avatar m tn I had all four wisdom teeth pulled out 10 days ago.I experienced numbness in my chin on the right, it was getting better tinging, burning and throbing, slowly reducing. Three days ago I was rubbing my right jaw due to stiffness . there was a sharp pain that shot to my chin, the numbness came back fully in my chin and lip and has not started to reduce yet I feel some burning in the lip ,but no tingling.
358304 tn?1409709492 About a week ago or more... I yawned one day and as I was closing my mouth from the yawn... the sides of my head hurt... a shooting pain near the ears/temples... It seemed to have gotten better... but now it seems as if my teeth hurt on the left upper side... and the pain is only on the left side of my jaw/ear/temple.. My neck as also been extra tense... I do clench my teeth I think... I also have 4 wisdom teeth... but they have been grown in for about 3 years now...
Avatar f tn Hi, Actually, evolution has shortened the lower jaw, thereby making wisdom teeth (or the third molar) obsolete. Many people today are born without them at all. Those of us that have them, if they are crooked or impacted, it's recommended for removal. They can have a direct relationship to the alignment of your other teeth if they have no room to erupt. Not to mention the possibility of jaw bone problems with a tooth trying to erupt directly into it.
Avatar f tn You should probably get checked out by a TMJ specialist to see if your symptoms are related to the TMJ popping. There is a definite possibility with the muscle strain that opening and closing the jaw as well as pain is related to the TMJ but I'm not sure about the mouth dryness at this point. As for the teeth moving, it probably isn't due to the wisdom teeth as people without wisdom teeth have their teeth move as well.
Avatar f tn A couple of years ago, my dentist informed me that my wisdom teeth needed to be removed as soon as possible. I have still not had them removed and the far/upper region of my lower right jaw (near/below and the area around my wisdom tooth) is where I occassionally experience pain and swelling. Could my sore throat have anything to do with the wisdom tooth on the lower portion of the right side of my jaw? Or are the two wholly unrelated?
Avatar m tn I am 27 years old , about one year ago I was made aware by my then dentist that it would be in my best interest to have all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. They are not impacted and have come up but not completely, so this leaves a little flaps of skin that sometimes will bleed if I bite down too hard or even from brushing my wisdoms, since they are only like 75% erupted.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am getting in trouble for last 10years for right jaw popping sound with no pain, but feel stiffness. Dentist extracted 2 upper wisdom tooth and advised to extract lower 2 wisdim tooths. Now i am feeling jaw grinding and rightside neck muscle swelling. I also went to orthopedic for neck cervical, he advised me physio therapy and physio therpist adviced that there is some postural deformity. C1 and C2, i did't understood what he said. ENT adviced solvin cold for popping sound.
Avatar n tn It was one of my lower wisdom teeth that was removed and now my front 4, bottom teeth hurt terribly. Could this be caused by shifting? I'm really confused and tired of being in pain. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I guess ever since ive been taking prenatals and ive been pregnant my wisdom teeth have been killing me! They were growing before I was pregnant but now im waking up with a sore jaw line and gums. Im not even sure if I can get them taken out while im pregnant. Has this happened to anybody else?
Avatar f tn Your descriptions suggest tmj injury instead of jaw bone fracture.seeing a dentist to have a preliminary evaluation is advised.
Avatar n tn Some patients develop this after having wisdom teeth removed. This is just when the joint that is in between your jaw and skull shifts out of place when you open and close your mouth. If you hear a popping noise when you open and close this is likely the case. Hope this helped.
Avatar f tn When I was 16 I had my wisdom teeth removed (I'm 23 now). After the surgery, I had MANY issues with my jaw. At first I lost some mobility, it was stiff and I couldn't open my mouth all the way. Next, I when I opened my mouth, it would pop halfway through with a very loud popping noise and the joint (only on the left side) would pop outward. It could be heard across the room, seen, and felt.
Avatar n tn If it all of a sudden gets worse, we always tell patients they may have a dry socket which is most common when lower wisdom teeth are extracted. It may feel like the upper jaw but this may be referred pain. I would have it checked out because they can pack some medicine in there to help it feel better.
