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Did you ever figure out what the issue is? I also have swollen ankles, feet, and lower legs too. My doctor is sending me to neurology. It's so bad sometimes I can't walk well and I pull muscles/tendons. It can also be very painful. I don't have the red splotches or numb spots that you describe. Like you, I watch my sodium, don't sit or stand for too long, and have had all the blood tests I should. I don't have lupus, fibromyalgia, lyme disease or any other of a host of things.
I am 3 days away from my due date and my feet and ankles are all fat and swollen. My sister even noticed and said she thinks its a sign of preclamsia. I thought high blood pressure caused that? my bp has been good my whole pregnancy. I wonder if this is normal? or should I be worried?
I also have problems with swollen feet and ankles. My Dr. has switched my medications several times in the last 8 months. Maybe its time for me, and you, to switch doctors? Maybe its time to see a specialist?
My legs and thighs still tingle, but there is almost complete numbness and aches and pains in my feet. The past few weeks my feet and ankles (mostly the right one) are swelling with some kind of fluid also a slight purplish discoloration. It takes about 2 days before they completley go down. So my over all question is, does this sound like MS or Diabetes, or just plain old Neuropathy? I have no insurance at this time, but i am getting very concerned.
I have had the same issue with swollen ankles / feet for a couple years now. I take Aldactone (Spirolactone) when I remember to. One thing I do which seems to have helped is lay in bath tub of HOT water and place feet up above the faucet against the wall (ie. out of the water). My logic being: blood will flow to the legs in an effort to cool off your body. I then stand in the water as it drains and run some cold water on me through the shower head.
Looks like my ankles are swollen. I must not have been taking the diuretic for several days. It is annoying.
Hi and Welcome to our Pain Management Community. There are no physicians or experts on this forum. Some of us have medical backgrounds but none of us are experts. Any suggestions you obtain should not be taken in place of consulting a medical professional. I am sorry to hear about your painful symptoms. How long has this been going on? I am wondering if your legs may be swollen to some degree also. Have you had a recent injury or back pain?
Yes, my feet swell daily. Right now my left foot is numb because the artery that supplies blood to that leg is blocked again. Take care and get checked out soon. This is nothing to take lightly.
my ankles knees and wrists have been sore for about a week now.every time i sit down my ankles calves feet and toes ache like i have walking for day and swell up..i have never had this happen and it feels a little numb. has this happened to anyone before they found out they were pregnant?i really need advice.
Hi Dr. Just wanted to give quick update with my now symptoms. It did turn out i ahd a cerebral artery occlusion and cerebral infaract. The eye specialist was nice enough to call me up. Later he moved on to practice in another state, & ws nice enough to leave me my medical records that confirmed my belief. I ended up with the eye damage i had previously mentioned. I also did 7 hypothesis on myself with oxygen therapy.
I was on my feet all day; they feel slightly numb to the touch and definitely bloated. My feet and ankles, as well as the rest of my body, are normal. I have elevated my legs for several hours without much relief. I have gained almost 20 pounds this pregnancy and was slightly underweight, but healthy, prior to pregnancy. The baby and I have been healthy, other than the diabetes, for the entire pregnancy. My husband is on a business trip and my doctor's office is closed until Monday.
I am not a doctor, but I do get swollen feet a lot from standing. There are many things that could cause feet swelling (edema), like kidney, liver or heart problems. Varicose veins, thrombophlebitis (inflammation of the veins), lymphedema or too much salt could be problems, too. Or she could just be standing/sitting too much. She should try elevating her feet above her heart (the best would be lying on a couch or recliner with her feet on the back) for at least 20-30 minutes every night.
anyone ezperienced this...i already get the water retentiin bad in the feet n ankles...but a whole arm....im in my third trimester at 31wks...have gd and borderline high blood pressure...its been 4 hours and swelling gone down but still some tightness...any advice would help...
i have had these itchy red spots on my feet,ankles and legs,they are driving me crazy...... i started a job as a carer about 3 months ago and first doctor said scabies they didnt clear up with treatment,then 2nd doc said athletes feet thet didnt clear up then 3rd doc said flee bites....it still havent cleared up i have tried all sorts of cream but nothing working ...i goto go to 4th doc next week but i dont think they will know what it is...
My feet and hands have been going numb for the last 6 months, at least. It started only when I was lying down to go to sleep, but now it happens throughout the day, still when I go to bed, but also at other times. I can't lie on my side because my arms will be numb in just a second or two. Even on my back with my hands at my sides, my hands will go numb or feel tingling. I was injecting vit. B 12 for one month, and that has done nothing.
Sometimes when pregnant we become sensitive to sodium and swelling can hit in hands, ankles and feet.
I had returned from a plane flight and short trip (2 nights) where my ankles had swelled and continued to be so swollen after returning that I needed to take a water pill, and it took 3 days for the swelling to completely subside. This is around the time the numb feeling started. My chiropractor said my hip was out, and he adjusted and has continued to adjust me since, but the feeling is as bad or worse.
I am 65 yrs old, female, diabetic 2, and hypertense. Three months ago I was diagnosed with canal cervical & lumbar stenosis, also my right hand has 3 fingers numb. I do not have much pain, but I can not stand on my feet or walk anymore, I'm on a wheelchair. For the last 3 weeks my left foot and ankle (my left leg has the most damage), are VERY swallon; and, when I stand I feel that is uneven on the bottom. I take medicine for neuropathy. What is happening to me?
You should see a hepatologist (liver specialist) which are found at liver transplant centers to find out the cause of the swelling and the extent of your liver disease (stage). Edema (swelling) of the lower legs, ankles and feet can be a complications of cirrhosis (scaring) of the liver which can be caused by decades of being chronically infected with hepatitis C as well as other serious illnesses. You should NEVER self medicate. Edema is a symptom of a underlying disease not a disease itself.
About 3 weeks ago I started waking up very tired and with swollen hands. On top of the swelling my knuckles had bumps on the sides and backs of them and my hands would itch. The pain then started shooting up my arms, particularly the left arm, and then to my shoulder then to my back. Then last week I was experiencing muscle weakness. So much that I would have trouble walking or driving. I went to 3 drs.
Occasionally my feet will turn a purplish color and my toes will go numb, this can happen even when my hands are on fire and bright red. Its so strange. Koops266, I also have an abnormally increased CRT (capillary refill time - the time it takes for blood to return to the small vessels after applying pressure, it should not stay white for more than 2 sec). I have done alot of research and have yet to find an answer.
I have been having numbness in my left palm, left part of my lips, left side cheek, and in my left hand fingertips. It is not constant, it comes and goes when it likes. It is never all at the same time. today it is my left pinky and ring finger. The other day it was the left side of my lips and my palm. I also get dizzy on occasion, and sometimes see little stars. I have a panic disorder, when I tell doctors this they think the panic disorder sets off the numbness.
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