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1313145 tn?1273789472 Hello! A week ago tomorrow I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted. Recovery reguarding the extraction sites has been really great and painless, other than swelling. As of a few days ago my bottom front teeth are feeling really "tight," like there is alot of pressure. Has anyone experianced this before? Would getting my wisdom teeth extracted cause my teeth to move closer together? I know that seems crazy, but I am wondering what is wrong!
Avatar n tn I should also note that it does not hurt to touch unless i press hard but that is like all my wisdom teeth extraction sites.
Avatar f tn Hey guys! So probably in about 3 months or so I'm going to be getting my wisdom teeth removed so I can start Invisalign. I'm 17 and my top wisdom teeth have fully grown in. My bottom two haven't and they are partially erupted and my dentist (who will also be doing the procedure and Invisalign) says it's because there isn't enough room for them. I'll have them all taken out. He said that the bottom ones will need stitches because they are only partially erupted.
2020005 tn?1628125976 I had my two top wisdom teeth removed with my first pregnancy and I am so glad I did it! Thank god they weren't impacted and I was able to do it instead of living with the pain. Honestly the pain was way worse than the actual extraction and recovery! It was instant relief so I would go for it! In my opinion the infection is a higher risk.
88793 tn?1290227177 here in the U.S. most simple wisdom teeth removals are done with ga and sometimes a little gas just for relaxation not to knock you out. even more complicated procedures like impacted wisdom teeth rarely require a hospital. being completely sedated is more risky than just being numbed up. i only had two wisdom teeth come in (top only) and yes after they were pulled under ga in the regular office i walked a mile home!
Avatar f tn I am 24 years old and was referred to an oral surgeon for my wisdom teeth extraction. All four wisdom teeth are impacted, the top two have erupted through the skin, but the bottom two have not come through yet. The oral surgeon informed never once mentioned bone grafting- until I got to the counter and the recptionist was putting together the treatment plan- and then it was mentioned that it was recommended to have bone grafting done after the extraction of the bottom two wisdom teeth.
Avatar f tn A mild swelling may occur in many cases. Here I found information on wisdom teeth ( www.webdentist.
Avatar f tn I think the problem is with your wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth might be pushing all of your teeth in due to its growing sideways. This is causing a block and nerve damage. This ight has caused you a feel of sensitivity. Get your wisdom teeth removed.
Avatar m tn My dentist said one of my back tooth was a bit weak and that they will need to check it up every 6 months. Well it hurts every once in awhile, but I can't have it checked because I have camp. The inner tooth hurts. I did have my wisdom teeth taken out about 2 and a half weeks ago, could that be the problem? I don't remember MAYBE my tooth hurt even before the wisdom teeth extraction.
Avatar m tn I have been suffering with a pain in the left eye cheek and jaw for the last 25 years. I just been for a private consultation and told I have to live with the pain. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Tempoporamandubluar joint disorder. I would be grateful if anyone has experienced a similar problem and would be grateful for any help from anyone who is experiencing similar problems...
Avatar m tn After researching I am little concern about the side of extraction. The gums in front of the extraction (teeth 18,19, 20) are bleeding when I floss, and when I put pressure on them with my finger. There is also a slight pain as well. Is this normal? Or is this an infection of some sort?
Avatar m tn t think a whole month is necessary for recovery from an extraction. It seems like your extraction should be fine. Perhaps the other wisdom teeth are more complicated. I got mine out 4 months ago and although eating was hard for about two weeks, I didn't have any problems with speaking and none of my patients noticed anything weird. What musical instrument do you play?
Avatar f tn Wisdom Teeth Pain Relief: - Sore Mouth Rinse - Benzocaine - Cloves and Clove Oil - Ibuprofen
Avatar m tn I had my wisdom tooth(2) removed 6 days ago. my lower left lip and a few teeth are still feeling numb currently. is this numbness going to be temporary or permanent?
Avatar f tn Hi, most people have the wisdom teeth removed as tend to cram other teeth as we age. Not a big deal as you can have all 4 taken out at the same setting.
Avatar f tn I am having surgery tomorrow to get them extracted, however I am scared that the wisdom teeth may not be the cause of the daily migraines I have been enduring. Is it possible for wisdom teeth to cause that much pain? Also, is it normal for an oral surgeon to extract a wisdom tooth while infected without antibiotic treatment first? What are the complications and/or possibilities of this?
Avatar n tn I am getting a antibiotic for my gums. They hurt like hell. I can't stand the pain anymore I know how you feel. I don't think mine has anything to do with my wisdom teeth though. See if there is a antibiotic. :) Goodluck and sorry if this was not helpful enough.
Avatar m tn Dear Patient Yes, if you do have TMJ dysfunction extraction of the wisdom teeth could exacerbate the problem. Let the oral surgeon know, sometimes they will use a prop which will allow you to bite on it and at the same time not have you stretch to far open. Secondly the x-ray you had done probably was a Panorex x-ray which I would not consider as a proper x-ray for diagnosing TMJ dysfunction. In order for a proper diagnosis of your TMJ condition I would recommend seeing a TMJ expert.
Avatar m tn And an idiot me I had forgotten to ask him if it was due to the extraction of the wisdom teeth. And now before I came across this I did some research about it and I have found alot of things of people having the same problems with the dislocating jaw. But my absolute main question is this due to the extraction of the wisdom teeth?? Like from opening my mouth a little too wide that they done damage??? As the surgeon said himself my teeth were the most difficult he had encountered removing.
Avatar f tn I've been in braces for 7 years because I had an inherited defect that caused me to be born without my number 7 and 10 teeth. Also, numbers 6 and 11 were located extremely high in my upper jaw and would not erupt. A gold chain was surgically attached to number 11 almost 2 years ago and was 'tugged' on by my braces for several months.
Avatar n tn Hi My daughter (16 years old) had her wisdom teeth out about 16 days ago. She had "cysts"(what the oral surgeon called them) around her bottom 2 wisdom teeth and the top 2 teeth were impacting the sinuses so he had to put extra stitches in to close the sinus. The bottom left one was the worst and had to have an extra long incision cut into it. It would not quit bleeding so it was packed with gauze and we returned 4 days later for removal of the packing.
9671341 tn?1443128711 Since the green mucus is appearing from the wisdom teeth extraction hole, there is a good likelihood that you are affected by some sort of teeth infection. This infection may not have necessarily arisen as a result of the teeth extraction process. If you have any decayed tooth, this may have caused green mucus to form in the wisdom tooth socket. " http://www.dentistshateme.
Avatar f tn I don't see any problem with using the Advair. As always, be careful with how you use it but inhaling Advair should not be a problem after the first 24-48 hours. Also, when we mention to be careful when spitting or sucking through a straw, I believe that generates more pressure in the oral cavity than the use of Advair. I haven't personally used it but it doesn't seem to be as intense.