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Avatar n tn Hi my boyfriend started off with bowl cancer and is now entering a more advanced stage of malignant disease progression ( intra-abdominal malignant disease in particular the ascites ? ) also we just found out its on his lung ? his feet are very swollen ( dont think they can get any bigger ) Doc said it was to do with the fluid ? or could it be to do with his heart ? because thats all I am reading about.also can you please tell me the life expectation with this much cancer.
Avatar m tn Does he have any medical problems such as high blood pressure, kidney problems, heart failure, heart disease, lung disease (COPD, asthma), tobacco use? 3. Are you referring to travel by air, car, or train? 4. What does your husband do for work? ~•~ Dr. Parks This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice. The information presented in this posting is for patients’ education only.
Avatar n tn Well, gout is one cause for swollen limbs/feet/ankles. Others include heart, kidney, and liver disease, obesity and diabetic neuropathy to name a few. Many people with uncontrolled and/or mismanaged diabetes can experience diabetic neuropathy [aka peripheral neuropathy]. If left untreated it may lead to amputation. When was the last time she visited her doctor for a 'thorough' health checkup? It is time, yes?
Avatar m tn Lots of things CAN cause feet to swell. For example: hormone changes, heart disease, kidney disease, fluid overload, endocrine disorders, diabetes, burns (even sunburn), inmobility, and electrolyte imbalances are a few things. It's finding out what causes YOUR feet to swell that's most important for each person. A 70 year old sitting at a computer is likely to have valve deficiencies in his leg veins and be fairly inactive (but is by no means necessarily true!).
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed as having an enlarged right side of heart and slight tricuspid regurgitation, I suffer with palpitations and breathlessness and swollen feet and ankles. What treatment is available.
Avatar m tn Typically, fluid on the lungs means left side heart failure and fluid in the ankles and legs means right side heart failure. Shortness of breath indicates problems with the heart valves. The heart muscle may have the good strength, but what about the valves? What is your EF? Have you had an echocardiogram to look at and listen to the valves?
Avatar n tn Physical Signs of Heart Disease Swelling of Your Feet and Lower Legs Retention of fluid in the feet and legs is known as peripheral edema. Edema may appear as "sock marks" at the end of the day. Mild peripheral edema is common. Your doctor may check for this sign by pressing a finger against your ankle or shin bone to see if a depression is left behind. This is called "pitting edema.
Avatar f tn Did you ever figure out what the issue is? I also have swollen ankles, feet, and lower legs too. My doctor is sending me to neurology. It's so bad sometimes I can't walk well and I pull muscles/tendons. It can also be very painful. I don't have the red splotches or numb spots that you describe. Like you, I watch my sodium, don't sit or stand for too long, and have had all the blood tests I should. I don't have lupus, fibromyalgia, lyme disease or any other of a host of things.
Avatar f tn Another thing I was wondering, can ischemic heart disease trigger, swollen feet and ankles too?
Avatar f tn If he has uncontrolled high blood pressure the this can affect his heart and his kidneys. Both can cause swollen feet due to water retention. Other possibilities are severe anemia, liver problems, or due to peripheral vascular disease and venous pooling. It is important to restrict salt in his diet and immediately consult his cardiologist. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar n tn I am also stuggling with the swollen feet thing and I am only 25 weeks. My doctor told me to drink more water, I know it sounds ridiculous but it has been working. Also, I have found that herbal dandelion tea is very good for water retention problems and have been drinking a cup of that a day as well and there is a HUGE difference in my feet and legs since then especially. Tell your friend to check with her dr. about the herbal stuff but mine said it would be fine.
Avatar f tn Hi and Welcome to our Pain Management Community. There are no physicians or experts on this forum. Some of us have medical backgrounds but none of us are experts. Any suggestions you obtain should not be taken in place of consulting a medical professional. I am sorry to hear about your painful symptoms. How long has this been going on? I am wondering if your legs may be swollen to some degree also. Have you had a recent injury or back pain?
Avatar m tn I am concerned about heart disease because my father died of a heart attack when he was 46 which is my age now. Sometimes my left ankle is larger than my right. And It is definitely endema because when you press my foot it dents. Does my ankle swelling mean anything about a nearby looming heart attack? I know that i need to lose weight, that's obvious. Just wanted to know if I needed to get into a doctor now or just try to lose weight first ...
Avatar n tn After checking my lungs and heart with a stethoscope, he got me to lie down, prodded my tummy to see if I had any pain, asked if I had any burning sensations when urinating and then asked if my feet sometimes get swollen.
Avatar n tn I just sat in my car for 12 and a half hours with stopping for 3 hours and when I got out I noticed that my ankles were swollen we were driving on vacation my legs and feet are really not going down any from being swollen I have never had this happen to me in my life I just started taking some water pills I'm just kind of nervous with all of this what do you think could be the problem I do not eat a high diet and salt
Avatar n tn I am now 40 years old. This is the first time that my feet have swollen and I am a little panicked. I can push my finger into the top of my foot and when I take it away, there remains a hole. Kinda freaking me out. I can't get into to see anyone for a day or two but was hoping this is something not serious such as kidneys (only thing I have left unaffected) and just something that can be handled with elevation or medication.
Avatar m tn First I'd like to say that it's pretty humbling to not even have 1 red sheckle to go to the Doctor. I have been diagnosed Hep-C for the last 15 years or so. The last 4/5 yrs. or so I have not even seen a doctor,ages. My liver has had pain in the past as well as the present, i know i know, it's not the liver, it''s the lining of the liver streching from the swelling. My last biop was about 5 years agos and the dr couldn't believe how health my liver was from the labs.
Avatar f tn I know I a overweight, but I am very concerned with this condition since heart disease runs in my family. I am currently on a water pill and a blood pressure pill. My doctor assures me it is ok, but I don't feel it is. My feet hurt bad including my heels. Any ideas out there?
Avatar n tn If I spend the most part of the day without lying down my feet get very swollen. i've been advised to take the medicine 'Examide' for expelling water, but the swelling returns if I stop taking the medicine. What causes the swelling?
469720 tn?1388149949 Get Tested for PAD If You Are over age 50 Have a family history of vascular disease, such as PAD, aneurysm, heart attack or stroke Have high cholesterol and/or high lipid blood test Have diabetes Have ever smoked or smoke now Are overweight Have an inactive lifestyle Have a personal history of high blood pressure, heart disease, or other vascular disease Have trouble walking that involves cramping or tiredness in the muscle with walking or exercising, which is relieved by resting
Avatar f tn My brother in law's co-workers told him to go to see a doctor who know all about his drinking and illness. What causes this swollen hands and feet with pain? Please anybody knows? I am sure he will go to see a dr soon. But we are wondering what this is after he stopped drinking and getting better. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I've read that MS can cause swollen feet which surprised me upon first seeing. Does it have something to do with the nerve damage? Or is it more due to longterm activity? Or can it be both? Thank you!
Avatar f tn This is a good article that speaks of hep c being more than just a liver disease. My feet and ankles swell and I have heard a different opinion from every doc I have seen. I know, no doubt it is hep c related. I am going to bring this article to my doc. As you read it, you will come across someone who has swelling. Dr. Cecil has interesting comments in the article. http://www.hepatitismag.com/storydetail.asp?