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Avatar f tn I'm 36 years old and 20 weeks and started to get swollen feet. Anyone else dealing with this? Any advice on how to prevent it?
Avatar f tn My feet are really swollen. Shoes I bought biga couple months ago to allow for the swelling don't fit. By the time I go to bed at night the skin in my toes is uncomfortably tight.
Avatar f tn I drink lots of water and wear compression stockings that help alot. I'm constantly on my feet at work. I'm either standing or walking or running because of an emergency.
Avatar f tn Omg I was just now looking at my feet how swollen they are.. Been out all day on my feet time to rest!!
Avatar m tn I experienced the same problem with running, especially anything over 1mile. My feet throbbed, got puffy and hurt. Felt like I was walking on pebbles at times. I thought it was the shoes as well and went through about 3 different styles and nothing helped so I went to the rower and quit running all together. I miss Crossfit but as you can atest, a big unconditioned box in the dead of summer going full tilt is no place for a person with MS!!
Avatar f tn it's probably all the running around you have to do. When my feet were getting swollen i figured it was because i was constantly running around after a kid && i was up and down. Now that I'm home, my feet don't even swell anymore. Try soaking them in cold water or hot water. That relaxed me and it took off the swelling. Just keep your eyes on them, look for the preeclampsia signs && all.
Avatar f tn Starting a couple days again i been getting really bad sore and swollen feet and ankles..went to dr and had it check everything is ok..just a mixture of being on my feet at work and from the heat. Anyone know of anything besides laying down that could help with the soreness and puffiness..could i put ice on them? Anything for the soreness?
Avatar m tn After walking (for a couple of miles), running, playing football and other forms of sports my feet get very red (not purple), very warm, slighly swollen and the surface veins very dilated. These feelings disappear a few minutes after I elevate my legs. Strangely, this condition does not affect my hands. I have had this condition for 2 or 3 years and have never done anything about it but I now feel that it is somewhat strange.
10043212 tn?1410906940 I'm hitting my 37th week and boy have my hands and feet started to get swollen. Feels like I can barely move them =^/ anyone else have this and of so what do u do? I drink plenty of water. Or is it all because it's getting late In my pregnancy? ?
495402 tn?1220621003 My feet and ankles are really swollen, just began noticing this the last couple of days. I'm on so many different meds that it's going to be hard to narrow it down. I've just started taking Neupogen and Procrit, the Procrit I've only done one shot so far and the Neuprogen, I've just completed shot number 3 last night. I take the Neuprogen twice a week and Procrit once a week. It still could be sides from the Ribaviran or the Interferon, but this late in the game I would think is unusual.
Avatar f tn I just noticed yesterday that my left ankle is slightly swollen. I didn't injure it that I know of and no obvious bites. It doesn't hurt either. Last week I was running on my treadmill (I am not a runner, just got the treadmill) and had to stop because my calf started hurting pretty bad. It took several days to go away, it is still slightly tender. (It came back for a little while when I was running with my dogs). I figured I just pulled a muscle or something.
15480 tn?1302533402 my feet are so swollen as well. im almost 27 weeks and my ankles swell up really bad and are huge by the end of the day. they normally go down overnight but become very swollen and tender during the afternoon. i think its a common thing.
Avatar n tn Both my calves are very tight but don't ever hurt. My right leg under the knee is swollen and leaves an imprint if I indent it with my thumb. Running injury? Vascular problem? Don't worry about it?
119341 tn?1232567357 i was just diagnosed with hashimotos and i have had swollen hands and feet for so long, i almost forgot what it feels like to not have them swollen. i will be starting meds tomorrow morning. hopefully they help. i also used cold water. wish i could walk around with cold water on my hands and feet all day lol. hope you get better.
Avatar n tn ok i've been going to the gym for almost 3 months got a personal trainer that i see once a week i was doing really good going 5 to 6 times a week i could now do things that i couldnt do before like running for 30 to 40 min straight with out stopping i was proud of my self but now about a week ago i was on the tredmil and couldnt take it my ancles were litteraly hurting so i stoped and went home once i got home i noticed that my anlces were swollen the swollen has gonn dwn but they hurt i walk an
Avatar m tn Swollen feet can happen for a number of reasons. If they are swollen all the time, this may be from a heart of kidney problem. If you get swelling of the feet a few days before a period - it will be due to hormonal changes and referred to as premenstrual tension (PMT) sometimes referred to as premenstrual syndrome (PMS) If you have been doing a lot that you are not used to, a strain on the muscles, ligaments and any injuries can also causing swelling.
770426 tn?1235065089 So is walking and running because when I do my feet get black and blue. I've been using our elliptical trainer and Wii Fit but now the balls of my feet are bruised and swollen and it's painful to walk. Did any of you have issues with bruising while trying to exercise on blood thinners??
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, I've been practicing abstinence outside my marriage (having known I'm NEGATIVE from past tests) for a long time. But one month ago, I massaged another man's feet, WITHOUT ANY sexual contact, including oral, at all. Two weeks after that, a canker sore in my mouth. I didn't notice much, since I often get them 2-3 times a year. I thought about HIV, but I dismissed the thought afterwards.
Avatar n tn Whether it's walking running, the heat suddenly coming on, eating something hot or even if i get worked up about something! My hands get hot and red and slightly swollen, or my feet or both hands and feet or one foot and one hand or just one hand or one foot. It had been steadily getting worse over the years *I'm 20 btw* and i decided it was time to see a doctor since it was becoming very noticeable. It's typically worse in the summer.
Avatar f tn Just like how your belly itches when its growing so will your legs and feet when swollen. It's the skin stretching.
338963 tn?1253664422 ive heard about swollen hands being normal, just like swollen feet and ankles are, god knows my ankles and feet.... espiecilly one foot have been swollen since the 34 week mark... unless they hurt, are red, you have spots in your vision, headaches or a fever then you should be ok. just dont eat anything salty and drink tons and tons of fluids and elevate your hands as much as you can and the swelling should go down. this is exacxtly what my doc told me good luck!
1333534 tn?1282134055 Back in early April, I started to notice that my right foot was becoming swollen, and my running shoe was hardly fitting. I decided to take a break from the walks and let it heal. A couple of weeks passed, and it was still the same. My regular, casual shoes will fit fine, but my runners are VERY tight on that side. It has been nearly two months now, and I still have some pain while walking, sleeping, and it is still a little swollen, but not nearly as bad. What should I do about this?
Avatar n tn I have had athlete's foot around the ring and middle toes, on both feet, for 4 days now. I started to treat it with some foot spray two days ago. Also about two days ago, both of my ankles started to feel sore. I did not twist them in any fashion, nor have I done anything strenuous to make them sore (running, etc.) This afternoon, I noticed that not only are both ankles still sore, but the inside of each ankle is now swollen, just below the ankle bone.
556621 tn?1284221513 My 16 year old daughter, who is a very athletic individual (lifeguard, hiker, bike rider, swimmer), has recently experiences swollen painful knees. At times, in the morning especially, she finds it difficult to walk and almost impossible to bend at the knee. It is obviously a tissue swelling that causes this, but what is causing the tissue to swell? Is it a form of Bursitis, perhaps, or are there other issues that have these common symptoms.
612551 tn?1450025775 Then about a week to ten days ago I noticed my left ankle, and on inspection my right ankle and both feet were swollen. I did not have any pain and remain able to walk for normal daily duties. The swelling goes down considerably overnight, with my feet elevated to the normal sleeping position (not artificially elevated). I telephoned my doctor yesterday and talked with his nurse. She said she would discuss with the doctor and get back to me.