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Avatar n tn i pulled out my wisdom teeth today! its been 6 hours and i wanna smoke! is that bad? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/422000'>question about dry socket</a>.
Avatar n tn You don't seem to have dry socket. Usually dry socket is extremely painful. I would gently rinse the area out to keep it clean but not enough to remove any of the clot or other tissue inside the socket and damage it.
Avatar m tn As previous post says it may be an infection and may need antibiotics. I had a wisdom tooth removed on the 1st April and I have dry socket, also a lot of headaches but I had put that down to stress from the dry socket. Maybe I was wrong.
Avatar n tn I had dry Socket when I got my Wisdom Teeth out in 1996. I used clove oil to help with the pain. It did great for the pain. I had actually seen it done in a movie where this gal was so poor she simpy put a clove in the area. I don't recommend that but the clove oil used carefully has been great and does NOT hinder the healing process. Of course everybody is different. My Ortho surgeon also suggested the following that can be found in any pharmacy over the counter.
Avatar n tn i got my bottom wisdom teeth pulled out 6 days ago. can i smoke a cigarette yet?
Avatar n tn I had a root canal go bad and the dds had to pull my farthest back bottom molar and i got dry socket. i do grind my teeth but i got dry socket by choking on a drink of water and the coughing dislodged it. just prop yourself up on a pillow, thrown and and ice pack, dont swish your mouth and try not to cough! good luck!
Avatar f tn Do you believe that the pain that I'm in could be coming from the left behind root or from a dry socket? I've never had a dry socket and I've had all my wisdom teeth removed at the same time. I have never had problems like this and the pain just won't stop.
Avatar n tn I had my lower wisdom teeth cut out 4 days ago. I am not a smoker and did just what my surgery papers told me to. Unfortunately the pain pills made me sick and i ended up vomiting later that day of the surgery. So, needless to say I have two dry sockets. I've never had this b4 and anyone who has knows it hurts to the extreme! Can someone please tell me how long I'm looking at before the pain eases up??
Avatar n tn I had all four wisdom teeth pulled on 3/10/06. The dentist packed them and sent me home. I had the packs removed on the following Tuesday and opted to not have new ones. Wednesday morning I woke up with a mingraine, ache in my right socket and EXTREME sensitivity to hot and cold. Instant shock when it is touched my hot or cold and when I clean them with the syringe they gave me. Also when I breathe in the cold air it is extremely painful.
Avatar n tn You might have dry socket. I would call your dentist ASAP. If you do have dry socket they can put gauze over the hole and the pain will drastically be reduced. This happened to me when I had a tooth pulled a year ago. http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar f tn is this pulsing pain the result of a dry socket? Can a dry socket occur the same day as the extraction?
Avatar n tn If it all of a sudden gets worse, we always tell patients they may have a dry socket which is most common when lower wisdom teeth are extracted. It may feel like the upper jaw but this may be referred pain. I would have it checked out because they can pack some medicine in there to help it feel better.
Avatar f tn When I came around the Doctor advised that they had some problems removing one of the wisdom teeth, and said I now had a dry socket. She didn't really explain it well, can anyone explain what a dry socket is? Also, I am in a lot of pain, when will this ease off?
Avatar f tn I had a tooth pulled almost 2 weeks ago (dentist assumed the tooth was dead and decided to pull it). I developed a dry socket and have been packing it for almost 10 days now. The pain is still pretty bad, but it seems to be healing slowly. Besides that excruciating pain, I have started to have extreme pain in the tooth next to the extraction. I had a lower left side molar pulled, and the tooth behind it is in pain, and there is a wisdom tooth behind that.
Avatar n tn Tomorrow is the start of day 4 of tooth extraction healing, now I havent felt alot of pain but im worried about dry socket. How easy is it for the clot to be removed and if you do have dry socket can you see a whole or what? when my tooth was removed it had been chipped so when I look in my mouth at the extraction site I see only a little bit of white where the clot was. I am assuming it was because I only had a little bit of tooth left there before the pull. IM JUST AFRAID OF DRY SOCKET.