Avatar m tn A week has gone by from all four impacted wisdom teeth were surgically removed. My jaw on the right side feels like it is locked. I can only open my jaw 1 inch. When I try to open it farther I get excruciating pain and it won't open. Left side is fine. I was very swollen the first three days after surgery. What should I do?
Avatar f tn At first I thought it was because of my only grown wisdom tooth because that side of my mouth is where I feel my jaw is locked. That wisdom tooth hasn't bothered me ever since it first started growing, so I didn't think it's because of the tooth. I don't feel anything else, no other pain or symptoms listed for TMJ. I don't know whether to go to a doctor or a dentist, and I don't want to drug myself up on pain killers (like my mom suggests) if it won't fix up my jaw.
Avatar n tn I had my wisdom teeth removed about 1 month ago and a few days ago, I awoke with pain in my left jaw joint. Since then, it hurts to open my mouth wide in the jaw joint and down under my jaw as well. I also have felt a little tingle in my face in that area when I open wide and hear a small click in my jaw. Does this sound like TMJ and could it be related to the surgery? Should I contact my oral surgeon or a dentist that specializes in this?
Avatar f tn Your headache is more than likely due to the extraction of your wisdom teeth. Your jaw was open extra wide, and the muscles leading from there to your head could be spasming or understandably sore.
Avatar n tn I got my wisdom tooth taken out 3 years ago and the dentist said I'm fine and I haven't realized it till now but my jaw is still swollen. It looks completely disfigured from the other side. What could be causing this?
Avatar f tn Likely your lower wisdom teeth have erupted giving a total of 16 mandible teeth, while the upper wisdom teeth have not yet erupted. Give it more time they will likely erupt and you will have 16 on top and 16 on the bottom. If they do not appear until you are 21, There could be several reasons for this: the upper 3rd molars could be missing completely; they could be caught in such a way that they can't erupt (this is called impaction), or they could be present and just slow in erupting.
Avatar m tn t understand why other than the wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth themselves are fully erupted and are not impacting. I was recently at the dentists about 2 months ago and got x-rays etc. I was told that because my growth plates are still open and active that the movement of my teeth is more likely due to my jaw growing than it is because of the wisdom teeth. With that said, is it possible that in the future if my jaw grows that my teeth could "space out" and uncrowd?
Avatar n tn ve been complaining of sinus and Eustachian tube discomfort for over a year along with teeth grinding and jaw cracking/stiffness. I often find it uncomfortable to speak because of the pressure sensations in the jaw/sinus. Everything is on the left side. I feel popping behind my nose on the left side and weird sensations when i press my tongue against the roof of my mouth close to the molars. Its like a pressure feeling along with popping.. like something moves.
Avatar n tn hello i took out my wisdom teeth a year ago and since then i got plenty of pains in my jaw and palate (the roof of my mouth).I went to the dentist got a splint and all my jaw pain is gone.I now have pains in the roof of my mouth and i think it is because of my muscles because when ever i make any eye movements or certain jaw movements like biting down and chewing chewy foods i get more pain in the roof of my mouth.
Avatar n tn My daughter has an repeatedly infected wisdom tooth. Its roots are curved into the root canal, and apparantly if it is removed then there is a 1:4 chance of the jaw becoming perminantly numb. What problems might this perminantly numb jaw cause? Is there any other way of solving the problem of infection?
Avatar n tn Post-op discomfort after wisdom teeth removal may last weeks. Wisdom teeth are frequent occlusal interference. It's common patients feel the jaw position or bite is different after wisdom teeth removal. This is probably what you described " misaligned". If you do'nt have temporomandibular disorder, the bite will be realigned after a couple of weeks. If you do have tmd problems, seeing a tmj specialist is advised.
Avatar f tn what ever happened with your jaw alignment problem?? because 2 months after my bottom wisdom tooth removals my jaw looks very uneven and still i have pain and numbness around the area of the removal. i have yet to get an x ray of my jaw but had x rays of the area where the removal took place. im just confused and dont know what to do.