Avatar f tn It sounds to me that you may have a possible dry socket although packing the socket should help. If it is a dry socket, it may need to be packed more than once, sometimes even daily returns to the dentist to pack the socket. Unfortunately, there's no way to speed up the healing time on a dry socket. At this point, I would recommend trying to rinse the socket out and try to keep the area clean. The ache may be from food being stuck in there and rotting away resulting in a bad taste.
4518471 tn?1355798857 Persistent pain could be due to several other reasons like dry socket, non healing wound. Dry socket is alveolar osteitis when the blood clot at the site of the tooth extraction has been dislodged or has dissolved before the wound has healed. There is severe pain since the underlying bone and nerves are exposed. It is best to contact your dentist and get a dental check up done. A clinical examination will be helpful. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar f tn I had my 2 lower impacted wisdom teeth removed on Tues of last week and even though I followed every instruction to a tee I still ended up with dry socket in both areas. I refrained from smoking marijuana to avoid a dry socket but since I already have 2 would it be okay for me to start up again?
Avatar n tn I had my wisdom teeth removed 8 days ago..they told me 4 days ago i had a dry socket, which i have been treating since then...
Avatar f tn I just had 6 teeth extracted 3 days ago, 3 of which were wisdom teeth. I am so worried I will get dry sockets that I am scared to eat or even drink. When are you pretty much in the clear that you don't have to worry about dry sockets?
Avatar f tn It was probably a clot, but not the clot that is in the socket (up further) that would cause a dry socket. just keep on doing what you were told by your dentist, or oral surgeon and you will be fine. Good luck.
Avatar n tn that treatment is correct. a dry socket forms because the clot (which aids in healing of the socket) does not form correctly. sometimes it is necessary to "scrape the bone" as you say to cause new (minimal) bleeding and start the clotting formation again, so the bone can heal properly.
Avatar m tn I got my wisdom teeth on July 31st, and the socket hasn't filled in as of yet. About 2 weeks post surgery I made out with a girl at a party and I was wondering if my open tooth socket would qualify as an open wound for potential HIV or STD infection. Or if even dry socket wold provide this kind of risk? I apologize of this is a stupid question. The thought crept into my mind and has been haunting me since.
Avatar f tn I just got my 4 wisdom teeth out. I don't know why but I rinse my mouth out 3 times already. Will this harm the recovery. Should I call the dentist & tell him?
Avatar n tn Are you sure that this discomfort is from the dry socket? This is an a long time to have a dry socket. My experience is that the pain is acute, the socket is packed every day for 2 to 3 days and the socket then heals. I think that the the pain would be more acute and longer lasting. It is possible that it is healing. Has the other teeth in the surrounding area been checked? I don't know if going to someone else would do any good, but I have heard of the procedure to currette the socket.
Avatar n tn The suction from the straw and the carbonation can cause you to lose the blood clot. This is called a dry socket. (exposed bone) I had a dry socket when my wisdom teeth were removed. Very painful.
Avatar n tn I have had my wisdom tooth extracted from the lower jaw without surgery a week ago, the tooth was partially erubted. the first day the bleeding didn't stop for about 12 hours after the procedure, and after two days I had severe pain and my jaw next to the extracted tooth got so stiff and my mouth would't open easily. I took ibuprofen for the pain and it worked(400mg for 3times aday), but my jaw is still locked and I can hardly open it to eat.
Avatar f tn I had three wisdom teeth removed a couple weeks later. The wisdom tooth that was causing pain and had been stirred up then developed a dry socket. The dry socket lasted around 5 weeks, the whole time was incredibly painful. I didn't realise it had healed because I was still in very bad pain, so went back to a dentist.
Avatar n tn A simple filling landed me in the ER with my face swollen so severly that my eyes swelled shut. I had my upper wisdom teeth (not impacted) removed 6 months ago and despite the fact that I don't smoke, take oral contraceptives, I ended up with a horrible case of dry socket that lasted a week and felt even worse than childbirth without pain meds. I was completely put out of commission for weeks.